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Open Trial
Venue: Ibsley
Trial Held: 13 March 2004

UD Stake


Tracklayers : Mary Drewitt, Val Thomson

Stewards : Mary Drewitt

Thank you to Poole Committee for inviting me and looking after me so well.  I did enjoy it and Mary and Val managed to be very efficient and very good company at the same time! 

Sadly most of the 13 competitors came to grief in one of the parts of the test but most seemed to go away with something they were pleased about.

1st           Mick Tustain and JOTUNHEIM VIP (MAL).  Track was hard work for dog and handler! And the square perhaps suffered as a result with just two articles.  Excellent control round and very athletic jumping.  Congratulations QU 176 marks.

2nd         Richard Cornwell and KAUFENBERG GRUBER (GSD).  Track looked very precise all the way round but inexplicably missed the last article.  Good control round though struggled a bit on the agility.  Well done.  Qu 165.5 marks

3rd          NQ Gill Storr and GEFNI VERY VOCAL (GSD).   A newcomer who did very well except for losing the last part of the track (although the handler was pleased enough wit what Foxy did do).  Whole track next time!

4th          NQ Garry Squires and ARNCOURT DELTA (GSD).  Another newcomer who impressed with a six minute track and a full mark square in under two minutes.  But unfortunately Ellie wouldn't scale at the necessary moment.  Better fortune next time.


TD Stake


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal And Melvyn Drewitt.

Stewards:  June Coutts

Thank you to Poole committee for the invitation to judge the T.D. stake at this Trial, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Forest even though the competitors found the going tough and we only had two teams get around the track,  Jean Howells getting 93.5  and all 3 articles,  Jean Cooke getting 89 with 2 articles but unfortunately they both then only retrieved one from the square, of the others, only three managed to get past the second leg,  so we were left with no qualifiers.

1st           Jean Howells with GLENALPINE JED.

2nd         Jean Cooke with DUNNSLAYNE MAC.

3rd          Nicky Prescott with  SKIPAWAY FORTUNE

4th          Lynne Watkins with SZIKRAS HEIGHT OF FOLLY 

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