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Well, that’s another year, another SKC Trial done and dusted at Muthill. Twenty dogs/handlers entered and 16 competed, 3 in CD, 7 in UD and 6 in TD. As a result we decided to run the trial over one day, which was the Saturday. After some terrible weather on the lead up to the trial it this did not dampen the spirit of the judges, competitors and stewards as it managed to stay dry until the afternoon This trial, as always, was relaxed and good natured. Many thanks go to our judges, Jim Jeffrey (TD), Roy Drummer (UD) and Stevie Braithwaite (CD), for setting fair tests for the competitors, taking into consideration the conditions on the day. Good luck with any future judging appointments. Furthermore, many thanks to stewards Jackie Suckling for the CD, Lesley Drummer for UD, Sheena Kerr for TD. Thanks to Jackie Hilton and Shirley Windsor, who were laying their first competitive UD tracks - nice to see new blood volunteering to tracklay. They were kept at ease by the experienced Jimmy Scott and John Hood, who also laid UD tracks - thanks again. TD tracks again had the experienced man from Markinch, Bill Mackie. No problem to Bill with his apprentice, Phil Glasgow, who volunteered to step in at last minute when the other half of the double act, Gary Tait, had to call off due family matters - hope all is well, Gary.

Back at the base I had the ever dependable Lynsey Glasgow taking care of all the paperwork - thanks, you did a sterling job. Two important people who need a special mention are the ladies in the kitchen, Susan Glasgow and Joyce Westaby, who kept everyone happy and well fed - the soup was to die for. Thanks to young Stuart Irvine, who shadowed me all day - we will make a trials manager out of him yet! Thanks to Dave and Carol Ashworth for again contacting the farmers and fixing up the fields, and thanks to farmers for allowing us to use their fields - without the fields our sport would be dead. John Westaby took over the Trials Secretary’s job this year from Philippa Ireland, who had to step down due to ill health; sadly, after the trial Philippa lost the battle with her illness and passed away on Saturday 20th October. As always John took to the job like a duck to water, and was a great help before, during and after the trial - he did a sterling job.

Again a big thank you to all my helpers and I hope I can rely on you all for next year.





Search/Control Steward: Jackie Suckling.

I would like to thank the Scottish Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake at Muthill, and would like to thank Brian Glasgow and his team of helpers for such an enjoyable trial.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for some tasty refreshments.  I would also like to thank Jackie Suckling for being my control and search square steward and doing such a good job.

6 entries, 3 ran.  Unfortunately none of the competitors qualified, but you are all nearly there; it was the jumps which were the deciding factor today, not unusual in this stake.  I am sure it will not be long before you all sort this out.  Thank you for being pleasant and sporting competitors - it was a pleasure to watch your lovely dogs.

1st Patricia Templeton and FRANKIE THE FLYER, FCR/Lab, 76, NQ.  Overall a good steady round, with a full mark sendaway.  Just the jumps were the problem today.  Well done.

2nd Louise Saunders and TORRIGLEN TRAILBLAZER, Shetland Sheepdog, 70, NQ.  Very nice control round and search square.  Again, the jumps were a problem.  Well done.

3rd John Westaby and PRIORS POLLY, Lab, 45, NQ.   Corrie started off very well, but got confused by the whistles coming from the TD control, which unsettled her. However, she had a full mark sendaway and is an enthusiastic dog - both very welcome.  Sadly the stays and jumps were Corrie’s downfall.  Well done.





Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott, John Hood, Shirley Windsor and Jackie Hilton

Steward: Lesley Drummer

Thank you very much to SKC for their invitation to judge and for all the help from Brian Glasgow and his family at the base and in the kitchen.  Thanks also to Joyce and John Westaby and track layers, Jimmy Scott, John Hood, Shirley Windsor and Jackie Hilton. They all made the day so enjoyable and straightforward and, indeed, a lot of fun

There were 7 teams and all handlers deserve to be proud of their performances, as they all took away a lot of positives.  Most of the handlers were experienced and bringing on younger dogs - and it showed.  It was a real pleasure to judge them and good to be amongst old friends.

1st John Gray with GEORGE, 198.5, Q., Wonderful overall performance; a joy to watch dog and handler. This youngster will go a long way, at this rate

2nd Ann Bedford with DIESEL, 193.5, Q.  Winner of the Nosework Trophy with a faultless performance by Diesel.  Well done and good wishes for the future

3rd Joyce Rae with TORA, 184, NQ.  Lovely nose work by Tora. Unfortunately, the down lost it. Keep working at it, Joyce, lots of good work

4th Jenny Beaton with BRYN, 174, NQ.  Good nose work, Jenny; it was the jumps again which spoilt it.  But keep trying.

Well done to the others, especially Jim McKay and Midge, who set up a hare on his track but went back on for a while!

Well done to all handlers and very best wishes for the future with your dogs


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