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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 29 September 2012



Steward: John West

Many thanks to Mary and Melvin for inviting me to judge at their very popular trial, and a special thank you for the loan of your caravan on Friday night.  Huge thanks to the hardworking ladies who looked after the food; we had a fabulous meal on Friday night.  Thank you Sue, Barbara, Brenda and Mary; nothing was too much trouble.  I hope I have not left anyone out.  Finally thanks to John, who was a tower of strength as always and kept everything running smoothly and happily.  The weather was kind of us and even managed to organise the deluge while we were having a lunch break.

17 entries, 14 ran

1st  Frances Webb and NORWULF LUIGI GSD, D, 90.5, Q.  This gorgeous, huge young dog gambolled merrily through my test, making it look easy.  I am sure he will go far.  Very well done.

2nd  Pippa Bentham and MY BILLIE, WSD, B, 89.5, Q.  Pippa held it all together today and so did Billie!  So pleased for you.  Very little between you and the winner and full mark jumps!!

3rd  Bob Burns and GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D, 83, Q.  Have met this gentleman and his lovely dog before and today they got it right, and the jumps went well too.

4th  Gary Atkins and GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D, 81.5, Q.  Managed to qualify in spite of no down stay marks, which just goes to show how good the rest was.  Another useful addition to the "Atkins" tribe.

5th  Jill King and NORWULF AVA, GSD, B, 80.5, Q.  A few slips here and there but deserves a mention as the 5th of only 5 qualifiers.  I had hoped to hand out more certificates.





Tracklayers: Len Newman and Gavin Thomson

Stewards: June Coutts (searches) and Melvin Drewitt (C/A)

Thank you to Poole for the invitation to judge UDEx - fantastic location and you arranged for a perfect autumn day; we were lucky the sun shone, but the ground was very, very wet!

To everybody who made me welcome and to the competitors for accepting my decisions – thank you.  Len and Lé for the early morning coffee, Len and Gavin for tracklaying, June for search stewarding, Lé and Mary for support at base and Melvin for being the control steward.

There were 6 entries but only 4 ran and only one got round the track, which was on the very wet heather.  The track pattern was an H shape and the articles – leather and carpet.  However, what a cracking track from Bob and Monty.  The searches were good with all 4 teams retrieving all 4 articles – tied piece of webbing, wooden peg, cartridge and 4"x 0.5" piece of rubber.  The gun test was to walk your dog 10 paces away from me and stand beside them; none of the dogs had any problems and all received 5 marks.

The control round started with the retrieve, then normal pace to the jumps, for which second attempts were permitted, then fast and slow pace to the sendaway, which was 80 yards across the field.  And finally the down stay.  The round took its toll but there was a lovely sendaway with full marks for Betty and Mac and full marks on the jumps for Richard and Griff.  All the dogs completed the down stay.  Unfortunately nobody qualified but I’m sure on another day it will all come together.

1st Bob Burns and GUNWHARF JACK, (Monty), Lab, D, 166, NQ.  It was a cracking track.  Monty has the ability but the control needs to be polished up, and the speaking at the jumps sorted out.

2nd  Barbara Brown and GILDA EDGED WITH GOLD, (Gilda), WSD, B, 146, NQ.  Gilda looked good on the track but sadly took a wrong turn towards the end, and in the control the jumps took their toll too.  I’m sure on a drier day it will come together for this team.

3rd Betty Briley and WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, (Mac), WSD, D, 121, NQ.  Shame about the track but Mac was convinced it went back towards the cars.  The control round was very smart with some lovely heelwork and full marks for the sendaway.

4th Richard Cornwell and VOMKYNA EAGLE, (Griff), GSD, D.  Being young and a very wet track combined to lead Griff astray.  Lovely search square and good control round, with full marks for the jumps.  I’m sure this team will soon be there.





Tracklayers: Gavin (both days), Lynne (Tues), Len (Wed), Les (Wed)

Search and C/A Steward: Val

17 entries, 15 worked, 7 qualified WDEx.

Poole Trial on the New Forest is a bit of a lottery, as those who enter know.  However, I was extremely pleased that due to the dedicated and professional tracklayers, we achieved 10 completed tracks, 3 of whom achieved full marks.  Val had good results with the squares, which she laid exactly as I requested, with the majority of articles recovered by the dogs.  Thank you to all the tracklayers and search steward for your hard work and great company.

The C/A round I set had no gimmicks; it was very straight forward and simple,  as I strongly believe that it should be the best TRACKING dogs that go on to qualify. 

