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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 27 September 2003





Tracklayer’s:  Le' New man & Arthur Jeal (4 days each)  Martine  Taylor   &   Lindsey Poole (as well as judging),  gave us a day. Searches Gary Squi res

C&A Steward Le' New man

This is a fantastic venue beautiful scenery, delightful live stock! But the helpers are a terrific  bunch of trialists. Thanks for making this such an enjoyable trial:- Jacquie West, a truly wonderful  lady, cooks beautiful breakfasts & buns to order. Looking after my aged Mum & Dad too! "Melvin" Mr Cool, it's all sorted without a fuss, Mary for the scrummy flap jack. John Reynolds for obtaining the yummy puddings, John West &  his merry men for the caravan removals!

The WD tracklayers  were a  very keen & experienced  bunch. A very "BlG Thank You" to Le", Arthur, Lindsey & Martine. We saw some lovely tracking, thanks to all your hard work. Only witnessed one lot  of ponies on poor  Steve Fearon's track. Gary had never laid competition searches before, but with a "baptism of  fire". L'e & Arthur giving him guidance  he began to enjoy  watching the dogs work & all  were successful in this section. Hot hands or what! Thank you Gary you were willing the dogs to qualify. L'e scribed the C&A for me, she kept saying something about killing off the old one's  first. I'm not too sure who she was referring to!

The  WD team were great  company. thank you  for  giving  up  your  time  for  us. The weather was good & kind too, what more could you ask?

1st           192.5 GLENALPINE  JED   with  Jean Howells.  Jed was the first dog to work & made  the whole  test look  easy. Track 85. Articles 20. Search 33.5, Control 33.5.Agility 20.  Congratulations Jean on sorting  out your Gremlins. He is brilliant as the marks reflect.

2nd         184.5  FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE  with John Wykes. Nice steady track 86.5 + 20.3 from the search, 31 control 20 jumps. A very handsome dog (for a Collie)! Congratulations John & Jaff

3rd          173  ELECAMPAN E    SPRUCE    with Paula Harvey. A very confident track, found the search a  bit testing, but there was no breeze to assist & in deep  heather it is o easy. Control 32 & 20 jumps a well deserved WDex Oliver & Paula.

4tb          171.5  BRIDGEALPINE CASSI E with Kay Hanison. Super nosework, but squeaked in on the C&A.

Also Qualifying:

171.5  LITTLE  TAKA  OF   HARTSI-IILL  &  Tony Lockyer

167.5  PHARM    PHRESH   PHOEBE   &   Mary Bartlett

163  KINGSLODGE IN THE MOOD   &  Vana Moody


WD only

154.5 MAES  LIOI MISCHIEF MAKER & Sheila Watts

154 STYPERSON  TAY & Maeve Weselby

146.5 CROESAUBACH COMET & Pearl Bray

Congratulations to the many helpers & competitors.




Tracklayers:  John   Reynolds,  Len  Newman, Linda Bowden, Lyn Watkins  Stewards: (Search) June Coutts (Control)Lindsey Poole

I must  start  by giving a big Thank You to Poole DTS committee for my first appointment to judge ticket. A special  Thank You to Mary and Melvin Drewitt who have given me this opportunity and support to judge at this level. I have worked at all levels at Poole and Mary and Melvin have always been successful in running excellent  trials and this one was no  exception.  It takes an army of helpers to run all stakes and to keep them all going, the food was excellent including the evening meals headed by the always efficient Jacquie West (Thanks). All my track layers had success and all were highly experienced in laying tracks on the forest. A big Thank You for giving your time and expertise. June Coutts laid all  the squares for the four days and unfortunately had to retrieve a number of article's back, sorry June but you kept me on my toes. Lindsey Poole kindly offered to do the control stewarding, Lindsey was not only her  usual  efficient self  but  was  excellent company.

As I have said above the track layers  and search square steward had to collect a number of article's themselves this I think is fairly normal  for the forest but this year it was further enhanced by the long  period of dry weather, competitors that qualified the nose work had good  marks going into the control round. I feel that I set a fairly standard control round therefore all was achievable  for maximum points. Thank You to all the competitors who entered under me.

1st       Mrs. Val Upton, GLENALPINE VINNY (BC) 203.5. Excellent all round performance. Vinny certainly loves the forest. I believe this makes Vinny a W.T. Ch. (Subject to  K.C. approval.)

2nd         Mrs.  Julie Atkins, W.T. Ch.  GLENALPINE MATT (BC)l99.5.  A terrific tussle with  first only  half a  point between them after  the  nose  work,  the  long  jump  was expensive.

3rd         Mrs. Anne Bussey, ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE (WSD) 196. Excellent for her first attempt at TDex, one more article out of the square and it could have been a different story.

4th          Mr. Tony Lockyer,   W.T.CH.  HARTSHILL ROB (WS0)190.  The best square of all on nose work, Rob finding the track a little more difficult.

Also Qualified

Mrs. Ann Clarke,  TARNEDGE  SOLAR   (Lab) 179.5.

Linda Newbold, LITTLE BRADLEY (X breed) 177.

Julia Skipp, SKIPAWAY ZORRO  (X  breed) 177.


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