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Stake: UD


Track Layers; Ruth Payton, Mary Drewitt, and Gavin Thompson.

Search Stewards; June Coutts

Thanks to Poole, especially Mary and Melvin for the invite to judge, always love coming to Poole, my second favourite after SATS!!!

I love the New Forest, lovely surroundings and great hospitality.

I enjoy judging UD, it’s great to be able to give encouragement and see new young keen dogs and handlers.

My apologies for this being so late, fortunately I had made some rough notes, and only found it all this week, so I thought better late than never.

Unusual for Poole they were short of helpers, though no fault of their own- heavy snow stopped some regulars from getting out of their drives ( it nearly stopped us!!!) and colds and coughs knocked more out.

So come the day, help was thin on the ground, but everyone rallied round, so for the competitors it was all OK.

My thanks to track layers Mary and Ruth on Friday, Mary not looking or feeling great on Friday, had to retire to bed on Sat. (no it was NOT the track pattern!) Ruth managed 2 days Thank you, Gavin stepped in on Saturday and did an excellent job, Thank You.

Friday June Coutts was my search steward, she worked her own dog in WD on Sat, and so Ruth, Gavin and myself stewarded on Sat. It can be done! Ruth was also my control steward.

1st           Sue Stephens, and WAGGERLAND SKIFFLE BC (B) 189 Q.

Skiffle did an excellent track, worked very hard, good control round also.

2nd         Gary Squires and ARNCOURT DELTA GSD (B) 188.5 Q

Ellie did well; good track though I was amazed at length of line! Square was good 34.

Another good control round.

3rd          Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM GSD (B) 187 Q

Buffy did another good track, but only 3 out of square, nice control and agility.

4th          Nicky Prescott and DUNNSLAYNE DOVE CDX. WSD (B)

Maddie did well again good track and search.

Also qualifying Neil Van-Der-wee and VOMHAUSNYE MOTTO GSD (D) 162 Q

Congratulations to the qualifiers, and Good Luck in Championship.

Of the dogs that did my track, only one failed the C and A.

Beryl and Misty did an excellent track 88 + 20, with Deer and Beryl doing an excellent nosedive, good square and then failed the down- great shame. But I’m sure you will qualify soon.



WD Stake


Tracklayer: John Reynolds

Search square and C&A steward: John Reynolds

Many thanks to Poole for this invitation to judge the WD stake and to Melvin and his team who looked after me. A big thank you to the kitchen helpers for keeping us well fed.

A special thank you to John Reynolds who layed all the tracks and search squares, also stewarded in the C&A. You were great company.

1st           Diana Stevens with MAESTRO THE POCKET ROCKET X breed (D) 178 Q. It was a pleasure to watch. Well done.

2nd         Stephanie McBride with STAFTLY THUNDERBOLT. Lab. (D) 167 Q. Nice to see you about again.

3rd          June Coutts with HORSEDROVE HENRY Lab. (D) 88 NQ.

4th          Gill Storr with GEFNI VERY VOCAL. GSD (B) 95.5 NQ

My thanks to all the competitors for their sporting attitude.


Stake : TD


Tracklayers : Arthur Jeal, Ron Davies, Linda Bowden

Steward : Sharon Drewitt

My thanks to Poole for inviting me to judge the TD stake at their Open trial.  As usual it was a great couple of days with Melvin and Mary at the helm.

Many thanks to my tracklayers, Arthur, Ron and Linda who had to contend with very cold weather and heavy snow and sleet showers.  My thanks to Sharon for stewarding and looking after me so well.  You were good company.

The tracking was on short heather but a combination of the weather and the forest took its usual toll.  We started with nosework and 13 dogs worked over the 2 days.

1st           Pippa Bentham with LA BELLE KERRI (WSD) B  Q180.5  The only qualifier over the 2 days.  Your little dog worked hard in difficult conditions.  Speak and sendaway needs working on.  Very well done - I know you were pleased.

2nd         Angela Sanders with SZIKRAS HEIGHT OF FORTUNE (CROSSBREED) D  NQ 192.5.  Well what can I say Angela.  The only dog to get 3 and 4.  he also did a good control round until it came to the down stay when he decided to sit up at 5.5 minutes.

3rd          Diane Boxall with BOXALONG BOY (WSD) D  NQ 165 Unfortunately you were short on articles today.

4th          Geoff Mayes with RUNFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERAN (WSD) D  NQ Not your day today Geoff.

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