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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 30 September 2006


Stake: CD

Judge: Anne Bussey

Steward: Kathy Bracey-Wright

I would like to thank Poole and District D.T.S. for asking me to judge the CD at their championship trial this year. Melvin, Mary and the gang all pull together to produce a superb trial with a holiday atmosphere that prevails throughout. The evening meals at base were great, lovely food and a great laugh! Brilliant - thank you to all concerned. Mary, Carol, Sharon, Sue and all the other kitchen helpers and those who baked those fantastic cakes well done on a great job - thank you all. Thanks also to June Coutts for the use of her property for the CD stake and congratulations June on gaining your UDex with Henry this week.

Thanks also go to my superb steward Kathy for a job well done. Kath laid the squares exactly as per my instructions and also guided the competitors smoothly around the control field, keeping everyone exactly where they should. Thanks Kath you were great company and a brilliant steward.

I set a practical test with a very long recall, retrieve with the distraction of the square being laid beside the working dog and heel on lead handlers to collect the search square poles with a slack lead! It is working trials after all. People complain that the heelwork is getting more like obedience, surely it is up to the judges to ensure this does not happen by setting working tests not pretty rounds! The sendaway was 65 paces straight to the hedge at a right angle. The square articles were a teaspoon, a dolly peg and a piece of green carpet measuring approximately four and a half inches by one and a half inches. None of these proved to be difficult for the dogs with 10 dogs recovering all three articles and the other seven dogs recovering two articles - well done everyone.

There were 18 entries, 17 dogs ran over two days and 6 qualified CDex. The competitors were a super bunch all working hard to get the best out of their dog on the day. We had some breath taking moments, some disappointments and a few sharp learning curves. To the qualifiers well done, to those who did not succeed this time do not despair you are capable of qualifying with a little more training, experience and a measure of good luck! Thank you for allowing me the privilege of judging your work.

1st           Sue Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS. (Lab). Very competently handled in spite of rushing from the TD control to work this young dog. All three out of the square, a tidy control round and clear agility. Going by today's performance it will not be long before TRAVIS is in 'ticket.' Congratulations on this well deserved win Sue. 89.5

2nd         Suzanna Hough with TRICK OR TREAT (BC). A very impressive round, but unfortunately left an article in the square which cost you first place today. Another dog soon for the ticket stakes I am sure. Well done Suzanna. 98.5

3rd          Ruth Kuszek with SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING CDex, UDex (SBT). A lovely keen performance by this Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Ruth was quite rightly thrilled! Well done. 87.5

4th          Marney Wells with BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD (SBT). Two Staffords in the line up - Wow! - are SBTs the new Labs of the lower stakes? Another impressive round, well done Marney. 86.5

Also qualifying CDex;

Christine Clements with MANDERIAN SOLSTICE BELLE OF MOUNT LOCHAN CDex (BC). An impressive round from this pair with just one glitch! Congratulations.

Lynne Cousins with MOORTIME NIGHT SPIRIT (ASD). Super control from this attractive Aussie, well done Lynne.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Rob Braceywright, John Reynolds

Stewards: Gary (squares) and Kathy Braceywright (control)

Thanks to Poole for the invitation to judge WD at my favourite trial.  Conditions were excellent for tracking - cool, damp, growth of heather very even and not too deep – reflected by the excellent nosework that I saw over 2 days.

Usual fantastic organisation, just missing Jean at base, as she had other things on her mind (like judging the Ticket!)  However, Mary, Mel and Lindsey coped admirably. 

We saw some excellent tracking.  With 12 entries, 1 scratch and 1 failed track, 10 dogs qualified on the nosework.

norma Track small

1st article  3” wood

2nd article 3” plastic tube

Control and jumps took their usual casualties, but no stay breakers at all!  So we finished with four qualifiers, for the four places.

1st           Pat Parkinson with CARISHILL HYACINTH, (Golden Retriever), 183, WDEx.  Yet another of Pat’s dogs on its way to the top.  A very committed approach to work and lovely control.  Well done.  Nosework 87/20/26.5.  Lost 3 on Control and 2.5 on Agility.

2nd         Pippa Bentham and LA BELLE KIRRI, WSD, 180.5, WDEx.  Happy handler, happy dog.  Lovely attitude, unfortunately left one article on the track and one in the square.  Lovely control and full mark jumps.  Well done.

3rd          June Coutts and HORSEDROVE HENRY, Lab, 173.5, WDEx.  If anyone deserves to qualify here, it’s June.  She worked all week doing TD squares, supplied the land for CD and did countless other things to help at this trial.  Did a lovely track, but as above, left one article out there, and only got two out of the square.  Super sendaway, but no long jump.

4th          Caroline Ashford and WOLFHARTS ULHETHIN, GSD, 163, WDEx.  Very nice track and search, but once again left one article on the track and one in the square.  Control and Agility were both a close call.  Caroline’s ability to move her dog saved the day on the sendaway.  Do you believe you’ve qualified yet??


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Len Newman, Linda Bowden, Lynne Watkins, Lindsey Poole

Square Stewards: June Coutts, Ruth Cahill

Control Steward: Ruth Cahill

Thank you to Poole for inviting me to judge the TD Ticket.  Thanks to Melvin, Trials Manager, Lindsey for running the base, and to Mary and the ladies in the kitchen for feeding us during the day, as well as preparing and feeding us in the evening as well!

Many thanks to my tracklayers, Len, Linda, Lynne and Lindsey on Friday.  It’s not easy tracklaying on the Forest, and they did a great job.

I set what I thought was a straightforward track, with reasonable track and search articles.  The Forest is never easy, because of weather conditions, and animals wandering everywhere.  In spite of the usual hard luck stories, we had some super tracks.  Squares on the whole were really good, with quite a few getting 4 articles.  Thanks to June for laying squares on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and to Ruth for Wednesday, and for stewarding the control on Saturday.   A special thanks to Arthur for looking after Jed and for sorting out the jumps.

We were really lucky with the weather on the control day, but not so lucky with the horses, who decided to watch the proceedings from the outrun point of the sendaway!  But thanks to the round-up team (Arthur, Spot and Len), who managed to persuade them to move away, we were able to continue with the control rounds.

There were 54 dogs entered, 52 dogs worked, and 11 dogs qualified.

1st and CC            Gary Atkins with WTCh CAFCOLL RON, BC, D.  210.5/200, 160 nosework.   A lovely track and square, followed by a good control round gave a well deserved win.  Well done, Gary!

2nd and Reserve CC Margaret Robinson with WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, B. 204/200, 160 nosework.  Another lovely track and square.  Well done, Margaret.

3rd          Glenys Page with BRIGLEN NUTMEG, WSD, B.  201.5/220, 153 nosework.  Your dog worked hard on the track, and did a good control round.  Well done Glenys.

4th          Eric Nichols with TYTRI NIKKI, BC, B.  200.5/220, 156 nosework.  A nice track and square.  Well done.

Also qualifying TDEx

Sue Redshaw with ELOWOOD DILL OF SHAWDOWN, Lab, D.  196.5

Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D.  194.5

Julie Atkins with OUR DUG, BC, D. 193.

Anne Thorpe with GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, BC, B.  189.5

Sheila Tannert with WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, B. 187.

Tony Lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD,D.  184.5

Qualifying TD:

Pat Williams with SUNSHINE JED, Lab, D.  173.5

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