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Stakes: UD and WD



Thank you to Mary and Melvin and to Poole and District DTS for the invitation to judge.  With Melvin and Mary at the helm, this was a relaxed and friendly trial, with a good back up team in Val at the base and Janet providing the food.  I would also like to thank Barbara for her hospitality and a very comfortable night's accommodation.

UD Stake:

Tracklayers: Len Newman and Lynne Watkins

Square Steward: June Coutts

C/A Steward: Len Newman

My tracklayers, Len Newman and Lynne Watkins, did a great job, laying the tracks just right and organising the land to the best advantage of all the competitors.  Many thanks to you and to June Coutts, who laid all the squares - you were all good company and made things run really smoothly. 

There were 7 entries and 6 ran.  The weather was cloudy and cold first thing, becoming milder as the day progressed.  Tracking on the forest is always an experience which can be great - or less so!  However on this occasion three teams completed the track well, and three came to grief.  Final results were:

1st           Ursula Furter with ASALDO DIAMOND SKY AT AVONWOLF, Mali, B, 184, COM.  A determined and accurate track with a good square followed by a beautiful control round.  The only qualifier, and a very worthy one. 

2nd         Anni Martin with CHOCOLATE PUDDING, Working Cocker, B, 160, NQ.  This little dog had not tracked on the forest before but it certainly did not show, she was never going to be beaten by a bit of heather and completed the track with both articles, then got three from the square; she sadly came to grief on the stays.  Lots of promise for next time. 

3rd          Angela Sanders with MISS SZUZI TO SZIKRAS, Crossbreed, B, 120.5, NQ.  Szuzi made a good attempt at the track, though unfortunately did not complete it.  She then got 4 from the square.  A great little dog with lots of potential. 

4th          Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS' MUSE, WSD, B, 118.5, NQ.  Eva started the track and got the first article, but did not make it to the end today.  She then produced a full point square and a very creditable C/A round.  Better luck next time. 


WD Stake:

Tracklayer: Len Newman

Square and Control Steward: Brenda Nevard

Thanks again to Len for laying all the tracks just as I wanted, and thanks also to Brenda for laying the squares, and stewarding the control - you both worked hard to give the competitors the very best chance to qualify.

There were three entries and two ran.  Final results were:

1st           June Coutts with TADMARTON ESTELLE, CDEx – UDEx, Lab, B, 182, COM.  Accurate, enthusiastic and consistent work throughout.  A worthy winner and the only qualifier.  Well done, June. 

2nd         Rosemary Turner with Danny Turner's MALTESER MARY, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, B, 106.5, NQ.  An experienced dog and handler coming back after a break.  Unfortunately did not make it round the track today, but qualified C/A, and I think enjoyed herself!  Well done.

Thank you to competitors in both stakes; I enjoyed meeting you all and watching your dogs work. 


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham, Mary Drewitt, myself

Steward: Mary Drewitt

I always regard open TD as a sort of hybrid stake in that it is a progression from WD, but also has two new exercises and is often well below the standards of the next level up of Championship TD.

With that in mind I set a control round with some challenges.  With all exercises the marks were available to qualify with basic TD skills, but more were there for the better dogs.  For example, the speak was in two parts; firstly I wanted to hear 10 barks with the dog beside the handler (3 pts), then the handler joined me 15 paces away before returning to their dog.  Halfway back they were to ask the dog to bark and continue barking until standing next to it (2 pts).

Poole td track small

The tracking was, as usual, on dry heather with some pools of water.  Three handlers got round but the strong wind made the conditions extra difficult.  The square was generally well done, with the article on the baseline proving most awkward.

I must thank Melvin and Mary Drewitt for the invitation to judge; I thoroughly enjoyed myself and one or two competitors were heard to say the same (phew!).  Thanks are especially due to Pippa Bentham for rising from her sickbed to tracklay for us after an apologetic Lindsey Poole’s van broke down.  She was rewarded with two successful tracks which almost resembled my pattern.  The other successful track was laid by Mary Drewitt, who also stewarded the squares and the control rounds.  Thanks, Mary.

Thank you also to Jan Parker for lunch boxes and Val Thomson for the base organisation.  And to the Forestry Commission for continuing to let us compete on the New Forest heathland.

Lastly thank you to the competitors, I could see some are almost ready for Ticket.  Best control was by Les Allen – sadly we still haven’t found the lead you lost on the track!

1st           Mrs A Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, CDEx - UDEx, 191.5, Q.  Well done, Angie, a very consistent round.  You know what else you need… (“well, he barked in the car-park!”).

2nd         Mrs B Nevard with I SPYDA SPIDER, CDEx - WDEx, 180.5, NQ.  Another competent round with Spyda sympathetically handled by Brenda.  “He never breaks downstays!” – sadly he sat up briefly this time but you’re very close.

3rd          Ms C Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK MAID, CDEx - WDEx, 162.5, NQ.  Meg worked her socks off to get this team round the track and was the only dog to indicate the first article (a piece of plastic Xmas tree).  I could see she was not an easy dog to work, so well done and keep going.

4th          Mr L Allen with TADMARTON ENZO, 144.5, NQ.  Enzo went wrong halfway round the track, but I have no doubts at all that this pair will have much more success. 

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