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Tracklayers: Brian Glasgow, Derek McAulay, David McPhillips

Search Steward: Cheryl Savage (Thurs and Fri), Colin Telford (Sat)

C/A Steward: Ann Bedford

 My thanks to SKC for the invitation to judge at one of my more local trials. The organisation was first class, down to all the hard work by Sheila and Doug Shearer before and during the trials; my thanks to them.

I was very ably assisted by the helpers for the TD Stake and their company, time and hard work was very much appreciated. Thanks also to Susan Glasgow and Tom Savage for the excellent catering, especially the best soup ever.

21 teams entered and 19 ran. The ground was short grass that had been previously used by livestock, however laid empty for a good while. The weather conditions were good; not too cold, dry and the wind on Friday eased during the day. The articles were lino, cable and underlay (track) and plastic spoon, bottle top, rubber and carpet in the square. 14 Teams qualified the nosework with no particular article being ignored.

The C/A was held in an ideal large field and surrounded by stunning views of the hills; all very picturesque in the sunshine. Stays were first and they were the most nerve racking I’ve ever experienced judging Ticket! 4 out of 14 lost marks for, amongst other things, clearing the surrounding area of sheep droppings. The rest of the round commenced with the sendaway first, 170 yards out to the boundary of trees, the dog recalled and stopped halfway then redirected 150 yards to the left to a blue pole. This was carried out with various levels of success and the last competitor to work, Glenys with Ozzie, gained the only full marks.

Heelwork followed with the steward, Ann, asking the handler various questions during the exercise. The speak involved the dog being left at a pole, the handler walking away 12 paces, turning and commanding the dog to speak then walking back to the dog. Jumps completed the test with a second attempt at the face of the scale.

All the competitors were very sporting; all the dogs really applied themselves to both the nosework and C/A tests and made for a thoroughly enjoyable trial. Thanks to all.

Best track was Gary Haim and Archie, best nosework was Barry Gilbert and Cossie. Unfortunately we lost both in the C/A.

Handlers working two dogs were given an alternative track pattern, which had various parts of the usual one swapped about.

 1st Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON CLEO, B, lab, 211.5, TDEx. First class nosework by Teal, full of confidence, steady and showed no difficulty with any part of the test. Excellent C/A – very little to fault and a worthy winner. Best of luck at the 2014 KCC at Wessex. Track 96, Art 30, Square 34, Control 32, Agility 19.5.

2nd Mike Williams and MARINA BEN’S PAL, B, XB, 206 TDEx. Lovely steady track which also impressed the SKC officials watching and made my job of explaining the exercise much easier. Slightly expensive hiccup with the last article when Marina tracked over it initially and Mike stood on it, but good handling ensured its recovery. Good C/A earned the Reserve Ticket - well done. 96, 28, 35, 28.5, 18.5;

3rd Sheila Tannert handling Stevi Boyall’s VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, D, Lab, 203.5, TDEx. Aston found the tracking to his liking and hauled Auntie Sheila round, full speed ahead and straight over the first article. He resisted - well nearly - the temptation of sheep offerings in the C/A and earned himself a qualification, placing and forgiveness for eating all the apples at the B & B. Well done, Sheila (and Stevi). 98, 20, 34.5, 31, 20;

4th Glenys Page and WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, D, WSD, 200, TDEx. Sam is such a strong dog, but Glenys did well to maintain a steady pace on the track, despite the high winds. Good C/A ensured a well-deserved placing and qualification. 88, 30, 35, 27, 20;

 Also qualifying TDEx:

Jill Carruthers and WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, 94.5, 30, 32.5, 28, 14.5; 199.5

Eric Carpenter and HEX AT CARFELD, 89, 28, 30, 27.5, 20; 194.5

Glenys Page and BRIGLEN JOSS, 94, 25, 27, 33, 15; 194

Helen Kelly and LAETARE DYAMI, 92.5, 20, 33, 30, 14; 189.5

Caroline Wright and CARISHILL ODIN, 84, 20, 34, 30, 15; 183

Pam Cuthbert and PIERCE’S APPRENTICE, 89, 20, 25, 25, 19; 178

 A special mention for Pam – this was Sam’s retirement trial due to his age and it was also the one where it all finally came together after so many near misses. A first TDEx for dog and handler – well done, Team Spam! Perseverance pays.


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