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It was decided to have a “run through” this year as an open trial prior to adopting Championship status from 2010 onward.

Weeks of rain (like the rest of the country) had rendered the lush grass in the tracking fields soggy but perfectly usable. A Control and Agility field with sound footing was more difficult to locate, but, with just days to go, the farmer with “the best drained field in the borders” volunteered its use. It has now been booked for years to come.

Entries were 11 in CD, 16 in WD and 23 in TD, necessitating a three day event due to restriction of daylight. Weather over the three days provided one still, sunny day, one still, damp and dull day, and one wet and windy day - pretty good for December.

All day hot snacks, and a Saturday evening meal, were provided at the base. Many, many, thanks must go to the farmers, judges, tracklayers, stewards, kitchen angels, escorts, and other helpers who gave freely of

their time (and fuel) to ensure the success of this first trial.

Such selflessness is all too rare nowadays, but, happily, is alive and well amongst trialists. Also, thanks to the competitors who remained lively and jocular throughout, despite the ribald comments often thrown at them by helpers.

The Scottish Kennel Club extend an invitation to all to enter the Championship next year (and bring a friend)





Tracklayers: Julz Findeisen, Stevie Braithwaite

Steward: Carole Hall

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge the WD nosework at this brand new trial, and thanks to Doug and Sheila for putting us up at their home - super.

The tracking land at this new venue is second to none and all competitors had a good piece of land. The weather was cold and windy but there were some super tracks and squares.

Thanks must go to my brilliant tracklayers, Julz and Stevie, who were brilliant company and laid all the tracks beautifully. Thanks to Carole for being great company and laying all the squares brilliantly.

1st Lorna Cottier with ADDRESS TO A HAGGIS, X-Breed, 193.5. Well done Lorna, super track and square, giving you the Best Nosework trophy. Lovely young dog.

2nd Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, X-Breed, 187. Another lovely young dog with an experienced handler. Well done.

3rd Heather Halton with KISDONS VANDAL, WH Vizsla, 167.5. Super job, well done.

4th Debbie McKay with KENMILQUIN KATE, Eng Spr Spaniel, NQ, 175. Blinding track, but went out on the C/A. Hard luck, keep trying.




Track Layers: Tracey Park, Derek Macaulay, Ian Forester, Jim Jeffries.

Stewards: Paula Jaques and Tracey Park.

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge at Jedburgh’s new trial. Thanks to Sheila and Doug Shearer for a well run trial and for putting us up. The venue for this trial is great and my thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for all the great food.

Tracking was on grass some on steep hills. Thanks to all my tracklayers for a brilliant job, and also to Paula for stewarding on Friday, and Tracey for Saturday and Sunday. Lovely job. Tracking was mixed but saw some very good tracks.

1st Graham Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, 211.5, Q. Well done. Lovely young dog that worked with a maturity beyond his years.

2nd Glenys Page with BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, 207, Q. Well done. One sticky point on the track but you believed your dog and completed the track.

3rd Nelson Smith with LITTLE CROW, Mal, 197.5, Q. Last dog to work and tracked superbly. Very well done.

4th Liz Roberts with CALLANWAYS HARRIS, GSD, 196, Q. Well Done

Also qualifying:

Julz Findeison with TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, 193.5

Stevie Braithwaite with NORSHEP BRECK, 191

Lol Campbell with SELDOMSEEN SHEP, 181.5

Very well done to you all.

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