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Muthill was again blessed with good weather for this small but friendly trial.  I would like thank Dave Ashworth, our vet on call, for sweet talking the farmers into allowing us to use their fields again, which were in striking distance from the base and a very good size - thanks Dave.

Thanks to our judges, John Hood (CD), Bill Mackie (UD), and Sheila Shearer (TD), for setting fair tests for dogs and handlers.  Thanks also go out to all the helpers over the two days - it was a real team effort.  What was good to see was that we had some new faces to Working Trials doing search squares, control stewarding and helping out in the base.  Those people were Jamie Biddulph (CD search steward), Shirley Windsor (UD search steward, Sat and Sun), Jackie Hilton (TD control steward, Sun), Stuart Irvine (TD search steward) and in the base Lynsey Glasgow, both days, who even had time to do college work.  We also had some experienced helpers such as Joyce Rae (CD control steward), Karen Tait (UD control steward, both days), Jim Jeffrey (TD tracklayer), Gary Tait (TD tracklayer), Jimmy Scott (UD tracklayer. Sat), and Doug Shearer (UD tracklayer. Sun).  Both Jimmy and Doug had their apprentice tracklayer, Philip Glasgow.  Big thanks to you all.

Two people who did a lot of work in the background before the trial, even during their ill health, doing the entries etc. were Carol Ashworth and Philippa Ireland - your help was much appreciated - thanks.  Three unsung heroes worth a special mention are Susan Glasgow and Joyce Westaby, who kept the judges, helpers and competitors happy with plenty hot and cold food, and John Westaby for escorting competitors to the tracking ground and control fields, taking food to judges/helpers, collecting jumps before and after the trial - no job was beyond John, he even had to get his hands on the lap top.  Thanks to you all.  Joyce and John even made me very welcome in their home on the Friday night; the food and whisky went down a treat.

Thanks to Joan Hutchison from Gilbertson and Page, who again sponsored the trial; she even had the time to attend the trial on the Saturday and gave advice to all about food for their dogs.

On a final note I would again like to thank everyone for making this trial a success again, and hope all who helped and competed enjoyed the trial and will return next year.






Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott, Philip Glasgow and Doug Shearer

Stewards: Shirley Windsor and Karen Tait

I would like to thank the SKC for inviting me to judge the UD Stake at Muthill, Crieff.  It was a very enjoyable weekend; the weather was quite good on Saturday, and Sunday was fine until the drizzle started in the afternoon.

I really appreciated the help from my tracklayers, Jimmy, Philip and Doug, and also my stewards, Shirley and Karen.  Without the dedication of people like them trials would not exist.

I would like to say a special thank you to Joyce Westaby and Susan Glasgow for making sure that everybody was fed and watered, and Trials Manager, Brian Glasgow, for a job well done.

1st Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBER’S DELIGHT, BSD, 195, Q.  A superb young dog.  Full point track and a nice control round.  Very well done.

2nd Joan Miller with WOOLSHAN JAGER, GSD, 185.5, Q.  Another young dog with lots of potential.  Worked really well – keep it up.

3rd Frank Glancy with DORNHOLT ATHOS, GSD, 185, Q.  Again, a full point track.  Also a young dog with potential.

4th Gary Tait with MASTER FELDSPAR, 183.5, Q.  A young dog who will go far.  A nice track and control round.

As you can see from the scores, there was not much between second and fourth places.  It is good to see so many young dogs competing to such a high standard.  Keep it up, everyone.

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