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Championship Trial
Venue: Ringwood
Trial Held: 25 September 2004


Stake: CD


Steward: Sharon Drewitt

Thank you very much to the Society for the invitation to judge the CD stake at the above trial. I had a lovely couple of days. The food was great, the company was great, the venue is great and even the weather was lovely and sunny although a bit on the cold side, but at least we had no rain whilst the CD competitors were working. Thanks to Melvin and Mary for a very well organised trial and to all those behind the scenes who make it run smoothly. Well done and thanks to all of you. Thanks to Sharon who stewarded the squares and the control and agility. You did a great job and were very conscientious throughout. Thanks to June and her husband for the use of their land for the CD stake. Thanks to the competitors for entering under me. I hope you enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed judging you. I was treated to some lovely work and was very impressed with the standard in general. Stays and jumps unfortunately took their toll again.  To those of you that qualified well done, to those that didn't, don't give up, keep going you are nearly there.

1st           Ruth Cahill and CASH (GSD) - 98.5 Q. Very well done Ruth. Your experience as a handler really stood out and you got the best out of Cash. You and Cash, as a team, were a real pleasure to watch. Cash is lucky you came along to take him on. Good luck in future trials with him, I'm sure you will go far.

2nd         Gill Storr and FOXY (GSD) - 95.5 Q. Well done Gill. She is a lovely bitch and has a great deal of enthusiasm, which you are obviously channelling in the right direction. You were a pleasure to watch. Nice quite, gentle handling seems to work well. Keep training Gill. I shall keep my eye out for your names in WTM. Well done and good luck. 

3rd          Alex Johnson and POCKET (Beagle) - 85.5 Q. Well done Alex. Just needs a bit of polish here and there but she worked very well for you. It was nice to see a different breed working. I'm sure with a bit more training you will get the long jump. Well done and good luck.

4th          Jinny Lockyer and CHELSEA (Sheltie) - 78.5 Q. CD only. Well done Jinny. That little dog worked well for you. Shame about the retrieve. She seemed to have forgotten what she was doing. The rest of her work was good. Just a bit more polish and I'm sure it won't be long before she gets the X. Her agility is lovely for such a little dog. She flew the long jump as if it wasn't there. Well done and good luck.


WD Stake


Square Steward: Gary Squires

C/A Steward: Gavin Thompson

Tracklayers: John Reynolds, Ron Davies (I could knock their heads together) and Lyn Watkins (she of much common sense!!)

The New Forest in early autumn is a joy, especially if the weather stays dry! Well, for the most part, it did and although I HAD to wear my hat on several occasions because of the temperature and wind chill factor, it was not because of the rain!

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation and a huge thankyou to all at the base for their hospitality, company and caravan expertise, even though the problem was uncurable. That is to say until I got it back to Jo and Adrian's when there was no problem!!  Very Curious!! (thanks both for the loan!)

The heather was not terribly long, but dense and there were plenty of ponies and cattle around, not to mention other creatures not so obvious to us.

Everyone helping in this stake were wonderful; some more challenging than others but we all remained friends! Thank you to all of you for giving up your time , giving me a great time, a lot of laughs and the intellectual conversation and debate!!

The Poole gamble paid off for only a few in the end and although there were several more nosework qualifiers than overall, mainly jumps, surprisingly, took the toll. Sendaway was 163 (why??) paces to a silver trunked tree in the far hedge, with a "target" area or 10 yds either side and in front.

1st           . Colin Harrison and SHINEHILL NINA BC, 182.5. This was an overall good, professional round with super, calm handling. Well done!

2nd         . Sally Bergh-Roose and TOLLERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD with 175. Sally and this young dog make a GSD lover very envious!!

3rd          . Jonathan Hinds and DUNNSLAYNE CAP WSD, 174. Again, well handled and a good round overall.

4th          . Liz de Ungars lab, BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY. Heelwork and control to die for!

Also qualifying:

Hazel Burton and her BC, HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR. WD with 155

CC Guard and her Lab, LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY. WD with 150.5

Thank you to Poole (and everyone else who made the  trial the collaborative success it undoubtedly was!) and especial thanks to Mary and Melvyn Drewitt who worked tirelessly (well Mary did!), throughout each day and evening.


TD Stake


Tracklayers: Len Newman, Lindsey Poole, Linda Bowden, Paula Harvey

Square Steward: June Coutts

C/A  steward: Len Newman.

As we have come to expect over the years this was a well organised, pretty laid back affair with Melvin on the bridge and Mary in the engine room. It is a good combination which seems to work mainly due to the helpers who contribute greatly to the success of the event..

The ladies in the kitchen and those who provided the meals in the evening worked very hard and special thanks must go to them.

The forest is very different to the usual pasture or arable land that is available to us for our trials and setting a test that makes full use of the natural terrain is a challenge in its self. Having laid TD tracks for many years at this trial I formed an opinion that the natural hazards on the forest were the "test" and  any dog that completed a TD track through heather , gorse, bracken, ponies and cows deserved to find at least two articles on the way. The search also should allow the dog to succeed  and it was with this in mind that I selected the articles. Two large and one very small on the track and two large and two small in the square. All the articles could be considered to be "scent holding" articles. This gave the good dog a minimum of  "two and two", a very good dog "three and three" and an excellent dog "three and four"

 I was very pleased  with the results which after four tracking days gave us seventeen nosework qualifiers out of a possible forty two..

Having the same team all week is a bonus and I would like to thank the four tracklayers for all their efforts . As a matter of interest June Coutts who laid all the squares had a pedometer on one day and covered 6.5 miles. Thank you to you all.

I decided to conducted the control and agility  exercises on the forest in order to give me the opportunity to set a somewhat "practical" test. The main elements of this were the hurdle which was placed between two gorse bushes so that the handlers could not go directly to their dogs after they had jumped the obstacle  and the sendaway/redirection which allowed the competitors to reach the redirection point by a variety of routes.

At the end of the day on Saturday we had ten teams qualifying TDex and one TD.

1st           Pat Herbert with JOLLY JILL (WSD)  205.5 TDex

2nd         Val Upton with WTCH  GLENALPINE VINNY (BC) 202     TDex

3rd          Rose Faulkner with STARAZAZ VESPA (BC) 200 TDex

4th          Sheila Tannert with WTCH STYPERSON BRIAR  (Lab) 198 TDex

other qualifiers


Anne Bussey  WTCh. ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE 190.5  TDex

Arthur Jeal   BRIDGEALPINE SPOT 190    TDex

Sheila Tannert  WTCh. STYPERSON TERN 187.5  TDex

Jean Cooke DUNNSLAYNE MAC 185.5  TDex

Jean Howells GLENALPINE JED  181    TDex

Margaret Robinson JUST BRADY AT TRENTVALLY 169   TD

Pat Herbet and Jill put up a performance worthy of the title "WORKING TRIALS CHAMPION" and with Kennel Club approval  Jill now becomes


Congratulations ,Pat.

I would like to thank all the competitors for their sporting attitudes and the way that they tackled the various problems that occurred during the tests - some where natural but others were created by the Judge .

Thanks to Poole and District for the invitation to Judge the TD stake to all the people who worked hard to make this trial a success. 

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