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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 25 September 2010



Steward: Janet Parker

Thank you Poole for inviting me to judge your first running of the stake, and thank you, Janet, for stewarding for me - and congratulations on the ticket!  Unfortunately none of my competitors managed to qualify, but they all did some things well and left knowing some more work would get them there.

1st Sue Yarrow and ZAKANJA ALCAZAM, GSD, D, 84.  Mika did very well on the C/A - 46.5 and 17.5 - but just failed on the nosework, largely because he hadn’t tuned in to the search well enough - but he looks a good prospect.

2nd Chris Clements and MOUNT LOCHAN CHANORY LAD, BC, D, 73.  Bailey just needed the sit and the scale marks (32.5 and 12.5) - good retrieve and search - 28.

3rd Pauline Stemp and CANEN DIFOR, BC, B, 70.5.  Just needs work on the search to get a qualification - 10 for retrieve and 39+14.5 for C/A.

4th Chris Clements and MOUNT LOCHAN QUEEVA DIVA, BC, B, 63.  Queeva did well on C/A (33 + 19.5) - but needed more commitment on the square.

No reason why all the competitors shouldn’t get CDEx soon - good luck.


Judge: Pippa Bentham

Nosework and C/A Steward: Jenny Jefferson

Gate Steward: June Coutts

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge the CD stake, and Mary and Melvin, with all their helpers, for organizing such a friendly and efficient trial.  Melvin always manages to make everything look so effortless.

June very kindly allowed us use of her land and facilities as well as keeping the competitors organised.  Jenny excelled at laying the squares and keeping the control and agility flowing so no one was kept waiting. 

The weather was kind to us, though somewhat overcast on the Friday, the sun came out on Saturday.  I hope the competitors enjoyed their day as much as I enjoyed judging their dogs.  Whilst some were clearly ready for CDEx and qualified well, others were not quite there yet but very near.  To those that didn’t qualify keep trying you all showed great promise.

1st Les Allen with KIRA, Lab, 98.  A very well deserved qualification for a dog and handler who were a absolute pleasure to watch; completed the square in 58 seconds.

2nd Rosemary Turner with CLARE, GSD, 90.  Congratulations, Rosemary, Clare worked really well for you.

The next 2 finished on exactly the same marks, but were not present for a run off so I split them on nosework marks.

3rd  Steve Osborne with BARNEY, Malinois, 87.5.  A pleasure to watch an enthusiastic dog with bags of potential.

4th Richard Adam with BLADE, Malinois, 87.5.  Richard coped well with his nerves to coax a very creditable performance from Blade.

Also qualifying:

Wendy Magyar with TED, BC, 82

Mary Braybrook with RAGS, Cocker Spaniel, 80.5

Once more, many thanks to my stewards for giving up their time and also the additional helpers; on Friday your assistance was much appreciated.



Judge: RUTH CAHILL                      

Tracklayers: UD; Rob Bracey-Wright, Len Newman and John Reynolds; WD; Lyn Watkins, Rob Bracey-Wright and Len Newman

Steward: Lé Newman

Firstly thanks to Val Upton for breaking her wrist - you gave me an extra couple of days in the Forest!  I hope you have fully recovered now.  Thanks to Poole for the last minute UD invitation when I was only expecting to do the WD stake. Thanks to Melvin and his helpers for the laidback management of the Trial, and thanks to Mary and her kitchen helpers for feeding me so well. Thanks to Val and Gav Thompson for the use of their training area/garden as a control field for UD - it’s beautiful.

To my tracklayers and to Lé for doing all the squares and scribing for me on the C/A field - thanks all of you for the great company and for your time and effort on the heather, I enjoyed working with you all.


The standard of handling in this stake was impressive and rather put some of the WD handlers to shame!  Well done all competitors and good luck in the future.

1st Lindsey Poole and VOMKYNA DIAZ, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 189.5.  Brilliantly handled in the agility section, you worked as a superb team throughout and the track (89.5) was poetry in motion!  Well done.

2nd Richard Cornwell and LAKATAMIA NORTON, CDEx, GSD, 188.  Good nosework (track 88) and control, and with a huge effort from General over the scale, a well deserved qualification.

3rd Gary Haim and LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 182.  Another excellent track, 89.5.  Left an article in the square and lost a few on S/A, but still looked good throughout all exercises, especially the agility.

4th Tony Orchard and TADMARTON DUBONET, CDEx, Lab, 177.75.  Cast over and unluckily missed the first article in longish growth but tracked well, and apart from reverting to gundog mode on the S/A (next to a wildfowl reserve!) she worked well.

Also qualifying:

Anne Thorpe and GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, BC, 165.5.  A few problems with Molly adjusting to the heather but fairly strong work in the other sections secured the qualification.


I thought the sendaway was a gift.  Due to the shape of the field and an electric fence I settled for an "easy" option of 80 yards to a telegraph pole and/or bramble bushes; unfortunately Ken Coleman’s dog didn’t like it at all, otherwise he would have qualified well.  All the other dogs agreed with me!

1st John Reynolds and STONECROSS TOMMY, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 186.5.  Just a few small faults sprinkled about - untidy heelwork and a few extra casts - but a decent track and recovering all the articles plus a full mark sendaway ensured your win.  Tommy has been lucky to find you, may you have many more successes.  Well done.

2nd Rosemary Turner with Danny Turner’s MALTESER MARY, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, 182.5.  Again, all articles recovered off the forest put you in a good position, so that even without a heelwork mark you qualified well.  Good sendaway and the jumps were all done, just little "sniffs" cost you the odd mark.

3rd Marie Dixon and THE GODWIT, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, 176.  Decent track but only two from the square.  Good control (34) and full mark jumps improved your position.

4th Ian Brown and TRI ONE JETRIL, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, 176.  Good track, didn’t cast at all after the first leg.  Just scraped in on the jumps.  Unfortunately unavailable for a run off with the above dog.

Also qualifying:

Angela Sanders and STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, WDEx, W.H. Vizsla, 171.  Tyler only got two in the square but tracked well.




Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Charlie Taylor and Lynne Watkins

Square Steward and C/A Scribe: Kate Wykes

Escorts: June Coutts and Rosemary Turner

Thank you to the society for asking me to judge; I had a wonderful time and was well looked after.  After a good first day with four nosework qualifiers, Wednesday and Thursday were washed out by a horrendous rain storm on the Wednesday morning.  Friday saw my last nosework qualifier.

1st and CC Mrs Janet Parker with NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, D, 203.5, Q TDEx.  A good all round performance gave this pair the ticket.

2nd and Res CC Mrs Maggie Moran with ALTRICIA TODDIE, BC, D, 199.5, Q TDEx

3rd Mrs Gill Lawrence with BEKKIS DULCIMER, BC, B, 191.5, Q TDEx

4th Mrs Mary Prentice with MOUNTLOCH LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, D, 174.5, Q TD

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions.  To those who qualified - well done; to those who didn’t, better luck next time.

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