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Tracklayers: Brian Glasgow, Lorraine Wilson, Derek McAuley

Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to the Scottish Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the TD stake at Jedburgh.  Big thanks must go to Sheila Shearer for her organisation of the trial, ably assisted by Doug.  Leading up to the trial, the whole country seemed to be having problems with flooding and even travelling up to Scotland via the A1 was no different, with lanes closed because of the water and queues of traffic.

Having been given directions to Sheila’s home, we wondered where we were going as we left the A68 to go down a single track road for miles across the hills in the dark when, after about 20 minutes, we saw a light in the distance, which was our destination.  Thanks again to Sheila and Doug for allowing June and myself, as well as many of the helpers, to stay at their house.  It must be nice to wake up every morning to that scenery, with the hill practically in their back garden.  Doug assured me that on a clear day from the top you can see the coast 40 miles away.

The base was at the Deer Park, which was quite a challenge to get to on the frosty mornings, with the lane and car park like an ice rink, and judges, helpers and competitors trying desperately to keep on their feet as they inched their way between vehicles and the base!

The tracking ground was quite a distance from the base but well worth the ride just for the scenery.  The directions were excellent so no-one got lost or was late for their track.  The grass fields were actually not as wet as I expected and despite overnight snow flurries, the tracking was generally of a very good standard.  Most dogs coped well with the test although there were a few handler errors.  One competitor achieved a full mark track and search with several others not far behind.  Tracking conditions were good on all days with cold frosty mornings and bright sunshine, the early tracks producing the higher mark tracks.

The search squares were on the whole well done with most teams retrieving all the articles.  Going into control, we had 14 competitors.  It was a bright, sunny day in a flat grass field.  We started with the speak, with 5 teams achieving full marks.  Heelwork next to the sendaway point; there was a straight outrun followed by a left and right redirect to given markers.  Depending on where the dogs stopped for the outrun, the handlers were then instructed which redirection to do first.  Again, most teams coped well with this exercise.  We lost two contenders in the agility section but overall the control was very good.  Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions in good spirit.

Finally, thanks to the ladies and gentleman in the kitchen for the pack ups and the lovely hot evening meals to come back to - we certainly never went hungry.  Also, to my tracklayers, Brian, Derek and Lorraine, not just for their professionalism in tracklaying but for being such good company throughout the trial.  And lastly, to June for stewarding the searches and the control.  All round, a brilliant trial to judge at.

1st Sheila Tannert, WTCh STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, 211, Q.  A good nosework mark and a competent control round, with nine marks for the sendaway and full point jumps, assured Sheila and Teal of the Ticket.  The speak was the only weakness, so very well done.

2nd Jill Carruthers, WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, 209.5, Q.  Another high nosework mark for Jill and Darcy, followed by a good control round.  Well done.

3rd Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, 206, Q.  Ebony missed out on the long jump – if only – Sheila could have had a run-off with herself!  A good weekend for Sheila nevertheless.

4th Glenys Page, BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, 205.5, Q.  Ozzie had a very good control round with 9.5 for the sendaway - such a shame about the long jump.  Well done again.

Also qualifying TDEx:

Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, 202.5

Pat Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, XB, 201

Caroline Wright, CARISHILL ODIN, G Ret, 200

Helen Kelly, LAETARE DYAMI, BC, 196

Yvonne Carpenter, HEX AT CARFELD, BC, 184

Glenys Page, WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, 182

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