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After some terrible weather on the lead up to the trial someone from above must have taken pity on this beautiful part of the country and supplied us with some dry weather.  Thanks to my small team of Carol Ashworth, Philippa Ireland and John Westaby - if it was not for their hard work before and during the trial this trial would not have ran as smoothly as it did.  It made my job a lot easier, as my work was making it hard for me to be up in Muthill before the trial as much as I should have.  As you read my report you will see that this team is like a family as everyone pitches in.  Thanks again.  Thanks also goes to Dave Ashworth, the local vet for the trial; Dave did a lot sweet talking with the local farmers and again come up trumps, with plenty of good stubble fields for the UD and WD nosework, and a large grassy field for the C/A.  This year we moved to a new base, the village hall.  It was just perfect and created a good friendly atmosphere. Wendy Welstead and John Westaby (when he was not taking food to the judges or collecting marks) looked after the base - a sterling effort, thanks.  Two people who kept the judges and competitors happy were the two ladies who sweated over the hot stove all day.  Thanks to Joyce Westaby and Susan Glasgow - great food.

Thanks to my judges - CD, Jim McKay; UD, Hilary Hirst; and special thanks to WD judge, Caroline Wright, for stepping in for Alan Bolton, who was unable to judge due to ill health.  It was nice to see new faces helping out at trials; we had Evelyn Hall laying CD squares and Jackie Hilton laying UD squares for the first time in competition - well done.  Thanks to my WD tracklayers, Barbara Mathieson (nice to see you back on the trial scene) and Jim Jeffrey.  Well done, plenty of experience on show.  Thanks to my UD tracklayers, Jimmy Scott and Beryl Gummow (laying for the first time in competition). Thanks to Philip Glasgow for doing a sterling job, doing WD C/A in the morning, and laying WD squares in the afternoon.  Jenny Beaton also added her expertise to proceedings by escorting competitors to their UD tracks and helping settle Jackie Hilton’s nerves - thanks Jenny. Roy Drummer set all the CD competitors at ease as he confidently put then through their paces as C/A steward.  Thanks.

Lesley Drummer, Philippa Ireland and Carol Ashworth worked their brains and fingers to the bone marking up the score sheets as they came in – thanks, a very professional job.  Gilbertson and Page again sponsored the trial.  Thanks to Joan Hutchison (Gilbertson and Page rep) for setting up this deal.  I must not forget to thank my great host and hostess, John and Joyce Westaby, for a very relaxing evening before the trial; your hospitality is second to none.  Thanks.  As you can see from this report we are like a family; well done and thanks to you all and to the competitors - hope to see you next year.  Sorry if I have missed anyone out.

Brian Glasgow




Steward: Roy Drummer

Search squares: Evelyn Hall.

My thanks to SKC for the invitation to judge at this most friendly trial; to Brian Glasgow and everybody else who helped with the organization and the paperwork and the equipment; and to Sue Glasgow, Joyce Westaby and Wendy Welstead for all their unseen work in the kitchen.

We had an excellent large grassy field in which to work. Heavy rain prior to the trial had made the ground very wet and slippery but we got a clear, dry day and by the time we got to the jumps the ground conditions weren’t as bad as I had feared they would be.

This was Evelyn’s first time laying search squares, but I was very pleased to see that she took the job very seriously and did it impeccably.  All twenty-one of her articles were retrieved, twenty of them in regulation time.

Speaking for myself, from my point of view as judge, I couldn’t in any way have had a better steward than Roy; and speaking for the handlers, from their point of view, as competitors they couldn’t have had a better or more supportive steward either.

We had seven entries and all seven competed.  For two of them this was their first trial!  It was a pleasure to see them all working positively with happy dogs.  We had two qualifiers but all the others should be qualifying too before long – provided a certain Suzy doesn’t make a habit of ignoring her dumb-bell and instead running fifty yards to nick the judge’s sandwiches!

1st Alison Pollard and Hamish, HAGGIS OF THE GLEN, X Breed, Q, 88.5.  Hamish’s effortless jumping, especially his vertical take-off and landing over the clear, have to be seen to be believed!  However, what a highly competent, well-matched and happy pairing this is. This was a most deserved win.

Having said that, this pairing weren’t far behind!

2nd Heidi Mendoza and Doyle, YANKEE DOODLE SUPER PUDEL, Min. Poodle, Q, 87.  Heidi and Doyle work quietly but very effectively together; they are another team who have developed a lovely working relationship.

