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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 24 September 2011



Steward: June Coutts

Thank you to the committee of Poole for asking me to judge and to Melvin Drewitt, trials manager, ably assisted by his wife, Mary, and to Le Newman, base secretary, who run this trial from the Red Shoot Camping Park.   Special thanks to June Coutts who stewarded for both days, and also supplied the land for the CD stake.   Thanks also to the army of assistants who turn their hands to whatever is required, including cooking the food under canvas and providing a two course meal every night.

The weather was warm and dry; the forest is a wonderful place to be especially when the weather is like this.  Ten teams entered and nine competed, the majority of which were newcomers to the sport.  As is usual in CD, a lot of the dogs were not quite ready, the jumps especially taking their toll.  Square articles were a large pine cone and generous pieces of green scourer and rubber; only one dog got three articles, the majority seriously lacked motivation in the square.

Hopefully these newcomers will carry on in the sport but I have my doubts for one of them, who complained about the ground used for the stake, which as trial grounds go, I would give at least eight out of ten!  Good luck to you all in future trials.

1st Ruth Carpenter, LAWINICK RESTLESS HEART, GSD, 82, Qual CDEx.  Craic was the only dog to get three out of the square and full mark jumps.  Luckily had a good enough control round without the down stay.

2nd Judith Owen, BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, 79, Qual CD.  Jay was unlucky to miss a qualification by one mark. No long jump was a costly error.

3rd Pippa Bentham, MY BILLIE, WSD, 80.5, NQ .  Nosework let Billie down today but you both have so much enthusiasm, I am sure your qualifications are not far away.

4th Bob Burns, GUN WHARF JACK, Lab, 71, NQ.  Monty is quite capable of getting this and higher qualifications, so keep at it Bob.




Tracklayers: Rob, Len, Gavin

Steward: Cathy

Thanks to Poole for the invitation to judge WD and UD, and to Trials Manager Melvin Drewitt.  Special thanks to Mary, who due to kennel cough at my first arranged B&B, had to hastily make  beds for me and the CD judge.  The ladies in the kitchen did a wonderful job cooking meals every evening and bacon butties during the day.

I had a excellent team of track layers; Rob who did Monday to Friday, Len, Wednesday to Friday, and Gavin, Tuesday and Friday, who also had to change stakes, and my search steward was Cathy.  Thank you all for your hard work and good company.


There were only 3 entries.

1st Marge Lee and B/C, SYN, 192.5.  Excellent nosework and control

2nd Jane Wood and B/C, LENNY, 187.5.  Good all round work.

3rd Maurice Millington and B/C, PERDY, 140.5.  Excellent control round


1st Maureen Regan with GSD, MEGGIE, 197.  Excellent track and square in very deep heather, followed by C/A losing half a mark.

2nd June Coutts with Lab, RUBIN, 193.  Another good nosework round, losing 5 on C/A.

3rd Sue Hough with B/C, HATTIE.  Good track and losing 3 on C/A.

4th Gary Haim with GSD, ARCHIE, 186.75.  Gary had a guy try to cross his track half way round, but he managed to stop him crossing; the guy still followed him across.  Well done.

Also qualified:

Jenny Jefferson and B/C, TEG, 186

Mick Loughran and Lab, 181.25

Mary Hansell and GSD, WICKHAM, 178.  Well done, Wickham

Ruth Cahill and GSD, MINKY.

Thank you also competitors for accepting my decisions and not keeping me waiting .

The forest can be excellent tracking except for the live stock, which some competitors were unlucky to have.

I enjoyed my week and the weather was kind to us.




Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Pippa Bentham and Melvin Drewitt

Square Steward and C/A Scribe: Pete Jones

This was my first Ticket appointment and I would like to thank the Society for the privilege of judging some of the top working trials dogs in the country.

I have competed on the forest a few times but never qualified.  It is a bit of a lottery with the state of the land and various animals walking around, but I find it a very different and interesting trial.  I judged the TD open trial here this year which helped me to consider what test to set for the Championship.

I had 39 entries and 36 worked.  The weather was very kind for us and we managed to get 15 qualifying the nose-work, with quite a few dogs on a very good score.  We tracked on three sections of the heather which varied in height and thickness but all sections had dogs achieving the test.

The farmer was unable to supply us with a suitable control field so it was decided to use an open piece of land in the forest which, unfortunately, had no parking for cars and meant competitors had quite a walk down the lane from the Red Shoot.   I walked this land 3 times to try and sort a suitable flowing round but the send-away was proving to be a problem due to the ground conditions; it was very undulating and there were some potholes which might prove dangerous if dogs starting running around.  I decided to do 120 paces to a solitary small tree for 4 marks  and then recall and stop at 60 paces for 2 marks finishing with a redirect left of 120 paces to a clump of sticks for 4 marks.  Half a mark was docked for every extra command in each section.  Generally this test was performed well.

The speak caught a few dogs out, with the handler leaving the dog 10 paces and with their back to the dog getting 5 instant barks and then facing the dog for 10 barks; each extra command and movement was half a mark off.

I allowed second attempt on the long jump because of the ground conditions but only 3 dogs required this option.

The down stay was performed by leaving the dogs in a dip and handlers walking up a hill to a plateau until out of sight of the dogs; no dog failed the stay.

We eventually finished with eleven qualifying dogs, with two dogs on 214, resulting in a track and square run off for the ticket.  This made it a tense ending to the contest.

1st Sue Ashby, THE TITAN, WSD, D, 161.5, 32.5, 20, Total: 214.  A super solid round.  Won the ticket after completing the run off track with 2 articles.  Wishing you all the best at the KCC’s.

2nd Julie Atkins, GLENALPINE REG, BC, D, 165, 33, 16, Total: 214.  Full mark nose-work, which was super to watch, but the jumps proved the downfall today.  Reg was unable to complete the run off track.

3rd Gary Haim, WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, D, 161, 32, 20, Total: 213.  Only a mark behind the leaders after a good all round performance. 

4th Nick Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, XB, B, 159.5, 30.5, 20, Total: 210.  Another steady and consistent round from this little girl.

Also qualified TDEx:

Pat Golding, ST PETE’S JETTA, Lab, D, 204

Gary Martin, WTCh TYTRI ROY, BC, D, 203

Pat Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, XB, B, 202

Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, B, 200

Mary Drewitt, LAWINICK RIOJA, GSD, B, 191

Kevin Hill, VEKKA LADY, GSD, B, 185

Ken Coleman, SHERINGEM MAC, BC, D, 179

Thanks to all the ladies in the kitchen, who did us proud with great food every evening.  Thanks to Melvin for managing the Trial and also tracklaying for me, and also my other two tracklayers, who laid the tracks by using a compass - I was very impressed by the accuracy of them; it is not easy to walk a straight line in the heather.  Lindsey also laid three run off tracks, which we duly needed.

Pete did a great job as square steward, with most dogs retrieving four articles.  Pete also did the scribing for me on control day, which left me to concentrate on watching the dogs and he to do the paper work.  Scores were tight among the top marked dogs and I knew that it may be a close finish, which it proved to be. 

Knowing that conditions can sometimes beat dog and handlers in the forest, I tried to arrange a test that was possible to be done, but be able to mark it fairly.  I hope that everyone enjoyed the test I set.  I thoroughly enjoyed my few days in the New Forest and watching your dogs work.

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