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Championship Trial
Venue: Ringwood
Trial Held: 26 September 2009

CD, UD, WD, TD Stakes



Steward: Lé Newman

Very many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, and to Melvin and Mary, with all their helpers, for a superbly organised Trial and wonderful hospitality. I also thank June Coutts for the very generous loan of her land, and Rosemary and Gerry for arranging refreshments for the CD competitors as we were away from the main base.

Lé Newman was a fantastic steward, making sure everything ran smoothly for me, and that the competitors were confident that they knew exactly what they needed to do. Many thanks, Lé.

My test was designed to be straightforward and allow the dogs to show that they had a good understanding of the exercises. I thank all the participants for entering under me and hope that they enjoyed their day as much as I did watching them and their dogs. Well done, all of you.

1st Julie Atkins and GLENALPINE REG, BC, D, 96. A well deserved win.

2nd Amanda Fenton and AURO QUELLE, GR, B, 95. What a super first attempt.

3rd Ron Davies and KAI JUMPING JACK, WSD, D, 90.5. He did you proud.

4th June Coutts and CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, 89.5. Believe in him, June.

Also qualifying CDEx:


Mark Gowler and GOTTHEFIDGETS, WSD, D, 89

Paul Thornton and LIMASMYTHE BROWNS BUSTER, GSD, D, 87.5

I look forward to seeing you all in the higher stakes.




Tracklayers: Rob Bracy-Wright (both days), John Reynolds (Thursday), Lyn Watkins (Friday)

Search Steward: Kathy Bracy-Wright

C/A Steward: Lynne Cousins

Many thanks to Melvin (Bubbles) Dewitt for inviting me to judge the UD stake. There were 16 entries of which 14 actually competed over the 2 days.

As usual at Poole the food was excellent and Lynne and I were made very welcome, and we really enjoyed the jovial atmosphere at the evening meals. I have now achieved what must be the highest honour in my working trials career to date - I have been a member of the Poole all male washing up team, albeit starting at the bottom as first dish rinser. Could this be the start of higher things to come?

The weather over the two days could not have been better. Cloudless skies, but with a slight breeze to keep the temperature at a pleasant level.

We started each day with tracking. It was a joy to watch the dogs taking the track in their stride. The majority finished the track and found both articles (beer mat folded in half and a six inch piece of hosepipe) with ease, with only four dogs failing to complete the track. Thanks to my track layers, who did an excellent job with the majority of dogs completing their track. They were all good company as a result of which the mornings seemed to just fly by. All the dogs worked the search square with ease, many retrieving all 4 articles (Gun Cartridge, lolly stick, a piece of rubber mat and a 1.5 inch section of flattened loo roll centre). My thanks to Kathy for laying the search squares, which were laid with precision and great care. This helped all the competitors achieve the minimum of two articles.

In the afternoon we moved on to the Control and Agility field. There were some very good retrieves with 4 dogs gaining full marks. I felt that the overall standard of heelwork should have been a little better at this level. Two or three marks lost on the heelwork could make the difference between qualifying or not, or cost being placed. For the send away I placed a yellow pole in the hedge 100 yards down the centre of the field. Three dogs were drawn to a tree on the right hand side of the field and one failed to leave the marker pole, but the others found their way to the hedge, not too far from the pole. The majority of dogs qualified the agility section, although the scale proved a bit of a problem for some. Two dogs failed the down stay.

Many thanks to my wife, Lynne, for stewarding the C/A rounds. As usual, she was accurate and kept things running smoothly for me. Congratulations to the six that qualified and better luck next time for those who didn’t make it.

1st Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx, UDEx, BC, Q, 192. Very good nose work, completing the track with ease and only losing one mark in the square. This was followed by very good control exercises and full marks for the jumps. Well done, Pat and Moo, worthy winners.

2nd Tony Lockyer and LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, CDEx, GSD, Q, 189.5. Another very good performance. The same track and C/A marks as Pat and Moo, but slightly lower marks in the square made the difference.

3rd Sue Ashby and THE TITAN, CDEx, WSD, Q, 183. Awarded third place after a run-off. Second highest track mark. Only 0.5 mark less on the C/A round than the two above, but only getting three articles out of the square proved costly. However, a good all round performance, worthy of qualifying and of being placed.

4th Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON CLEO, CDEx, Lab, Q, 183. Another very good track followed by the highest C/A score. As with Sue, missing an article in the square proved costly. Another good all round performance and well deserved qualification.

