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Open Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 25 February 2012



Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Margery Lee, June Coutts, Janet Parker and Mary Drewitt

Steward: Lé Newman

I would like to thank Poole DTS and in particular Melvin and Mary Drewitt for the invitation to judge the above stake and for running such a relaxed, yet efficient trial.  Thanks also to Gavin and Val Thomson for the use of their paddock for the C/A.  There just seemed too many people working in the kitchen to name individually, keeping both the helpers and the competitors fed and watered; they also provided meals at the end of each day, and they all work so well as a team - many thanks.

A very special thank you to my steward Lé Newman, who did a superb job, put everyone at ease and was great company.  My tracklayers were Lindsey Poole, Margery Lee, June Coutts, Janet Parker (great to see you back)  and we finally managed to get Mary Drewitt out of the kitchen for one day - my thanks to you all. 

We had 13 entries and 11 ran.  The tracking was on the forest and as always quite mixed levels of growth, which unfortunately took its toll on the less experienced dogs.  Only the winner managed to complete the track and recover both articles; two others qualified the nosework but all stayed to complete the C/A.

1st GILDA EDGED WITH GOLD, CDEx, WSD, B, handled by Barbara Brown, 175.5, Q.  The only team to complete the track and recover both articles, also recovering all four out the square.  Managed to hold it all together for the C/A, although the long jump could have proved costly.  Great result, Barbara - well done.

2nd TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, D, handled by Les Theobald, 165, Q.  First ever trial for Jack, handled superbly well by Les.  Only a few weeks prior to this Jack had been very ill, so it made this performance even more special.  Unfortunately just didn’t make the last leg of the track, despite superb handling from Les, with a full point square.  Tidy C/A had enough despite missing the long jump – well done.

3rd WOLFHART AVA, GSD, B, handled by Jill King, 159, NQ.  The only other team to qualify the nosework, unfortunately missing the last leg of the track but only losing one point in the square.  The only dog to complete a full point sendaway, however the clear and long jump proved costly on the day.  A good result for an inexperienced team.

4th WAGGERLAND TWINKLE, WSD, B, handled by Nicky Prescott, 151, NQ.  Had enough tracking points despite missing the last leg but unfortunately no articles; good square only dropping two points.  Strong C/A with a full set of jumps, but the heelwork needs a little more focus.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs.  A little more experience, particularly on the forest, will see you all qualify next time around – good luck.




Steward: Sandra Haim

Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Adrian Quick

Thanks to Poole DTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Thanks to Melvin Drewitt for running the trial, and to Lindsey and Adrian for laying the tracks, Sandra for laying the squares and stewarding the control round, special thanks to you.

Mary and her team not only fed us during the day but put on a lovely meal in the evening, which was very much appreciated, thank you.

Tracking on the forest, as you would expect, varied from medium to quite short heather that was quite dry.  Of the five teams competing 2 qualified the track and everyone qualified the in square.

1st Jo Magness and LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, D, 183.5, Q.  Jack attacks every exercise with a great deal of enthusiasm. First dog to track and made it look easy. Lovely young dog in the making.

2nd Mark Gowler and GOTTHEFIDGETS, WSD, D, 178, Q.  Fidget had a steadier start to his track and grew in confidence as he went round.  Left an article in the square.  Did a nice control round.  Well done.

3rd Angela Fields and JUST RED ROBIN, Lab, D, 121.5, NQ.  Storm had a good start to his track but got stuck before going the wrong way.  Good square, recovering all 4 articles. Well done.

4th Brian Hartree and GANGSKUZA CASSIE, GSD, B, 85, NQ.  Mazey found the track too much for her today, but went on and did the best square of the day.  This is a lovely young bitch with a super attitude to her work.  Well done.




Tracklayers: Gavin Thomson and Len Newman

Steward: Val Thomson

I would like to thank Poole and District DTS for their invitation to judge the TD Stake.  It was a whole new experience judging on the forest, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.  My thanks go to Melvin and Mary Drewitt for all their hard work and organisation, and to Sue, Brenda, Gill, Linda, Mary and Barbara for all the delicious food they provided.  A special thanks to Rosemary Turner for having me to stay.

I was fortunate to have two excellent tracklayers in Gavin and Len, who gave the competitors every chance of success.  My thanks to them and especially to Val for her super stewarding for both squares and control.  If anybody wants a first class steward, I highly recommend her.

We had 14 entries, 11 ran, 5 qualified the nosework, and 3 overall.

1st Chris Gregory and CASSOP DANNY, GSD, D, 191, Q.  Chris and Freddie showed us how tracking should be done, followed by a competent control round.  A worthy winner.

2nd Lindsey Poole and VONKYNA DIAZ, GSD, B, 189, Q.  Remy worked so hard on the track, helped by Lindsey’s good and patient handling.  All four square articles in 2 mins 17 secs.  Well done.

3rd Kelly Chapman and TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, 186.5, Q.  Another lovely track to watch, from a dog with a lovely attitude.  Kai missed one track article but worked the only full mark square.  Well done.

4th June Coutts and CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, NQ.  Rueben tracked well but unfortunately missed two legs of the track and the end article, which put a lot of pressure on the C/A.  Four articles from the square – he will soon qualify.

Worth a mention:

Heather Donnelly and MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, BC, B.  Also did a good track and control round, but unfortunately went out on the jumps.

Rosemary Turner and KHAMYSKER KWIK KRACKER, GSD, B.  At nine years old Kwiks could still do the jumps.  I wish her a long and healthy retirement.

Lé Newman and STARDELL LEDA, BC, D.  Jonti did a superb control round.

Lastly, thank you to all the competitors who worked under me, and good luck in the future.

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