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Open Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 06 March 2013



Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt and Gavin Thomson

Steward: Colin Bricknell

Many thanks to Poole and District Dog Training Society for the opportunity to judge the U D dogs at their open trial on the 5th of March.

Colin Bricknell, my steward and I had a lovely day in the sun, shared and enjoyed with our track layers, Mary Drewitt and Gavin Thomson, who I thank for their efforts.  We wanted for nothing in the goodies department and my thanks go to all the people who kept us well supplied.  Thanks also to Lindsay Poole, who sorted out and recorded my sheets at the end of the day.

I was disappointed to only have two dogs qualify in the end, as six out of the ten that worked did enough in the track and search, so it wasn’t the New Forest tracking ground to blame.

So to the results…

1st Sue Main and JAZZ THE JOKER, (Jazz), WSD, Q.  Their first time in UD and did a nice tight controlled track and search with little wasted effort; I suspect they’ve been well taught.  I could feel the tension building up in the control and agility but they held it together.  Well done.

2nd Ruth Carpenter and LAWINICK RESTLESS HEART, (Craic), GSD. Q.   Best track of the day on the longest heather, and three out of the square kept them in the running.  Craic just managed to control himself in the stays but we were all on edge.

3rd Rosemary Turner and KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, (Katie), GSD, NQ.  They did enough in each section but not enough overall - shame, but only young.  Made the jumps look easy.

4th Dave Green and FORM BEE, (Cody), NQ.   I liked this dog and think Dave ought to take more control to give Cody confidence and direction. 




Tracklayers: Jo Magness, Mary Drewitt

Steward: Val Thomson

Thank you to Poole Club and Trials Manager, Melvin Drewitt, for the invitation to play in the New Forest.  Thanks also to Mary for her indefatigable efforts in arranging the logistical nightmare of no base for the first hours of day one, but 13 competitors having to go somewhere at 8.30 in the morning (no, Bournemouth is not an option, Melvin).

Mary and Jo Magness laid my tracks around the wet bits to give the competitors the best chance of getting round.  Every competitor should at least shadow a judge once, as they will then discover how much the tracklayers are rooting for them; they’re generally more pleased than the handler!  Val stewarded for me throughout the day and was a great help in relaxing the competitors in the Control round - and didn’t say "Yes, dear" even once.

Conditions were dry with the 12" high heather and dry grass mixture only lightly scattered with ponds.  My track pattern was designed for easy manipulation by the tracklayers, as precision is impossible in the forest with no boundaries or landmarks.  Articles were 1) 3" x 2" underlay for the dog to find and 2) 8" piece of bright green ribbon for dog/handler to find.

Square articles were a cigarette packet (empty!), a 1" plant pot, a 2" piece of artificial Xmas tree and a 1.5" x 1.5" red glass tile.  As I’d hoped all the dogs got some articles and the best had no problems finding them all.

Going to the Control 2 dogs had qualifying marks but sadly the best did not endure.  Lynn Bricknell’s excellent WSD, Moss, had dropped only 4.5 marks in total coming to the jumps, but a muscle strain at the scale meant withdrawal.  Hope he’s recovered, Lynn, and getting the qualifications your training deserves.  Angie Fields’ Storm took the honours as my only qualifier after a competent Control and Agility round.  However she was one of several handlers I had to warn about infringing the ‘approach to scale’ rule - i.e. stop before you send your dog.  Can I make a plea to all novice handlers - read the rules!  The "I" Regulations cost only £1.50 from the Kennel Club and knowing them could save you a qualification.

1st. JUST RED ROBIN, CDEx - UDEx, Lab, D, handled by Angela Fields, 183, Q.  Storm is well-named as he was a whirlwind on the track corners. Angie clung on and deserved her qualification with this strong dog.  Well done.

2nd. MY BILLIE, WSD, B, handled by Pippa Bentham, 133, NQ.  Eagle-eyed Pippa had not long spotted the first article before Billie took a wrong turning and headed for the A31.  Bad luck, Pippa - my way and the highway, eh?

3rd. GILDA EDGED WITH GOLD, CDEx - UDEx, WSD, B, handled by Barbara Brown, 97, NQ.  Another one to go astray halfway around the track - we must give you a different piece of land next time Barbara!  Neither of you gave up, a valuable quality.

4th. WOLFHART AVA, CDEx - UDEx, GSD, B, handled by Jill King, 77, NQ.  A bit unlucky on the track with ponies recently crossing but needs work on the square. Better luck next time.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering Poole Trial and accepting what befell them with true Trials’ spirit.




Track Layers: Len Newman, Lindsey Poole, Melvin Drewitt

Steward: Le Newman

A big thank you to Poole and District DTC for the invitation to judge their TD Stake.  As always this was a very friendly and well run trial: well done Melvin, Mary and co.  The ladies and gent in the kitchen kept us fed and watered.  The weather was good both days, with a bit more sun on the Tuesday. 

There were 24 entries of which 16 worked.  The days started with C/A.  The round was kept simple and flowing; heelwork was followed by the sendaway, a diagonal, then a right re-direct along the hedge line.  Unfortunately, only 8 dogs completed this exercise.  There was a similar split when it came to the jumps and only 10 dogs gained sufficient marks across the exercise.

On both days I owed a big thank you to Le; her instructions for all exercises were clear and concise.  Perhaps it was down to nerves on the day, but not all competitors followed her instructions.

The Track articles were a piece of foam rubber, a spoon and half a dolly peg.  The track really narrowed the field, with only two competitors completing the track on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.  The search square articles were a cartridge case, part of a hair roller, a short length of chain and a rectangle of mat.  Most of the dogs did better in the square than on the track.

1st  Margery Lee and SYN MISCHIEF’S PARTNER, CDEx – WDEx, (Syn), WSD, 195.25, Q.  A very competent track and square and a nice and tidy C/A round.  Well done, Margery and Syn.

2nd Rosemary Turner and MALTESER MARY, CDEx – WDEx, (Nyla), Lab, 169.5, NQ.  A good track and square.  It was the sendaway and the jumps where the marks were really lost.

3rd Angela Sanders and STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, CDEx,- WDEx, (Tyler), HWHV, 168, NQ.  Both the speak and the sendaway were major problems in the C/A.  A very nice performance in the nosework.

4th Carole Brooke and TADMARTON DARK REMY, CDEx – WDEx, (Remy), Lab, 162, NQ.  Again both the speak and the sendaway were major problems in the C/A.  On the track Remy was highly track motivated, so much so that he did not stop for any of the articles; a shame.

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