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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 29 September 2007

Stake: CD


Steward: Lynne Cousins

Many thanks to the Poole Committee for inviting me to judge their CD Championship stake. Many thanks also to Mary and the ladies in the kitchen who kept us so well fed.

There were 22 entries, of which 21 actually competed over 2 days. We started both days with nosework and the sit stay, which was done individually after the retrieve. The three articles in the square were a blue gun cartridge, a piece of black rubber matting (4 inches by 2 inches) and a six inch piece of green garden cane. In the majority of cases the square was approached with enthusiasm and a number of dogs brought out all three articles from the square. The square was followed by the retrieve. What a pleasure it was to judge this section with the majority of dogs achieving a high score. The first part of the day for each competitor finished with the sit stay. Four dogs broke their sit stay, which put pressure on their handlers for the C/A rounds.

The overall standard for the recall and heelwork was high, especially the heelwork off lead. For the sendaway I placed a bright yellow pole in the hedge 60 yards across the field. A couple of dogs found this difficult, but the rest achieved good scores, with four dogs gaining full marks. A number of dogs failed the agility section, with a combination of failing either the clear jump or the long jump and getting a poor score on the scale. The down stay was undertaken as the last exercise for the day.

Unfortunately the weather played a significant part in the outcome. On the first day the rain set in for the afternoon just before the down stay started. It became heavy part way through, unfortunately taking its toll as a number of dogs did not like it. Of the 11 dogs on the first day, 8 broke their down stay. We were no more successful on the second day, with three of the four dogs remaining for the stay either sitting up or moving.

Many thanks to my wife Lynne for her help in stewarding and keeping things running smoothly for me.

Congratulations to the four competitors who qualified, and better luck next time to those who didn’t quite make it. A number were very close to qualifying, and I am sure it will not be long before they do so.

1st     Mary Prentice and MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, (BC), Q, 96. It was a real pleasure to watch this team work. Mary’s handling was light and sensitive which brought the best out of Kiltie who, as a result, was very much in tune with her. A good start with the nosework was followed by a full mark control round and a good score for the jumps. A well deserved qualification and first place.

2nd   Marney Wells and BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD, CDEx-UDEx, (SBT), Q, 92. Another very good performance starting with a high nosework mark, and followed by sound control and agility rounds. Busby certainly has bags of energy.

3rd   Irene Nicholl and GUNULT CHA CHA, (Weim), Q, 83.5.   Irene had Kern under control throughout the exercises, as a result of which he put in a good overall performance. I was worried during the down stay as the dogs around him began to move; however Kern stayed down, being the only dog to do so on the second day.

4th    Janet Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, (BC), Q, 82.5.   Proof that you can fail one of the stays and still qualify. Thankfully Echo had already put in a good performance to gain enough marks to qualify in the control round before the down stay. Another good mark in the nosework section together with a faultless agility round gave Janet and Echo enough marks to qualify.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Thanks to Rob Bracey-Wright and John Reynolds for the great company and for your time and effort on the heather.

Steward: Thanks to Kath Bracey-Wright for doing the squares and scribing for me on the C/A field, lovely to work with you again.

Thanks to Poole for the invitation, and Melvin and his helpers for the laidback management of the Trial. Thanks to Mary and her kitchen helpers for feeding me and to everybody at Poole for being such a fun crowd on this judging appointment during “me holiday”. All the dogs tracked very well on the rough heather, with Rob and John going to great lengths to use the type of land I regard as typical of the Forest. Two brave handlers bounced back up again immediately after a fall – well done Ladies, you are a shining example to those who, although middle-aged, are the “younger” element in Trials. The standard of work was very high; the combination of experienced handlers and young dogs was a heady mixture, very interesting to watch. 11 Ran, 9 qualified.

1st     Pat Williams and SUNSHINE PIP, Crossbreed. 197.25, Q UDEx. Steady tracker, accurate square dog. Near perfect control and clear jumps. Well done and good luck in the future.

2nd   Liz Hickman and WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, 196.25, Q UDEx. One of three full mark squares – all very impressive! Performed an extra twirl on the S/A, but all other work very good.

3rd   Barbara Riste and GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, 192.75, Q UDEx. Fantastic nosework for a setter. Bennett also managed a very quick point but tracked on immediately when told. Smart control.

4th    Tony Orchard and GOODREST SKYE OF TADMARTON, Lab, 187.5, Q UDEx. Square done in 72 seconds! Very fit looking dog – I’m sure the long jump will come right soon.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Lin Edmonds and BECKENBERRY BUD, GSD, 185.75

Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, 184.25

Carol Brooke and THEALEFARM BROOKE, Lab, 183

Irene Nicholl and GUNULT CHA CHA, Weim, 183

Judy Meekings and STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 173.25

Best Track with 89.25 was Chris Daubney with Dizzy, who sadly failed the scale.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: John Reynolds, Rob Bracey-Wright

Steward: Gary Atkins

What can I say about Poole – we love it!! The people are great, the scenery wonderful, and we always have a good time. Thanks to Mary and Melvin for running a fantastic trial. To my helpers, Gary, John and Rob, you were super – thanks for your great work and company.

