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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 01 October 2005


CD Stake


Steward: Sharon Drewitt

Thank you to Poole for inviting me to judge. Mary and Melvin, as usual, ran a very happy trial - it's always a pleasure to be at Poole. Thanks to Jacqui and Carol were always at the ready to make sure we were fed and watered at all hours - they make a good team.

Sharon was brilliant as steward. She made sure the test was fair for every handler and dog, put handlers at their ease and was great company throughout. A special thank you must go to June for use of her land - it's a wonderful facility.

24 dogs were entered and 17 worked. 

With a few exceptions the searches were disappointing but control rounds were really impressive. Stays and jumps took their usual toll. Very well done to the qualifiers; it won't be long for the rest so keep at it.

1st           Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK (BC). 97 Q. This team maintained a consistently high standard throughout with Abby totally responsive to Dean's calm handling  - an impressive round and a well deserved win.

2nd         Marney Wells with BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD (SBT). 91.5 Q. It's unusual to see a big grin on a handler's face in competition. On this occasion, there were matching grins on Busby's and his mum's faces - both were clearly delighted to be working together. He's a real credit Marney.

3rd          Tony Lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTHILL (WSD). 90.5 Q. As might be expected, Gyp showed himself to be a committed worker in all aspects of the test.

4th          Lynne Davies with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL (XB). 90 Q. It's good to see you out with your youngster. Zek so enjoyed himself and his responsiveness to you bodes well for the future - good luck with him.

Also qualifying CDex were :-

Steve Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH 89.5

Maureen Capes with WHITEROSE HOLLY 85.5

Qualifying CD was :-



Stake: UD


Search and Control Steward: Ruth Payton

Track Layers: Mary Drewitt, Arthur Jeal and Paula Harvey.

Thanks again to Poole for asking me to judge, I love The New Forest and always have a great time at the Red Shoot Camp. This Trial was no exception, special thanks to Rob and Kathy Bracey-Wright, I haven't laughed so much for a very long time, and it did me a power of good.

To Melvin and Mary and ALL at Base- THANK YOU, you all work very hard. Poole is lucky to have such a good band of workers. To the ladies in the caravan doing the cooking, breakfast and evening meals, again Thank you.

To my track layers Mary, Paula and Arthur, to Ruth for stewarding squares and control, thanks for your company and hard work. Out of 16 entries, 12 worked their dogs. I was disappointed that more did not get round their tracks, but Forest, ponies and weather put a lot off.

We ended up with 4 qualifying UDX as follows;

1st           Barry Harvey and FITZERS HAZEL CDX, UDX. Lab. (B) 191

Twig did a lovely steady track and was handled well by Barry in the search square, no rush and lots of praise. N/W 140, 2 and 4. C/A 31/20 well done and Good Luck in WD.

2nd         Stan Taylor and CHALKWELL OUT OF THE ORDINARY. CDX. GSD (D) 183.5 Odin is a GSD with attitude, one of the few GSDs I'd take home. Great track accompanied by ponies, Well Done. N/W 141, 2 and 4. C/A 28.5/14.

3rd          Ruth Cahill and BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE. CDX. UDX. GSD (D) 176. Another good track and Control round, N/W 124, 1 and 3, C/A 33.5 / 18.5

4th          Siobhan Jefferson and JAKOVELL MIDSUMMER MOTH FOR LAETARE. CDX. BC (B) 171, 2 and 3. C/A 32.5/ 16.5 Good track, shame you didn't trust your dog more on the track, it was costly. Good Luck.

Thanks to everyone for accepting my decisions and making my time enjoyable.


Stake: WD


Steward (search & C&A): Kath Bracey-Wright

Tracklayers: John Reynolds & Rob Bracey-Wright

Thank you to the committee of Poole & District DTC for the invitation to judge. Particular thanks to Melvin and Mary Drewitt & co. for organising the trial, for putting me up in their new caravan and for all the lovely evening meals. Thanks to Kath for stewarding throughout and putting all the competitors at ease. Also thanks to the tracklayers John and Rob for keeping me, the competitors, and anyone else who happened to be visiting the New Forest entertained.

