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With numbers being down this year, we decided to run the trial over one day (Saturday).  The weather was damp and windy but this did not dampen the spirits of the competitors who took part.  I would like to thank my team of helpers, because without them we would not be able run this successful trial.  Thanks to my judges, Doug Shearer, TD, Stevie Braithwaite, WD and Gary Tait, CD, who stepped in at the last minute due to the ill health of Roy Drummer.  We all wish Roy a speedy recovery.  Thanks to Susan Glasgow and Joyce Westaby for keeping the judges and competitors fed and watered - the homemade soup went down a treat.  Thanks to the farmers, Andy Crane and George White, for again allowing us to use their fields, thanks also to Dave and Carol Ashworth for their work leading up to the trial contacting the farmer etc.  The base was again run without a hitch by Lynsey Glasgow, Sheila Shearer and Amanda McFadden - thanks to all. Thanks to my tracklayers Jim Jeffrey, Bill Mackie and John Hood, and to my control and search stewards Phil Glasgow, TD, Jackie Suckling, WD, Stuart Irvine and Sheila Shearer, CD.  Our Trials Secretary Philippa Ireland deserves special thanks for all her help during the years but due to ill health she has decided to step down; we all wish her all the best.  Looking forward to seeing you all at Muthill next year.





Steward: Sheila Shearer

Search Square: Stewart

I would like to thank SKC for inviting me to judge CD stake at Muthill as a replacement for Roy Drummer, who had to withdraw due to ill health, but I am pleased to say that Roy has since made a full recovery.  Thanks to Brian Glasgow and all the helpers / kitchen staff that make this trial run so smoothly every year.  A big thank you to Sheila Shearer, who was an excellent steward and is very good at putting the competitors at ease.

1st Joyce Rae with GEFNI EFOR EFFORT, 76, NQ.  Excellent round from you both, a shame about the down stay; better luck next time.

2nd Jackie Hilton with Goosecreek Chinock, 84, NQ.  Another good round; unfortunately the jumps were the downfall but overall a good round.

3rd Jenny Beaton with CRAIGESK GRAY WOLF, 57, NQ.  This was another good round apart from the jumps.  Once you have that sorted, the both of you will do well at trials.

4th Amanda Coles with ORCHIL TOM, 54.5, NQ.  The biggest problem on the day was Amanda’s nerves, as overall the round was not too bad.

I would like to wish the competitors and their dogs all the best for future trials.   Thanks to all competitors for entering and accepting my decisions on the day.




Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey and Bill Mackie

Steward: Phil (the man) Glasgow

Thanks for the invitation to judge.  This small trial reflects everything that is good about our sport.  Eager and accomplished helpers ensuring that everyone is well fed, informed, welcomed and befriended.

Nine entered and six ran, hence this was a one day event this year, a day when it mizzled all day.

Special thanks to Brian Glasgow (Trials Manager), Jim Jeffrey and Bill Mackie (tracklayers), Phil Glasgow (Steward) "waterproofs are for wimps", and John and Joyce Westaby, who gave us freedom of their home.

1st Dave Bell with DREAGANTA FINN, BC, D, 177.75, Q.  The tracking can be a challenge for everyone, with the abundance of deer, hare and badger, and this year’s late harvest had left rows of chaff to be negotiated in addition; Dave had more chaff than the rest.  A good, solid all-round performance.

2nd Pam Cuthbert with PIERCE’S APPRENTICE, X-Breed, D, 177.5, Q.  A lovely steady dog with a heady handler.  Well done, Pam!  You deserve this.

3rd Alison Pollard with HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, X-Breed, D, NQ.  Good sound C/A, 4 out of the square, but only 1 article from a really good track.  So, so close.

4th Nick McMechan with BLACK AMAETHON, Lab X, B, NQ.  Nick and Lady literally ran the track in half the time that it took the others, and over a very windy field, losing only 3 marks and recovering 2 articles.  Unfortunately, Lady did not live up to her name for the search and the C/A.  More than once I mentally noted "Bitch" as she gambolled playfully around every exercise.  Nick needs to take a firm hand, but loves Lady so much it would only be to stroke her.

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