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Sweethope Farm is a completely new venue for a trial, and we are very grateful for Mr Stuart and Mrs Gayle Fuller Shapcott for allowing SKC to use their land and buildings.  We decided to just run one stake there this year, the Introductory Stake, with a view to running more stakes next year.

There were the usual hiccups, as there always are when something new is being organised, but on the day I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  I would like to thank Doug and Sheila Shearer for their help before the trial, as well as judging and stewarding the stake respectively.  I would also like to thank Jackie Suckling for her help before and during the trial, and Rachel Henderson, who was a real star on the day - nothing was too much trouble for her.  Thank you to Brian Glasgow for sorting out the behind the scenes paperwork.

I hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves, and thank you to all the competitors who respected that the farm was in the middle of harvest, and took care that no one impeded the farm machinery in any way.  You all came across as very sporting people, and all stayed until the end, so that there was a good crowd to congratulate the successful competitors .


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