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Open Trial
Venue: Ringwood
Trial Held: 05 February 2017


Trial Manager's Report


Our first experience of running a trial is over. We had several stressful moments both before and during the trial but, on the whole, competitors, judges and helpers seemed to enjoy themselves. Some remarked about it, e.g. TD Steward, "I've had a wonderful time" – it was the first time Pam had been involved at a trial other than as a CD competitor.

Most of you will probably have heard "to lose one item is unfortunate, to lose two smacks to me of carelessness". In this instance the "items" were TD tracklayers lost during the week leading up to the trial.

The tracking was, of course, in the New Forest, which was rather wetter than usual and flooded in an area we were planning to use for parking.

TD C/A was at June Coutts' smallholding (thank you, June), UD and WD C/A were in our own paddock.

Many thanks to our judges, Anne Bussey (TD) and Les Allen (UD and WD). They will refer to their tracklayers and stewards in their own reports so I will confine myself to other helpers, other than to say we had two tracklayers who were laying competition tracks on the Forest for the first time (Paul Maxwell and Jenny Richards), and one tracklayer who was laying her first competition track (Barbara Brown).

Jane Wood had kindly offered to help to help at the trial and found herself helping me run the base and keeping me sane (almost). Thanks to Rosemary Turner for the catalogues, and Sue Yarrow for, as usual, organizing the kitchen with her band of helpers.

We also had a stream of escorts and car park watchers, all of whom contributed to the success of the trial.

The weather varied from wet and windy through sunny to very cold.

Better start planning for the Championship Trial which, as usual, will be in September.

Val and Gavin Thomson


Stakes: UD and WD


My thanks to Val and Gavin Thomson and Poole & District DTS for the invitation to judge these two stakes. Gavin and Val have taken the Poole trials over from Melvin and Mary Drewitt and this was their first trial, congratulations to them and their team for running a successful trial.

My thanks to the Forestry Commission for the use of the land for tracking and to Val and Gavin for the use of their paddock for the C&A.

The team in the kitchen were efficient as always and kept us fed and watered very well, special thanks to those that acted as car park watchers whilst we were off on the forest having left our dogs in the car for long periods of time.

Very mixed weather, Friday was very wet, windy and cold, Saturday good bright sunny day, Sunday dry, having rained overnight but very cold. This all made for incredibly difficult tracking conditions, with some of the tracking land under water, the track layers did their very best to avoid the worst areas.


UD Stake

Judge: Les Allen

Track layers – Gavin Thomson and Barbara Brown (1st day) and Gavin Thomson and Paul Maxwell   (2nd day)

Square Steward – Rosemary Turner (both days)

C & A Steward – Mary Prentice (1st day) and Jane Wood (2nd day)

14 entered and 6 ran.

UD Track

1st article Brown Carpet 3” x 3”

2nd article Rubber Mat 3” x 3.5”

UD Track



Green Felt 3.5” x 2.5”

Rubber Mat 3” x 2”

Scourer 4” x 3”

All teams completed their tracks and qualified nose work, the casualties came in control, in the main with the jumps.

1st Place – Hannah Hyslop with Bonvivant Inspire (BSD B) – 184.5 Q

Well-deserved win and qualification, good track, four out the square and a tidy control round, just some minor blips here and there, a team to watch for the future.

2nd Place – Catrina Heal with Dejaga Cuba (GSD D) – 178.5 Q

Another good track, missing an article proved costly but followed by a very strong square, solid control round lost some points on the jumps, another strong team for the future.

The other four teams all did excellent nose work but decided not to do the stays having not achieved enough on the jumps.


WD Stake

Judge:  Les Allen

Track Layers – Paul Maxwell and Jenny Richards 

Square & C&A Steward – Barbara Brown

5 entered and 5 ran

Conditions on the tracking land on Sunday were very challenging, huge amounts of standing water, the last two to track unfortunately had the worst conditions on the day, with very young inexperienceddogs, it was always going to be difficult, they gave it their all but the lakes beat them!

WD Track

1st article Police Rubber Bullet (black)

2nd article Black Carpet 3” x 3.75”

wd Track medium


Dolly peg

Scourer 4” x 2”

Brown Carpet 2.5”sq

Rubber Mat 2.5” sq


1st Place – Janet Parker with Khamysker Romaya CDEx, UDEx (GSD B) 177.5 Q

Good strong nose work in difficult conditions, recovering both articles off the track and all four out the square. Full mark heelwork and retrieve, had a blip on the sendaway, otherwise great round, I know how hard you have worked to get to this point Janet.

