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Open Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 08 March 2014




Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt and Kelly Chapman

Steward: Brenda Nevard


My thanks to Poole DTS, particularly Mary and Melvin Drewitt, for the invitation to judge the UD Stake. Very special thanks go to my tracklayers, Mary and Kelly, and my steward, Brenda Nevard, who was great company all day.

There were 6 entries in UD, but only 5 ran. It was a sunny day on the forest and the heather had dried up surprisingly since the beginning of the week. There was a fairly strong wind.

The track articles were: a piece of wooden dowelling 10cm by 2cm diameter, and a piece of turquoise fleece 9cm by 5cm, placed so it was obvious to the handler. If a dog had missed the first article but still completed the track the second article was easy to find.

The square articles were a blue plastic lid 10cm x 2cm x 1cm, a green metal lid 6cm diameter, rubber-backed black matting 9cm x 7cm, and a brown leather strap 9cm x 1cm.

 1st TADMARTON ESTELLE, Lab, B, handled by June Coutts, 184, Q. Litter sister to the WD winner, on her first time out, Ripple is obviously destined for greater achievements. This win was particularly pleasing for June who’d undergone a very serious heart operation just months ago. Missing the first track article was the only blot on a very good nosework round. Full mark jumps, the only dog to achieve this, and 31 for control rounded off a good day. Congratulations on a well-deserved qualification and win.

2nd TRACELYN NICOLE OF BRUSHBOW, GSD, B, handled by Lynn Harrison, NQ. We thought Nic was going to complete the track after doing the first half without dropping any marks but she went astray; full mark square. Forgot her sendaway today, but full marks for clear and scale. Better luck next time, Lynn, you’re getting there.

3rd MEADLE BLACKTHORN, GSD, D, handled by Pete Ross for Pam Davies, NQ. Jack started tracking with some casting and pulling determinedly to get back to the gravel track - Pete is clearly stronger than me. He then settled down but decided to cut off the box on the top leg; 3 from the square which were all mouthed. Qualified the control but jumps need work. Best of luck.

4th CARMELITA ELDINO, GSD, B, handled by Claire Lush. NQ. Unfortunately Claire and Kai’s inexperience showed today. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself, Claire. Best of luck.

 I enjoyed watching your dogs on this, my first judging experience. Thank you for accepting my decisions on your work.



Steward: Val Thomson

Track layers: Mary Drewitt and Lynne Watkins

 I would like to thank Poole DTS and in particular Melvin and Mary Drewitt for the invitation to judge the above stake and for running such a relaxed, yet efficient trial. A very special thank you to my steward, Val Thomson, and my two track layers, Mary and Lynne. Thanks also to Gavin and Val Thomson for the use of their paddock for our C/A, a great venue to use.

High Corner pub/hotel was used as a base for the first time and it worked extremely well; a very accommodating manager and staff, which really made for a friendly and welcoming trial.

Unfortunately entries were well down across all the stakes this year, in part due to the issues around the mystery illness which has affected a small percentage of dogs, both in this and other areas across the UK. As a result there were only four entries in WD and all ran. It was a lovely day on the forest - a fair amount of standing water on the tracking land but surprisingly the heather/gorse was quite dry. Unfortunately this took its toll on three out of the four teams, who failed within the first two or three legs of the track.

 The track articles were a 4.5 inch length of garden hose, and a 3 x 1.75 inch length of foam pipe insulation.

The square articles were a piece of brown carpet 3 x 1.75 inches, a round black rubber ring 2.5 x 0.5 inches, a piece of black leather 3 x 0.75 inches, and a piece of dark round natural wood, round 3.75 x 0.5 inches

 1st TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, B, handled by Mike Williams. A superb full point track - Mike deserved extra points for staying on his feet given the speed at which they completed the track; all four out of the square and only dropping half a point in the C/A. A great team to watch, qualifying WD Open on 194.5 – a well-deserved qualification and win.

2nd GLORIOUS GLOSTER, X-breed, D, handled by Tim Cooper, NQ. Unfortunately, the conditions on the forest proved too much for this team today but all four out of the square, with a strong control round and full mark jumps.

3rd FRANCILLLIAM BARNEY, GSD, D, handled by Gwen Robinson. A very enthusiastic GSD, just not quite ready for the conditions on the forest but three out of the square; qualified the control round but had a few hiccups on the jumps. NQ

4th GILDA EDGED WITH GOLD, WSD (B), handled by Barbara Brown. Having judged this team before on the forest I know they can do it but conditions proved too challenging on the day; three out of the square, qualified control but had a few issues around the jumps. NQ

 I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs. Good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: Len Newman and Gavin Thomson

Stewards: Len and Gavin

 My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge my first TD Open and to Mary and Melvyn for organising and running such a lovely trial. Thanks to Janet Parker for the butty boxes and to Barbara Brown for allowing me and my dogs to stay at her home. This was the first time that the High Corner Inn had been used as a base, which I think worked really well.

Lé Newman was due to steward for me but was unwell (hope you’re completely sorted out now Lé). So my thanks to Gavin for laying the tracks on the first day and doing squares on both days. And special thanks to Len for laying tracks both days, squares on the first day and stewarding the C/A for me on both days. Both of you were great company and gave each competitor the best chance of completing the exercises.

We started with tracking and I was able to relax when my 1st competitor came off with 2 and 4 (thank you, Caroline Martin and Gypsy) but they turned out to be the only nosework qualifiers of the stake. The ground looked lovely – not too wet and there didn’t seem to be much wildlife / pony movement to have caused problems – but that’s the forest!

 1st Rosemary Turner and MALTESER MARY, 120, NQ. Did the next best track, completing 7 of the 12 legs before backtracking. Not the best control round I’ve ever seen Nyla do and she didn’t want to do the jumps either.

2nd Brenda Nevard and I SPYDA SPIDER, 100.5, NQ. Only managed two legs but did a really super control round with full mark agility – for that alone you should be pleased with her, Brenda.

3rd Michael Loughran and GARRETHALL QUADRILLE, 79, NQ. Meri struggled from the pole and went wrong at the end of the 1st leg. Another good control round and full mark agility put you up into 3rd place. Well done.

4th Angela Sanders and MR MICKY MARVEL TO SZIKRAS, 74, NQ. Micky didn’t want to stop at the end of the 1st leg and just kept going.

 Special mention of Caroline Martin and CARISHILL FREYA, 170, NQ. Gypsy decided she didn’t want to do the jumps today so Caroline didn’t put her in for the stays. Caroline, you must be thrilled with her track and the rest of her work was lovely. Sort those jumps out!

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me. Hope you enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed watching your dogs working it.


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