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Stake: CD

Steward: Rita Banfather

My thanks to Melvin and Mary Drewitt, Poole's long-serving and now retiring management duo.
Special thanks to Rita, who is an excellent steward who remembers all her lines and still manages to put competitors at their ease. Thanks also to Val for running the base and computing scores and to Sue, Barbara, Brenda et al in the kitchen. We couldn't run the trial without the use of June Coutts' land, thank you.

11 entries, 9 ran.

1st Pam Clarke's LONGHALVES SUMMER SURPRISE, WSD, D, 81, Q. This experienced Obedience handler has recently come over from the dark side and her handling skill showed. A few blips in Quest's round but his keenness will take this team far. Well done.
2nd Pam Clarke's SMYLIE MYLIE, WSD, B, 85, NQ. Very different from Quest, Mylie is a very steady dog who, I suspect, will do well in trials. Only the jumps cost her 1st place this time. Is the highest score some consolation?
3rd Lynne Watkins' STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS, HWH Viszla, D, 81, NQ. I admired Lynne's handling of Kaelen - she kept him focussed and he was going beautifully until the scale, where she stopped him as a health precaution. Good luck with his progress.
4th Lindy Lothian's DORVALE STAR CROSSED, Border Collie, B, 77.5, NQ. Another good handler who came close. I'm sure you'll qualify soon with Kea.

The fact that only two competitors qualified the jumps should give pause for thought. Interestingly, although I gave a choice of long or scale to follow the clear, everyone chose the long.

Stakes: UD and WD

Tracklayers: Adrian and Joe
Stewards: Lynne and Barbara

Thank you Poole for inviting me to judge the above. This is my last judging appointment and Poole was my first, more years ago than I care to think. As always, Melvin and Mary ran a very happy and organised event; this is also their last trial. They will be missed; good luck to Gavin and Val who are taking over.
My tracklayers for both stakes, Adrian and Joe, did a brilliant job - hard work on the forest. I had 2 search stewards, Lynne for UD and Barbara for WD. The weather was very kind to us, sunshine and dry. The meals cooked at base were excellent and plentiful. What more could you want - good food, good company and happy competitors?

UD Stake:
1st Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS' MUSE, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, B, 193.5, Q. Excellent track, 89 and 20, 4 from the square and 33 for the control round.
2nd Janet Parker with KHAMYSKER ROMAYA, CDEx, GSD, B, 187.5, Q. Lost 1 on control and 2.5 on agility.
3rd John Turtill and DREAGANTA MY CORRAN GEALA, CDEx, UDEx, 186.5, Q. Good control round and full mark agility.

All the UD dogs tried hard - the forest can be easy or hard, depending on the ponies.

WD Stake:
1st June Coutts, TADMARTON ESTELLE, CDEx-WDEx, Lab, 190.5, Q. Track 85 + 20, square 33, good control and agility.
2nd Brenda Nevard, I SPYDA SPIDER, CDEx-WDEx, WSD 180.5, Q. Excellent track, 3 from the square, good C/A.
3rd Ruth Payton, KALIAZAR CHAOS, CDEx-WDEx, BC, NQ.
4th Angela Fields, TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, CDEx-WDEx, Lab, NQ.

Stake: TD

Tracklayers: Lindsey and Rob
Steward and Scribe: Kathy

Thanks to Poole & District Dog Training Club for the invitation. I judged my first ticket here back in 1997 and being invited for Melvin and Mary’s last time was special. Like Melvin, I have decided that I will stand down from tracklaying in the forest, so the new management can start with a clean slate. I was tracklaying back in the days when Bowen Jenkins and Claire Oldfield were the trials managers; that was 40 years ago so I feel that I have done my bit. We will miss the atmosphere and fun we have had in the base at the Red Shoot. The ladies cooking the meals and the males washing up, me being the chief washer and plug holder. It was such a challenge in the past keeping order with John, Barry, Rob and Melvin with the washing liquid.

TD Track medium
This year I decided to try to have all the same length growth which is why we had two sets, Ocknell and Kings Garden. My open track pattern allowed the track layer to overcome the hazards of the forest. All the articles were of suitable size and texture complying with rule 24h. The track articles were a half full of water Lucozade bottle, tonic tin can and a piece of wooden dowel. The dogs tracked to each article were rewarded and the tracklayer not put under pressure on each track to find them. I thought the dogs performed well in the heather, with the handlers coping well. The deeper the heather, the better the dogs tracked, proving my thoughts. The search articles were 6 inch Aluminium tube, 4 inch rubber tube, fibre potting pot and 4 inch scouring pad - nobody failed the search.

TD articles medium
The weather could have been better some days and you can ask Lindsey how good her waterproofs were. On the control day the first two dogs had the worst of the rain; it got slowly better for the rest but after such a downpour the ground was very wet. I wiped the scale down after each dog, to try to help the dogs to not to lose their grip on the scale. The heelwork was slightly different, having to cross a track towards the jumps, but this never caused any problems. Each competitor had their mark after each exercise and given a copy of the marks; I have had self-carbonate score sheets printed as I do not believe in hiding the marks gained. I was very honoured and pleased to have seen some top dogs working my test.
Thanks to all the Poole team in the kitchen, escorts, certificate writing and base steward. I had a great team in the field, Lindsey and Rob tracklaying, also the runoff tracks, with Kathy laying the searches and control scribe. It was such a pleasure to have such a knowledgeable, experienced and fun people who know how to lay tracks in the forest. How people can judge in this terrain without having gained experience in tracklaying in the forest beats me. I still maintain that you should be, or have been, a competent tracklayer in the stake you judge. Thanks to the competitors for entering under me and I hope you enjoyed my tests. Lastly, thanks to my wife, Lé, for her support before and during the trial and for walking my dog every day.
31 entered, with 27 working the tracks; 12 qualified to the control and I ended with 10 qualifiers. This was one of the largest numbers of qualifiers and I feel I succeeded with my plan. I did not want the stake to be won and lost on any one test and was looking for a package, with the emphasis on the tracking.

1st Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, CDEx-TDEx, BC, 211, Q. CC and, subject to KC confirmation, now a Working Trials Champion - also best track. What a year you have had, ups and downs. Congratulations. 97.5, 34, (3&4), 31, 18.5
2nd Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, CDEx–TDEx, Lab, 205, Q. Reserve Ticket. 94.5, 33, (3&4), 27.5, 20
3rd Margaret Robinson with WTCh JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx-TDEx, WSD, 204.5. Q. 94.5, (3&4), 30.5, 15
4th Les Allen with TADMARTON ENZO, CDEx–TDEx, Lab, 200.5, Q. 93.5, 35, (2&4), 32, 20
Also qualified TDEx
Sarah Burroughs with TARNEDGE VELVET, CDEx–TDEx, Lab, 200. 93.5, 35, (2&4), 31.5, 20
Charlie Taylor handling GLENALPINE NIKKI, CDEx–TDEx, BC, 200. 96, 27, (3&3), 27, 20
Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, CDEx–TDEx, WSD, 198.5. Joint best control marks. 91.5, 35, (2&4), 32.5, 20
Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, CDEx-TDEx, G Ret, 197. 94.5, 26, (2.5&3), 31.5, 20
Gary Atkins with WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, CDEx–TDEx, BC, 196. Joint best control marks. 95.5, 28, (2&3), 32.5, 20.
Kevin Hill with JOYFUL JENSON, CDEx–WDEx, GSD, 193. 97, 34, (2&4), 27.5, 14.5

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