2nd Place – Lynda Levett with Thamespol Delta Baxter CDEx (GSD D) 176.5 Q

Once again good nose work, unfortunately lost it on the last leg which proved costly as that end article would have made all the difference, Kai went on to find it on his way back to me at the pole! All four out of the square. Good C&A round, full mark sendaway and only dropping a half on the jumps.

3rd Place – Steven Osbourne with Avonwolf Albert Sid (BSD D) NQ

As stated above, the conditions beat this team on the track but a good square and a very strong control round, the jumps were outstanding, they could have all been 50% higher/longer and Sid would have cleared them!

4th Place – Sandra Jones with Bricklehampton Bess (WSD B) NQ

The youngest dog entered at not quite two years old and the conditions were just too challenging on the track for an inexperienced dog, once again a good strong square. Went on to complete a good control round with a hiccup on the long jump. 


My thanks to all those that entered, it was a privilege to watch your dog’s work, I really enjoyed the three days and hope the competitors did too, the atmosphere at the trial was great.

Les Allen


TD Stake

12 Entries – 11 ran

Judge: Anne Bussey

Track Layers: Melvin Drewitt and Gavin Thomson (both days)

Steward: Pam Clarke

My thanks go to new trials managers Val and Gavin Thomson; – who had a hard act to follow! Mary and Melvin could not escape entirely after their retirement from running this show – their familiar presence made for a smooth transition. Base was run by Val with help from Jane Wood and the kitchen was expertly managed by Sue Yarrow and her band of helpers. Car park watching to ensure the vehicles are safe on forest car parks is possibly the most thankless task (so many had our dogs in), standing around alone in all weathers was Mary Prentice and Richard Aplin. Thank you! Your presence allowed me to forget about my dogs in the van and get on with the job in hand. Thanks also to June Coutts for the use of her land once again for the C&A. Many thanks to every-one of you who helped – nothing was too much trouble for you and it was very much appreciated. Thank you all. Many thanks to my hosts, Val and Gavin who, as ever, looked after me exceedingly well. I do love my luxury apartment! Thank you both.

I was disappointed with the standard of control with only 4 dogs qualifying in the control section and 4 in the agility, only 2 of these were qualifying in both sections before nosework. They were Tim Cooper’s BOKO, and June Coutts’ RIPPLE. The sendaway was a simple 85 paces straight across the field and redirect up the hedge to a large obvious tree.

Unfortunately, no dog qualified on the nosework. Tracking can always be a challenge on the forest and the elements were against the dogs on this occasion. However, some dogs made a very good attempt and it was a shame to see dog after dog fail this part of the test. We were however treated to some really nice search squares. Each square contained 4 red cartridges and I did wonder if handlers might lose their bottle and consider they were not my articles! 3 dogs recovered all 4 with only Brenda Nevard’s SPIDER gaining full points in this exercise.

My track layers were fabulous, thank you, not complaining at all that they had to recover the vast majority of the articles they had placed 3 hours earlier. Sorry guys!

poole open TD track medium

Track articles;

Black plastic wall tie -19cm x 5cm

Hose pipe – 16cm

Beige carpet – 11cm x 5cm

Square articles:

4 x red cartridges

1st           June Coutts and TADMARTON ESTELLE CDex – WDex (Lab). Ripple did the best track (unfortunately no articles) and still had boundless enthusiasm in the square. A well-deserved first place. Congratulations. NQ

2nd          Rosemary Turner and KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE WDex (GSD). Katie got the first track article before drifting off track and then four out of the square, which boosted your marks. Well done Rosemary. NQ

3rd           Brenda Nevard and I SPYDA SPIDER CDex – WDex  (WSD). SPIDER got the first article off the track before drifting off and then went on to do the only full point square of the stake. Many congratulations on this place Brenda. NQ

4th           Elizabeth De Unger and FLINTSFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA CDex (Lab). Very smart heelwork from this very promising team and the start of the track was promising too.  The last team to track, I was rather hoping for a successful track, they recovered the first article but then, like all the others, bit the dust. Much improved from the last time I watched you work. Well done Liz. NQ

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