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Steward: Brenda

 My thanks to Poole for inviting me to judge this stake and to Barbara for her hospitality, opening her home to us and to our dogs.

People to thank:- Brenda who laid squares and stewarded the C/A – thank you, Brenda, for your company through the two days – brilliant; Les Allen for help in putting up and removing the jumps both days (bless you for your blue marking so we knew where we were the second day!); the ladies in the kitchen who kept us fed and watered through the day, and then put on a great meal in the evening – thank you all.

Thank you to the competitors who entered under me, a great bunch of handlers and dogs. Well done to those who qualified, and to those who didn’t, I’m sure your turn won’t be long in coming.


1st Jackie Withers and LIZLINE UKULELE, GSD, 83.5, Q CDEx. Jackie and Darcy work well together – a neat round with a very enthusiastic full mark sendaway.

2nd Liz Hickman and VOMKYNA ELECTRA, UDEx, GSD, 82, Q CDEx. A very enthusiastic bitch; not the easiest to work but dog and handler kept it together nicely

3rd Andrew Lloyd and STARDELL TARAZED, BC, 79.5, Q, CD. A lovely keen lad – a nice control round, had a glitch with the jumps and a missed article today.

4th Martine Taylor and GLENALPINE NIKKI, BC, 79, Q CD. A keen lass who wants to please – had a hiccup with the sit stay and long jump today.

 Good luck to you all in your future trialling.




Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt, Pippa Bentham, Gavin Thompson and Len Newman

Search and scribe steward: Barbara Brown

 My thanks to Melvin, Mary and Poole and District DTS for the invitation to judge. I love watching dogs working on the heather and gorse. Yes, it is a challenge for the handlers to read their dogs and stay upright at the same time, but what a feeling of success as they come off the track, hot, knackered and smiling! Well done to all of you!

Many thanks to the tracklayers and to Barbara for clambering about in the heavy stuff, but at least they didn’t have many articles to retrieve as the success rate was brilliant. I felt that most of the agility and control was at a high standard and the way the handlers worked their dogs, a pleasure to watch.

 Entries 14 (6 qualifiers)

 1st Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY CDEx – WDEx, WSD, 193, Q WDEx.

2nd Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, CDEx – UDEx, WSD, 187, Q WDEx.

3rd Les Allen with TADMARTON ENZO, CDEx – WDEx, Labrador, 181, Q WDEx.

4th Diane Whiting with SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, CDEx – UDEx, BC, 176, Q WDEx.

 Also qualified WDEx:

Brenda Nevard with SPYDA SPIDER, CDEx – WDEx, WSD

Qualified WD:

Stella Richards with GLENALPINE KASHEL, BC, 157 WD

 Lastly, I would like to thank the competitors for accepting my decisions and good luck in the future.




Tracklayers: Len Newman and Gavin Thomson

Steward: Val Thomson


Thank you to Poole for asking me to judge their championship UD stake held on 25th and 26th September. Thank you to my tracklayers, Len Newman and Gavin Thomson, and my C/A and search steward, Val Thomson; the expertise and common sense of this experienced team ensured all competitors had the best possible chance to succeed.

Mary and Melvin manage to make running a championship trial look easy, but they do have the benefit of a willing and experienced team of helpers behind the scene. Val and Gavin very kindly allowed the use of their "garden" for the C/A - it’s a lovely setting and fortunately the wildlife stayed away.

Finally thank you to the competitors - 13 entered, 13 ran. I hope they all enjoyed my test which, when working on the forest with its variable and interesting terrain, should be "do able" but with an element of fun - after all working trials are a hobby.

I loved the comment from one competitor, for whom it was their first time on the forest (and only second competitive track), "That was the best workout I’ve had!!!"

All the dogs got at least half way round the track with 1 article and nearly everyone got 4 from the square. The control went well, except what seemed a relatively simple sendaway to a group of Silver Birch trees saw only one dog gain full marks. Jumps and stays took the usual toll, so I ended up with 8 well deserved qualifiers.


1st Angela Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, Lab, B, 194, Q. Very well deserved and lovely to watch.

2nd Hazel Burton with HAZTONS QUEST, BC, D, 191.5, Q. Super control round and track, just a bit of tidying needed.

3rd Kate Peyton with ASTLEY FLEET, BC, D, 185.5, Q. One of the best tracks (89/20), just let down on the long jump and some work on control.

4th June Coutts with TADMARTON ESTELLE, Lab, B, 185.5, Q. Would have been higher but for the return on the scale. As ever beautifully handled by June.

3rd and 4th were split on overall nosework marks.

Also qualified:

Liz Hickman with VOMKYNA ELECTRA, GSD, B, 185. Your persistence and patience paid off, you really deserved this.

Tim Cooper with GLORIOUS GLOSTER, Cross, D, 183. Lovely attitude from dog and handler.

Raymond Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLIE, Cross, B, 181. An enthusiastic team; very fast square but needs work on holding articles.

Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA AT SZIKRAS, HWHV, D, 172.5. First on, in probably the tallest heather, gorse and bracken, and worked their socks off; only 3 from the square and the odd hiccup on control. A hard won qualification that was really deserved.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole and Rob Bracey-Wright

Steward: Janet Parker

We had thick mist, cold wind, drizzle, followed by a drying wind after lunch – and that was only the first day! The changeable weather on the first day and throughout the week appeared to significantly affect the success or otherwise of the tracks. 27 ran and completed the track, but articles (a piece of string, a stick and a green bottle top) were elusive in the short heather, although once or twice they were indicated but not picked up!

The control was also done in the forest, on cleared, well eaten ground; however some dogs appeared to be a little fazed by the unusual terrain and did not give of their best. Four dogs were within good qualifying marks at the end of the nosework section, but Lynne Watkins announced the well-earned retirement of her 10 year old bitch – and I wish her all the best with her up and coming youngster.

This left the “master” with GSD Isla and WSD Bob, and a strong challenge from leading team, Jane Wood with her Border Collie dog, Lennie. However it was not Jane’s day and the final placings were as follows:-

1st           TRIPLE TOP OF HARTSHILL, WSD, D, (Bob), Tony Lockyer, 188.5, Q and winning the Ticket

2nd         WTCh LAWINICK COME ‘N’ GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, (Isla), Tony Lockyer, 180.5, Q

3rd          TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, B, handled by Gavin Thomson, 185.5, NQ

4th          LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, D, Jane Wood, 181.5, NQ

It can be seen from the marks that the two non-qualifiers placed will be in the top spots soon, and I wish them all the best for the future.

Special thanks must go to Melvin and Mary Drewitt for their splendid organisation of the trial, during working hours and also the social eating arrangements in the evening. The catering produced from the awning kitchen was superb and thanks are due to Mary, Carol and Sue, plus all the other ‘hands on’, including the men.

Excellent tracklayers, Lindsey Poole and Rob-Bracey-Wright, were enjoyable company and a great comedy team. Janet Parker, a friend of long standing, not only laid all the squares to perfection, but along with Gerry provided hospitality second to none to both myself and husband Tim, who tagged along because we had just returned from a holiday in Jersey.

Great company, great competitors, great organisation, great week. Thanks to everyone.


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