The work was disappointing, especially the squares and control, and there were no qualifiers. Good luck to everyone next time.

1st           Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 162.5, NQ. Good nosework, but not to be on the control today. Bad luck.

2nd         Diane Turner and LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, B, 144, NQ. Articles were the problem today, but you were thrilled about the track and did a good sendaway.

3rd         June Coutts and HORSEDROVE HENRY, Lab, D, 138.5, NQ. Bad luck, June, not your day.

4th          Roger Shrimpton and CORNDON TAFF OF GRELGANNA BC, D, 91.5, NQ. Qualified control, and beautiful jumps.


Stake: TD


Search Stewards: June Coutts (3 days), Janet Parker (Tues).

Track Layers: Ruth Payton, Lyn Watkins and Len Newman.

A BIG Thank you to Poole for inviting me to judge their ticket. I always love coming to the New Forest, and this is my favourite trial.

We had a great week, saw some super dogs and some really superb tracking. The weather on the whole was kind; we did get a little wet Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning.

Thanks to Melvin and Mary for all their hard work, to the helpers at base, especially the ladies in the kitchen. Also we had a cooked meal out of various caravans all week; no mean feat - THANK YOU.

To the track layers - you followed my requests, and everyone had a fair test, ponies, cattle and deer allowing. Thank You also to Rob for laying tracks on Saturday in case of a runoff. And to the Arena party - Arthur and Len, for the jumps on the forest on Saturday. To June Coutts, who search stewarded from Wednesday, and then scribed for Saturday’s C/A, many thanks, and good luck with your new puppy. While June was competing on Tuesday, Janet Parker search stewarded for me.

I set a track that wasn’t too complicated - I don’t think it’s necessary on the forest, but I did want to see if the dogs (and handlers!) were fit, both physically and mentally. So I started with 2 legs of 150yds each. It was interesting to see the dogs that were used to short legs, as approximately every 50 yards they would cast! But of the dogs that did the track, mostly did it in style. My articles weren’t small either; again I don’t think it’s needed, dogs still seem to miss them – whatever the size! The Goose feather caused some interest to some dogs. All articles were found by the end of the first day, which pleased me.

Out of 39 entries, with, I think, 4 scratches, 22 got round the track.

As this a tracking stake, I tried to set a straightforward control round, as I didn’t want to lose anyone after they had completed the track. Sadly I did lose some, but none on the jumps.

Of 17 qualifiers after nosework, with 3 scratching the C/A for personal reasons, I finished with 10 qualifiers. Well done, never easy on the Forest, you all deserved it.

1st     Margaret Robinson and WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, (B), TDEx, 213, winning the Ticket and qualifying for the KCC, 2008. Lacey did a superb track; it was great to watch, 3 and 4, and 98 for the track, 163. Control round was good, but nearly lost it on the sendaway - 30/20. Well done both of you, a pleasure to watch.

2nd   Pat Parkinson and WTCh DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER, BC, (B), TDEx, 206. Whizzi and Pat did another good track, 93, 3/4, and a good round on Saturday. Well done.

3rd   Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, (B), TDEx, 201.5. Briar did a super track, quite fast - it’s a Lab! - AND her Mum managed to stay upright!! 2 and 4, 94 for the track. Excellent control round, 32.5 and 20 for jumps. Well done, I’m glad I had one Lab in the line-up.

4th    Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP at HARTSHILL, WSD, (D), TDEx, 201. Another steady track from Gyp and Tony, 3 and 4, 91 for track. Gyp went a little deaf on sendaway - they nearly lost it!

Also qualifying TDEx;

Anne Fowler and WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, 200.5. Excellent track, 95, 2/4

Jean Howells and GLENALPINE JED, 199. Brilliant track on first day, 94.5, 3/3

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 192.5. Track 90, 2/4 articles.

Mrs.M. Weselby and STYPERSON TAY. Super track, 94.5, 2/2 articles.

Paula Harvey and ELECAMPANE SPRUCE. Another Lab track! 93.5, 2/2

Pat Williams and SUNSHINE JED. Qual TD,

Sadly 2 teams had to withdraw from C&A on Saturday for personal reasons.

Pat Herbert and JILL did the best Track of the week, 99.5. It was a joy to watch; Jill went round on rails and Pat’s line handling was brilliant. 3 and 4 out of square, 164.5 in total.

Anne Clarke with Solo also did a super track, 96 and 2 articles off the track, and 4 articles from square in 1.40mins, Nosework 151.

Thank you for accepting my results and for being such great competitors.

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way - I’ve done my share of running trials so I do know what it’s like. Escorting, washing up and making tea - it’s all important. Well done, Melvin, for me it was great and no complaints. A special thanks to Ruth; she drove the caravan down (I slept), track laid all 4 days, AND - most important- looked after Tarka and Peppa for me.

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