The articles on the track were:-  2" x 4" x 0.25"  green sponge and a 500 ml bottle of water: Square:  6" brown knotted string,  2" x 2" x 1" grey sponge,  2" diameter metal pan scourer, 2" x 4" hessian sacking.


Jo Magness and LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, 196, Q.  WOW, what a great team, so well suited to each other!  Jack completed the track, which took at least 10 minutes to lay, in 6.5 minutes.  He is everything you would want in a good working Shepherd.  Handler and dog are both strong, bouncy personalities and very exciting to watch.  Full mark track


Kate Peyton and JEDI KNIGHT, BC, 190, Q.  Kate and Jed were completely the opposite,  completing the track in a very steady, precise manner in 15 minutes, losing only 1 mark.  This was followed by a very professional C/A round, with a full mark sendaway.


Gillian Cooke and SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, Crossbreed, 185, Q.  I don’t  think Gill quite believed me that they had achieved a full mark track.  A very enthusiastic working  dog.


Zoe Finlay and TRIJEM OCEANS BLURAIN WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD, 181, Q.  This team also worked a very steady track, gaining 86 marks, and was one of only three dogs to achieve a full mark sendaway.

Also qualified WDEx:


Les Theobald and TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, 177

Sandra Lewindon and QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELI, BC, 175

Thank you very much to the Poole Committee for asking me to judge; you always run such an enjoyable Trial.  I am sorry to have worried you all when I was hospitalised, but I was determined not to let you all down.  The catering department needs a special mention, as an army marches on its stomach.  There were so many different ladies helping I would not like to single out anyone particular to thank - I did enjoy the food.  Lastly, my sleeping arrangements were provided by Barbara Brown who provided wonderful accommodation.





Tracklayers: Rob Bracey-Wright, Lindsey Poole, Pippa Bentham and Melvin Drewitt.

Square Steward: Kath Bracey-Wright             

C/A Steward: Lindsey Poole

Thanks to Poole for the invitation to judge.  Melvin and Mary once again ran a lovely trial - what would we do without you both?  I noticed that you have a good little team that quietly gets on and helps with all the associated trials jobs – my thanks to them all.  The ladies in the kitchen looked after us well all week, thank you too.  My special thanks to my TD team who remained upbeat despite the wet conditions.  It is always a pleasure to work with Rob and Kath, and I also very much appreciated Lindsey Poole’s help in all my tests – thank you for not entering when Remi would have been well capable of qualifying!

Some hard  luck stories: Les Allen and Jill Carruthers had incredibly bad weather that had us trying desperately to both watch the dog and shelter from the hard driving rain; Pat Herbert sadly had to scratch Moo after doing superb nosework (160,) when she cut a paw before the control day; Gary Haim’s GSD, Archie, injured himself before the trial so Gary sensibly didn’t work him; Adrian Quick and Kevin Hill’s dogs were both on good nosework marks, (Vekka especially), and had worked well in control when they both broke their stays after about a minute and a half, just before the guy in a 4x4 with 3 Dobermans running free turned up!  Once the dogs had something to watch they seemed more settled in their stays!


Ian Brown and TRI ONE JETRIL, WSD, B, 209.75 - won the CC with a cracking nosework round in some of the longest heather. Track 95, Art 30, square 34.5.  I noticed that this dog qualified 2 years ago when I judged the WD here on the Forest; Brecon’s experience on heather plus Ian’s enthusiastic praise when she found an article, together with his sensible non-intrusive handling put them in a strong position.  Full mark jumps and decent control ensured that the Ticket was yours.


Maureen Regan and WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRIZEGAN, GSD, B, 201 - took the reserve CC.  Meg did a superb track (97) when the two WT Champs who worked either side of her failed.  On my judging notes I have heavily underlined "Lovely handling", and it was.  Unaccountably she left the drinking straw in the square, and the sendaway could have been better, but near perfect heelwork, speak and jumps showed the quality in this partnership.


Liz de Unger and WTCh STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, D, 197.25.  I gave this dog a rerun after seeing the extremely waterlogged start of his first track.  We then didn’t use that bit of land on following days.  Sohrab was just as keen on his second track (90) and this time the legs were not all under water.  Good speak, sendaway (8) and full mark jumps. 


Gary Haim and WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, D.  There seemed to be lots of animal interference on Flynn’s track (91), but nothing that stopped him for long.  Gary spotted the first article (an old fashioned wooden dolly peg) but neither of them saw the white plastic cup that was the second one.  Flynn got the last one (green craft shop felt material) and 4 from the square for 34.5.  Full mark jumps – should have got an extra mark for the huge jump he did on the clear.

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