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Championship Trial
Venue: Linwood
Trial Held: 26 September 2015


Stake: CD


Steward: Kate Peyton

Many thanks to Poole for inviting me to judge.   Mary and Melvin always head up a happy week and this was no exception.  We were very well catered for, in every sense, by them and their strong team of helpers. 

The ten competitors were spread over two days and worked in a lovely grass field.  Kate was brilliant as steward, calmly and consistently ensuring each competitor knew what was expected of them and putting them at ease.

CD is a tough stake to qualify, reflected by the fact that the three qualifiers were ‘old hands’.  Square articles were green wellie – 3” x 0.75”, green felt – 3” x 2.5” and a foil cake case; all dogs, bar one, found all three, admittedly with varying degrees of success in retrieval and return to handler.

1st           Sue Ashby with THE ZETA, WSD, 95, Q.  The marks dropped were due to Zeta’s sheer enthusiasm for the job in hand.  She delivered high quality work when on a high herself.  Sue was on a fair high once the qualification was theirs.

2nd         Tony Lockyer with ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL, GSD, 93, Q.  Tony and Abbi displayed another strong partnership in the making.  Despite the eagerness of a young Shepherd, Abbi showed herself readily responsive to deliver solid work.

3rd          Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PEG, BC, 88.5, Q.  Peg gave a stunning performance – a real pleasure to watch.  Just the sit stay went awry – never, ever to be needed again, Julie!

4th          Angela White with DECOYMANS PIPER SNOWMAN, NSDTR, 88.5, NQ.  Tolley worked his socks off for Angela; you should be justly proud of what you’re achieving together.  This was excellent teamwork and the qualification, so close this time, won’t be long coming.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Lynne Watkins and Gavin Thomson

Square steward: Barbara Brown

Control steward: Gavin Thomson

I would like to thank Poole DTS for inviting me to judge the WD stake at their championship trial this year.  My thanks go to Mary and Melvin Drewitt and their merry band of helpers who work so hard to produce this wonderful trial with a lovely atmosphere.  It was great to see John Reynolds, who kept an eye over things all week and was well spoilt by the team.  He even got away with nicking Val’s coat complete with her keys!!!  The ladies in the kitchen do a phenomenal job producing food all day and then serving an excellent meal for a whole marquee full of people in the evenings.  This is what makes Poole so unique.  Many thanks to Mary, Sue and everyone who helped in the kitchen - your efforts were really appreciated.  Thank you.

I was really spoilt with accommodation and my deepest thanks go to Val and Gavin for putting me up.

The weather was brilliant – as is usually the case at this trial, so no-one had the ‘bad day’.  Tracking on the forest is always fun but there is an element of luck, as one never knows when the ponies are going to join in - but the dogs love it!

I set a straight forward track with 2 enormous articles (an old, dented coke can and a piece of hanging basket liner approx 6” x 4”) that were generally well recovered.  The search articles were a lot smaller (a teaspoon, a blue lolly stick, a 2” yellow plastic ring, and a 1.75” piece of rubber inner tube).  5 dogs retrieved all 4 articles and 3 dogs recovered 3 articles.  No one article proved to be elusive.

poole 2015 track pattern WD

Thanks of course go to my brilliant tracklayers, Lynne and Gavin (who also stewarded the control), and to Barbara, my search steward.  You all did everything I asked of you and more, and were great company.  Many thanks.

14 Entries (12 ran)

1st           Kevin Hill with JOYFUL JENSON, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, D, 193, Q.  Accurate, enthusiastic nosework followed by a very professional C/A round secured this well-deserved win for Kevin and Stanley.  They were a joy to watch. Congratulations, Kevin, and good luck for the future.

2nd         Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, B, 192, Q.  Katie made the track look easy, leaving Rosemary no doubts which way to go.  Rosemary and Katie held it together to produce an enthusiastic control round with the odd mark only being dropped due to enthusiasm.  Many congratulations on this result.

