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Open Trial
Venue: Ringwood
Trial Held: 04 March 2006


Stake: UD


Steward: Tracy Coutts

Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Mary Drewitt and Val Thomson

Many thanks to Poole & District DTS for inviting me to judge their UD stake, Mary and Melvin made me feel very welcome. My thanks also to my tracklayers and to Tracy for providing excellent support during the day. If you are invited to judge at Poole forget the diet. Sharon, June and Carol in the kitchen will ensure you are tempted with bacon rolls and irresistible cakes.

We were lucky with the weather and had plenty of sunshine during the day with little wind. The competitors were a friendly bunch with enthusiastic dogs, all of which combined to make it an enjoyable day for me, and I hope for the competitors as well.

I set what I thought was a straightforward send away, a large, lone tree in the hedge about 70 paces away, but several dogs had a problem understanding where they were supposed to go.

1st           Rita Banfather and FINN Q 186. Very nice nose work, only dropping 2.5 marks on the track, followed by a good C&A round. One of the few to do a good send away. A deserved qualifier and winner.

photo by Rosemary Turner

2nd         John Reynolds and KELLY Q 175.5. Another good nose work round. The send away let them down on the C&A round.

3rd          Gavin Thomson and ROSCO Q 172.5. Good nosework, followed by an excellent C&A round. The only full marks send away. Missing the first article on the track proved hard to make up.

4th          Jane Gray and TARKA NQ 157. A good track but only 2 articles from the square kept the nose work marks down.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal & Paul Cousins

Steward: Val Thomson

I would like to thank Poole and District for asking me to judge the WD at their open trial when Margaret Robinson was unable to undertake this appointment (our thoughts are with you at this difficult time Margaret). Thanks also go to my very conscientious track layers Arthur and Paul who both did a tremendous job -thank you both. My steward Val laid the squares exactly as per my instructions and then guided the competitors around the control field without a single hitch - thanks Val. Val and Gavin also provided me with four star accommodation and pampered me well (I hope I did not infect too many people with my mega-cold!) thank you both. Thanks also to Mary and the gang in the kitchen you were fantastic! We were treated to home cooked meals at base in the evenings and a constant supply of hot food and drinks, through the day. The atmosphere at Poole is second to none, thank you all.

anne track pat small

Out of nine entries six ran and we had two qualifiers after the nosework. The competitors were a super bunch all working hard to get the best out of their dog on the day. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of judging your work. All of you are capable of qualifying at this level with a little more training, experience and luck!

1st           Mrs. June Coutts with HORSEDROVE HENRY UDex. (Lab). Very competently handled by June. Super track locating both articles, three out of the square and a creditable control round secured this well deserved qualification. Congratulations! 179/200.

photo by Rosemary Turner

2nd         Miss Vreli Middleton with SHARDEE'S JODI CDex. (GSD). Another good track with both articles and four out of the square. Followed by full point agility - but oh that sendaway! Retrieve improved since I last judged this pair, keep at it Freddie 164.5/200 NQ.

3rd          Gillian Storr with GEFNI VERY VOCAL CDex. (GSD). Foxy really pulled into the track and with a little more experience Gill will follow her confidently and gain more qualifications! Three out of the square, the only dog to hold and return the articles without penalty. Also the only clear heelwork of the day. Well done Gill. NQ.


Stake: TD


Steward:  Jean Howells

Tracklayers:  John West, Lynne Watkins and Melvin Drewitt

Thank you to Poole & District DTS for the invitation to judge. This is a very friendly trial, efficiently run by Melvin, Mary and their team of helpers.  A big thank you must go to John, Lynne and Melvin for tracklaying and to Jean for laying squares and stewarding the control both days - a fantastic team and really good company.    We had two days of sunny weather which produce some very good tracking.

1st           Barbara Ottley with DEWYNDORF CUMULUS CDex WDex (Lab).  This team produced a beautiful track followed by a good square and finished the test with a good control round.  Well done. Q 194

2nd         Maurice Millington with MILKYHILL ROXY CDex-WDEx (GSD)  A really accurate track, just bits and pieces on the control let this team down this time. NQ 180

3rd          D C & F R Webb, handled by Francis Webb, with BLACK KNIGHT OF LINCOLN CDex-WDex (GSD) Another good track but again the control was their downfall.  NQ 177.5 

4th          Pippa Bentham with LA BELLE KERRI CDex-WDex (WSD).  A really tidy track unfortunately control wasn’t their strong point today.  NQ 176

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