The heather was a good height for tracking and although the weather was good we did get the odd patch of rain, which meant the ground wasn't too dry. We had minimal interference from ponies and cattle with the exception of one of the four tracking days, where a herd of cattle decided to ruin the first three tracks. 12 of the 21 dogs that ran completed the track, one of these was short of articles and another 4 unfortunately went out on the C&A.

1st           Heather Cook - RAXMAE GOLDEN REVIVAL (GSD) -178.5 Qex. Competent all round performance and lovely control round ensured this team a qualification and a well deserved win. Congratulations

2nd         Maurice Millington - MILKYHILL ROXY (GSD) - 177 Qex. A lovely nosework round, recovering all articles gained this partnership the second place. Very well done.

3rd          Lynne Baker - TRKINDALE CODAL (WSD) - 177 Qex. Another good performance and superb C&A. Congratulations.

4th          Mrs. G. Lawrence - SLIEVE CHANCE - (BC) - 169.5 Qex. Tracked in a fairly deep piece of heather and worked very well. Well done.

Also qualifying:

Mesd. Jefferson & Hornsby (handler Jenny Jefferson) - BEKKIS VIRTUOSO (BC) - 169 Qex.

Les Theobald - TYTRI TESS (BC) - 169 Qex.

Christine Stewart - BELDORM DUNCAN (Std. Poodle) - 167.5 Qex.


TD Stake


Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, Melvyn and Mary for all their organisation and accommodation during the week. My track layers were Len Newman, John West and Lynne Watkins and my search steward was June Coutts. My scribe for control and agility was Gary Squires.


My track had an open pattern which allowed tracklayers room to manoeuvre in the difficult terrain of the New Forrest. It also gave them the ability to get into line for the article legs. I deliberately chose large articles which held scent well because I did not want the competition to be become a lottery which can happen in rough ground if the articles are too small. This worked very well with nearly all the dogs that got to them retrieving the track articles.

Search - articles were placed generally in the centre so that orientation and wind direction were less important. There were three good sized articles and one "tester" all laid in open spots, not buried in the heather.

Fortunately we only had animal interference on a handful of tracks After the nosework we had 16 qualifiers


I decided to use a area of the forest so that I could set a test in natural surroundings. The heelwork started on a gravel track with the handler and myself walking together, turned through gap in bracken on to the heather and continued towards the steward. For the speak, handler left their dog and walked around a gorse bush with the steward commanding the dog to speak when they got out of sight.

The Sendaway was 120 yds down a gentle slope to gorse bushes with the redirect being a100 yds further on to silver birch trees. More heelwork followed to get us back on to road and into a grass area for the jumps.

The Speak caused some difficulties with dogs perhaps confused by the handler and steward walking off in conversation. For the Sendaway I expected that the outrun would be possible on one command and the redirect would just require the dog to be sent 20 or 30 yds to the right, stopped and then sent away. Most dogs had a good go at the outrun, but the redirect was less well done, - no one reaching the required spot (only 6 Dogs got anywhere near) with less than 6 or 8 commands.

Stays well done 100% success

Run off tracks for 2nd and 3rd place were laid by Len Newman and run in a very heavy shower in not the easiest ground. Both dogs recovered all 3 articles.

1st           Gary Atkins CAFCOLL RON (199)

Gary and Ron produced one of the best control rounds when it really mattered to edge ahead of a group of 4 or 5 dogs who were very close together. Congratulations and good luck at the Kennel Club Championships in a year’s time.

2nd         Ann Clarke TARNEDGE SOLAR (198)

Best nosework round, Ann just managed to hold her nerve in the control and agility. They finished on equal marks with Shelia Tannert and won the run off track convincingly.

3rd          Shelia Tannert WTCH STYPERSON TERN (198)

A really good round, over all just odds and ends which lost marks in the search prevented Heather gaining a higher place.

4th          Pat Herbert WTCH JOLLY JILL (1971/2)

Very good nosework, the only hiccup being a missed track article (this one was bigger than the big stick Jill missed at Skipsea!).

Qualified Excellent

Tony Lockyer HARTSHILL NUTMEG (192.5)

Shelia Tannert WTCH STYPERSON BRIAR (188)

Maureen Regan KENMILLONE FRASER (182)

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