3rd          Angela Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, B, 185.5, Q.  Finn was committed to the track (what a shame you tracked right over the end article) and the only clear search square.  Those 10 marks would have made quite a difference!

4th          Frances Webb with NORWULF LUIGI, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, 173, Q.  Monty worked with determination to stay on track and also got 4 out of the square.  I was impressed with Frances’ control round.  Much improved since the last time I saw you.  Very well done.

Also qualifying;

Brenda Nevard with ISPYDA SPIDER, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, B, 160.5.  Spider worked hard to get round the track and recovered both track articles, but left 2 in the square - which put the pressure on your C/A round to gain a qualification.  Many congratulations on achieving this and adding another WDEx to your collection.

Many thanks to the competitors for entering – I hope you enjoyed the test, even if your name does not appear above!  Good luck for future trials.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Len Newman and Rob Bracey-Wright

Steward: Kath Bracey-Wright

What a fantastic experience – my first Ticket at my favourite trials venue – the New Forest!  Many thanks to the Society for giving me this opportunity and to Mary and Melvyn for organising and running such a lovely trial. 

Lots of thank yous to mention - to all the ladies in the kitchen for their efforts during the day and for the meals in the evening and of course to John Reynolds for expertly peeling the spuds!  Lé Newman and Val Thomson for base stewarding, Rosemary Turner for doing the certificates, those who escorted competitors up to the Hollies, Brian Riste for stewarding the car-park on Saturday – I’m told he was most upset that he didn’t get propositioned!

And as for my team – Len, Rob and Kath – absolutely brilliant.  I couldn’t have had more support from them – not only did they keep me sane but also entertained AND in addition, did everything I asked of them in order to give everyone a fair crack at my test.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

My track was 1004 paces long and 13 legs.  The track articles were 5” x 1.5” piece of carpet, a 5” x 0.5” strip of leather and a 4” x 3” piece of green scourer, as I felt that the dogs deserved to get rewarded for their efforts.  However, even at that size, only 5 dogs came off with all three.  The square articles were a cartridge case, a 5” piece of hosepipe, a 3” wide x 1” deep green lid and an 8” stirrer from Costas (other brands were available!); only 4 dogs came out with all 4 articles and only one dog (my eventual winner) came off with 3 and 4.

The weather improved as the week progressed, as we only experienced a very short amount of light rain on one afternoon, so we were very lucky.  As normal with the forest, there was some animal movement about but I think it only badly affected 2 competitors, where a group of about 12 ponies milled around the early parts of the track – even though Len did try to shoo them away.  The C/A was also up at the Hollies, which was a change from the normal location.  I was pleased with the venue, where I was able to design a practical, straightforward test, which all the spectators could see without straining their eyes.  And the sun shone!

1st and CC Winner              WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, handled by Gary Atkins, on 212 marks.  Lost 4 on the track, 2 in the square, 1.5 on sendaway and 0.5 on heelwork.  Absolutely outstanding.  Good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd and Reserve CC           LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, handled by Jane Wood, on 198 marks.  Lennie missed the stirrer in the square which could have put pressure on Gary and Pete going into the C/A.  However, Lennie didn’t cope with the redirect which cost him dearly.  But all-in-all, Jane, you should be very proud of him.

3rd          WTCh TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, handled by Tony Lockyer, on 190.5 marks.  Bob left the hosepipe in the square – obviously too big to be an article!  All of his other work was tidy, other than he knocked the clear.  Well done both – particularly Tony for coping with probably the roughest tracking area for humans!

4th          STARDELL ALYA, handled by Sue Hough, on 188 marks.  Last dog of the competition to track and unfortunately missed the 1st article.  The rest of Hattie’s work was quite tidy with the exception of the redirect, which she just couldn’t work out.  Sue was amazed but delighted with her qualification – well done, both.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me.  I hope you enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed watching your dogs working it. 

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