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Disappointingly there were only 14 entries for the trial this year, two of whom withdrew before the event.


Once again the weather was kind to us and the competition was of a high standard. In TD two out of three qualified, WD two out of seven and one out of two in CD. We are extremely lucky to have farmers sympathetic towards our sport; this year sheep were removed from the C/A field a couple of weeks before and ploughing was delayed in the tracking stubble. Our thanks to Dave and Carol Ashworth for arranging and co-ordinating the supply of land.


We are very grateful to our judges, stewards and tracklayers for freely giving of their time - some of them having travelled a long way for very few competitors:-


TD – Judge, Suzanne Plumb; Steward, Gary Tait; Tracklayers, Jim Jeffrey and Bill Mackie

WD – Judge, Pam Cuthbert; Steward, Phil Glasgow; Tracklayers, Jimmy Scott and John Hood

CD – Judge, Sheena Kerr; Stewards, Stuart and Alison

None of us could operate without refreshments, which were provided by Sue and Joyce to the high standard we have come to expect at Muthill. Thank you both.




1st John Gray, WAGGERLAND WELLS, 199, Q

2nd Nelson Smith, THREENINES ALEX, 197.5, Q

3rd Brian Glasgow, RANDOLFIELD NEILA (AK3), NQ



1st Vicki Hunter, XANDOA SPOT, 192.5, Q

2nd Shirley Windsor, HIELAN LADDIE OF AVAWAGA, 177, Q

3rd Joyce Watson, COLINTON CIEL, 174.5, NQ



1st Patricia Templeton, FRANKIE THE FLYER, 90, Q

2nd Louise Saunders, TORRIGLEN TRAILBLAZER (AW3), 70, NQ

 Thank you to all for making my first attempt to manage a trial relatively painless.






Stewards: Alison Shields and Stuart Irvine

 Thank you to SKC for inviting me to judge. Muthill has a fabulous team under the guidance of Trials Manager, John Westaby, which resulted in this superbly organised trial. It is a joy to attend this trial in any capacity and there is always a warm and friendly welcome awaiting everyone.

There were two entries in CD. The weather was good, as was the ground.

 1st Patricia Templeton and FRANKIE THE FLYER (Frankie), FCR/Lab, Q. Apparently Frankie was a bit flat today; however it was a lovely round, and he did the exercises beautifully. Very well done.

2nd Louise Saunders and Murphy, Sheltie, NQ. Another very nice round; the jumps were just too much for him today. Rock solid stays from this little fellow. Well done.

 Thank you to my stewards Alison who did the squares and Stuart for the control - you will both be in demand in the future. Excellent job and I hope you enjoyed it.




Tracklayers: John Hood and Jimmy Scott

Steward: Phil Glasgow

 Thank you to SKC for asking me to judge at this fab trial, to John for keeping everything in order at base and to Sue and Joyce for keeping us fed. Thanks also to John Hood and Jimmy Scott for laying my tracks and Phil Glasgow for laying squares and stewarding the control round. All done to perfection and great company.

Although cold in the morning the sun came out and we had a warm dry day. 7 entered, 1 scratched after the track.

 1st Vicky Hunter with Spot, 192.5, Q. Best track and search as well as winning the stake. Well done, Vicky, and what a sendaway! Polished round.

2nd Shirley Windsor with Flash, 177, Q. Another good track but missed the 4th article in the square. Good control, but didn’t fancy the long jump today.

3rd Joyce Watson with Ceil, 174.5, NQ. First time in WD and Joyce was delighted she got round her track. Did it in style! Missed out on qualifying today due to her sendaway.

4th Jackie Hilton with Sonic, NQ. Sonic started out well on the track but lost his way on the 3rd leg. Beautiful control round, dropping only 0.5 mark.




Tracklayers: Bill Mackie, Jim Jeffrey

Steward: Gary Tate

 Thank you to SKC for the invitation to judge at their open trial in Muthill, near Crieff. As it was a long journey, I decided to stay a few days after the trial and spend time walking with my dogs in the outstanding Perthshire countryside around Crieff and Loch Earn.

Thanks to John Westaby and his helpers for running the trial and to Sue and Joyce in the kitchen for the food, especially the delicious soups.

The TD stake started with control and agility in a grass field not far from the base. There were five teams entered but only three teams worked, so we were able to move on swiftly to the tracking land, which was stubble with grass growing through it. I had a very experienced team with Gary stewarding and laying the squares, Bill and Jim laying the tracks exactly as I instructed and with the sun shining. I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did, thank you all.

 I can thoroughly recommend this well organised trial to anyone who has not entered here before.

 1st John Gray with WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD, 199, Q. Losing 2.5 on the control and a full agility round. George then slowly worked his way around the track finding all three articles plus four out of the square, giving you your qualification and 1st place. Well done.

2nd Nelson Smith with THREENINES ALEX, BSD, 197.5, Q. Sendaway nearly let you down but the rest of the control was well done, although a second attempt at the long jump lost you 2.5 on the agility round. Remo had to pull you around the track at times but you managed to work it out as a team, with three articles found and then four out of the square in 2.31 seconds. I think you were very pleased with Remo’s performance. Well done.

3rd Brian Glasgow with RANDOLFIELD NEILA, GSD, NQ. Indi qualified the control but failed the agility round. She set off really well on the track but unfortunately turned the wrong way on the second corner. Never mind; it was not your day today but lots of luck for your future trials.


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