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After having to cancel the Airth Trial due to Airth Mains Farm being sold it was great to have this trial go ahead. And someone up above was looking after us - the weather was perfect for trialling!

I would like thank Dave Ashworth, our vet on call, for sweet talking the farmers into allowing us to use their fields again; these were in striking distance from the base and a very good size - thanks Dave.

Thanks to our judges: Joyce Rae (CD), Doug Shearer (UD), and Sheila Shearer (WD) for setting fair tests for dogs and handlers.

Thanks also go out to all the helpers over the two days; it was a real team effort. What was good to see was that we had some new faces to working trials doing search squares, control steward and helping out in the base. These people were Jamie Biddulph (CD search steward), Fay Rae (UD control steward) both days, Shirley Fraser (UD search steward Sat), Jackie Hilton (UD search steward Sun) and in the base Lynsey Glasgow and Stuart Irvine (Sat). We also had some experienced helpers such as “The Three Musketeers” - Jim Jeffrey (WD tracklayer), Bill Mackie and Gary Tait (UD tracklayers Sat) then on the Sunday we had Sheila Shearer and John Hood (UD tracklayers). A big thank you to all of you.

Two people who did a sterling job in the back ground during the trial, doing the scores, were Carol Ashworth and Philippa Ireland. They sat down at the control field collecting the scores, and were only seen at the start and end of play to hand in the scores. Two other people worth a special mention were Susan Glasgow, who kept the judges, helpers and competitors happy with plenty of hot and cold food, and John Westaby, who must have clocked up many miles over the weekend escorting competitors to the tracking ground and control fields, taking food to judges/helpers, collecting jumps - and he even managed to take his son to the airport on Sunday morning before the trial started. No job was beyond John - thanks to you both.

Thanks to Joan Hutchison from Gilbertson & Page, who again sponsored the trial; she even had the time to attend the trial for both days and gave advice to all about food for their dogs.

On a final note I would again like to thank everyone for making this trial a success, and hope all who competed enjoyed the trial and will return next year.



CD Stake


Control Steward: Jenny Beaton

Search Steward: Jamie Biddulph

Thank you to the SKC for the invitation to judge at this small but very friendly trial in a beautiful part of Scotland. Brian and his team worked really hard to make the trial a success and it was. The sun shone, the trees were the most gorgeous colours and we saw some lovely work from some very keen dogs and handlers. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!!

We had seven entries, all of whom competed, and most were new to trials. Jenny and I tried to put every one at their ease but in some cases nerves got the better of the handlers and this in turn transmitted to the dogs. I am sure they all do it perfectly in training!

I must also thank Jamie, who put out all the squares and articles for the searches in a most efficient way; this was his first time stewarding and I don’t think it will be his last.

1st Lindsay Wightman, JURA. This young Hungarian Vizsla was handled in such a calm and efficient manner I was gobsmacked to find out it the owners first trial, a truly fantastic round, a joy to watch. Qual, 97/100.

2nd Amanda Coles, TOM. Another nice round, three articles out of the search in less than two minutes. Qual, 88/100

3rd Avril Bryson, EVIE. A wee dog who did not feel like doing the down stay or sendaway today but otherwise a happy round. NQ, 76/100

4th Helen Rajska, TY. Another dog who did not fancy the sendaway or down stay today. NQ, 75/100




Tracklayers: Bill Mackie, Gary Tait, John Hood, Sheila Shearer

Search Stewards: Shirley Fraser, Jacqui Hilton

C/A Steward: Fay Rae

Many thanks to SKC for the invitation to judge, and to all the above, who were so competent that I just had to swan about holding a clipboard and pen. Also, thanks to the Trials Manager, Brian Glasgow, and his team of helpers, for great organisation, great provisions, and the friendliest atmosphere imaginable. This team has never had bad weather, so it is obviously blessed.

13 dogs entered.

1st Alison Pollard with HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, Std Poodle x ASD. The cutest dog in the competition, and the marks say everything about the performance. 197.25

2nd John Tait with PINFOLD FLY, WSD. John and his dog have a wonderful understanding and John’s handling is like a respectful husband willing his wife to excel. And excel she did, with a full mark nosework round. 195.25

3rd Lorna Cottier with ADDRESS TO A HAGGIS, X-breed, but looks like a Malinois. This experienced handler very competently and quietly coaxed the best out of a difficult breed. I’m sure the best is still to come. 194

4th Cheryl Savage with GLENOXLEY STAR WIZARD, BC. Everything is there, just needs some fine tuning. 181.5

Also gaining a Cert of Merit:

Heather Halton with KISDONS VANDAL, WH Viszla. A difficult breed to master, but Heather is over half way there. When the dog learns to concentrate, everything will be fine.




Tracklayer: Jim Jeffrey

Search and C/A Steward: Phil Glasgow

Thank you for the invitation, and to Brian Glasgow and his team – you were wonderful, this is a super trial, with great friendly atmosphere. From smiles at the base to the smiling weather I had a great time. Thank you to Phil Glasgow, as always, competent and professional, plus giving me a laugh, and to Jim Jeffrey, always reliable.

3 entered.

1st Jacquie Hall, NONNEYSWOOD RHYTHM’N’BLUES, CB Retriever. Good nosework, and Jacquie worked hard in the control round for this qualification. Well done. 173, Q

2nd Sheena Kerr, DEARBHAIL CAILIN, GSD. Best nosework Trophy and a good C/A round, but failed to qualify due to the stays; this will come. Good luck. 160.75, NQ

3rd Yvonne Walker, DIEGO’S CAUGHT’N’THE ACT, Dob. Nosework was a bit too much for this team today. Good C/A – your day will come. 96.5, NQ.

Thank you all once again.

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