3rd. Amanda Coles and Tom, ORCHIL TOM, X Breed, 84.5.  Amanda and Tom are newcomers to trialling but once they get the scale there should be no stopping them.

4th David Gilliland and Stella, STELLA, Collie, 78.5.  Likewise, once David and Stella get the jumps sorted out they too will be a team to watch out for in the future.

What with Hilary Hirst’s company on the journey to and from the trial, Roy’s company and support throughout the day, and a fine group of handlers taking part this was a most enjoyable day for me. Thank you again to all concerned.




Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott, Beryl Gummow

Square Stewards: Jenny Beaton, Jackie Hilton

C/A Steward: Beryl Gummow

Thank you to Brian Glasgow and his team for inviting me to judge at your lovely friendly trial. It was especially nice to do the whole stake rather than just part of it.  Thanks to Carol Ashworth for lots of helpful phone calls prior to the trial and to Jim McKay for putting me up the night  before and bringing me down (and home again).

The all important land owners provided plenty of tracking land so that everyone had very similar stubble and a huge control field.  Huge thanks to all the stewards; Jimmy Scott laid tracks and was lots of support to my sister Beryl Gummow, laying her first competition tracks.  Beryl was also control steward - she had practised for weeks and came all the way from Derbyshire.  Jenny Beaton laid the first square and trained up another newbie Jackie (sorry don’t know your surname) who laid the other 6 and brought along her very helpful son Aden.  Chris Woodhouse drove me around and supplied vital chocolate, while base staff were efficient, prepared for anything, and supplied plenty of tasty food; and there was a great atmosphere in the hall.  Perfect.

The competitors were great with a wide variety of breeds and for the first time I’ve ever witnessed everyone do a perfect sendaway.  Well done all and good luck in the future.

8 entered, 7 worked.

1st Jacquie Hall and Cy, NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM N BLUES, Chesapeake Bay Ret, Dog, Q, 189.   Perfect track and very little else wrong. Congratulations.

2nd Dave McPhillips handling June’s Maisie, CRICHTON CEILEIDH, ESS, Bitch, Q, 167.  Another lovely track and the most entertaining control round!

3rd Sam Ashton and Dot, DOTTY DOTTY, CDEx, WSD, Bitch, NQ, 179.  Lovely sympathetic handling of a very sound sensitive collie, hope you can build her confidence.

4th Adele Whittemore and Jack, ANJODA MIRAMBO, CDEx, GSD, Dog, NQ, 155.5.  Another perfect track, hard luck today but bags of potential.




Tracklayers: Barbara Mattieson and Jim Jeffrey

Steward: Phil Glasgow

Thank you SKC for inviting me to judge WD.  Alan Bolton was meant to judge this stake, but unfortunately was still not quite up to such a long journey north – it wasn’t easy to fill your shoes, but I hope I did you justice, Alan.  Brian Glasow was a great Trials Manager, and was patience personified as I asked him to move the scale jump just one more time…!  Phil was the perfect steward during both C/A and nosework, carrying out my instructions perfectly, and putting competitors at their ease.  Every dog retrieved four articles from their squares, and he even managed to prevent me getting run over outside the base!  Thank you, Phil, and good luck with the rest of school.  Jim and Barbara laid my track pattern precisely, as always – thank you so very much.

The conditions were dry but very windy, and the tracks were laid on stubble.  7 dogs entered and 5 ran.  During the C/A I requested that handlers controlled their dogs between exercises without pulling them around by the collars, and every team managed this with no problems.

1st Mr and Mrs B Ogle and EYLAUERHOFS ROMMEL, Rott, D, 197, Q.  Completed the track as if on rails, despite the strong wind – Brian and Panza worked totally in tune with each other.  Good control also.  Very well done.

2nd John Hood with CHEYENNE DAWN, BSD, B, 167.5, NQ.  A shaky start to the track, but then got into her stride and retrieved both articles.  Nice C/A, but such a shame about the down!

3rd Carol Ashworth and TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, FC Ret, B, 121.5, NQ.  Got only part of the way round the track – no doubt put off by the strong winds.  A lovely team to watch in the control.

4th W and J Mackie and TYGUARD ANDIS, GSD, D, 85, NQ.  Lost their way in strong winds and on difficult terrain.  A lovely dog who just wants to please his dad – no wonder he qualified the week before!

Thank you to the competitors for entering and for accepting my decisions graciously.  It was wonderful to be able to judge both the nosework and the C/A, and so see the dogs right through the stake – a great decision by the SKC committee.

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