Also qualified:

Rosemary Turner and MALTESER MARY, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, 182

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON GILLIE, CDEx, Lab, 179.5

Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending in the trial report.




Tracklayers: Paula Harvey, Le Newman, Lynne Watkins, Rob Bracey-Wright, John Reynolds

Square Steward: Kath Bracey-Wright,

C / A Steward: Brian Riste.

Thank you to the Poole and District Dog Training Society’s committee for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this extremely well run trial. Thanks to Melvin, ably assisted by Mary and a very friendly band of helpers, for all their hard work and for the organisation before and during the trial - this also includes arranging the glorious sunshine for us all to enjoy. Also many thanks to all the kitchen staff for keeping everyone supplied with food and drinks throughout the week.

To my Tracklayers and Stewards a very big vote of thanks; you all did a superb job in laying the tracks and squares exactly as requested.

1st Glenys Page and BRIGLEN JOSS, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, Q, 194. A very good all round performance in all sections. Well done, Glenys.

2nd Chris Gregory and CASSOP DANNY, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, D, Q, 187.5. Also worked well in all sections. Well done, Chris.

3rd Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRYDOWN, BC, D, Q, 174.5. A good all round performance; well done, Gill.

4th Ian Brown and TRI ONE JETRIL, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, B, Q, 169.5. Worked well throughout. Well done, Ian.

5th Les Allen and ANTILLI BAZKO, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, Q, 166. Also did a nice round. Well done, Les.




Track Layers: Barry Harvey, Paula Harvey and Len Newman

Search Steward: June Coutts

C/A Steward: “Sat Nav” Len Newman

Run off Tracks: Lindsey Poole

I would like to say thank you to Poole committee for the invitation to judge at this superb venue, especially Mary and Melvin; they put in so much hard work for this trial. Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen, who worked wonders keeping us fed and watered during the day and providing “us” (this included Dad as well, he was spoilt rotten by the ladies) with beautiful evening meals - many thanks girls; Kath, Sue, Sharon, Lé, etc. Thank you for giving up your leisure time to make this such a success.

The TD team are a very experienced group of trialists, extremely conscientious and above all, brilliant company. THANK YOU, June, Paula, Barry and Len! To all the helpers, one and all, you do a fantastic job; whatever the task, it’s sorted. It’s all your hard work and dedication that keeps this trial going

The weather was glorious all week, if a bit too hot for some of the dogs at times, any overnight moisture quickly evaporating. The track was fifteen legs long with good sized articles for the track and search. The C/A was worked over three fields (I was a real pest to the local farmer) but it paid off. The round commenced with the speak, sendaway and redirect, heel work - this is where “Sat Nav” Len came into his own - through the gateway, across the corner of the field, along the lane and into the agility field, completing the round with the jumps.

1st 202.5, LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD, D, with Margery Lee. After this performance, Margery, it will not be long before Loki gets his second ticket. Proving once again that going back to basics works every time! Congratulations on this very popular win, good luck at the 2010 KCC`s!!!!

2nd 198.5, SUNSHINE PIP, Cross, B, with Pat Williams. It can’t be long before you get a ticket or two with Pip, Pat. She has been knocking, and I’m sure it won’t be far off, because she is so consistently good. Congratulations on the reserve ticket.

3rd 188.5, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, B, with Liz Hickman. Jay produced the best control mark; she worked a beautiful round, a minor hiccup on the long jump was soon rectified. Keep flying the GSD flag, - no, I am not biased!

4th 186, TYTRI NIKKI, BC, D, with Eric Nichols. Pep was the first dog to work at the trial and came off with 3 and 4. Eric was wondering if he should return for the C/A, I bet you’re pleased you came back; Pep got full jumps and 10 for his sendaway! What a result.

5th 185, FLAME OF THE FOREST, WSD, D, with Celia Bourne


7th 180.5, WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, D, with Gary Haim

8th 177.5, CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX, Lab, D, with Colin Ball

9th TD, LAWINICK RIOJA, GSD, B, with Mary Drewitt

Thank you to the competitors for entering, we witnessed some lovely work from your very clever dogs

A final thank you to Ruth Cahill for shadowing me! To Lé Newman, Sue Redshaw, Lindsey Poole etc. for the TLC - it was greatly appreciated.

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