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Tracklayers:  Ann Bedford and Phil Glasgow

I would like to thank the Scottish Kennel Club for the invitation to Judge the UD nosework at the Airth trial.  My thanks also to John Gray and Betty Calderwood for organising the Trial and looking after us on the day.

Thank you to Ann Bedford and Phil Glasgow for laying the tracks. It was Phil’s first time as a tracklayer and I think he was more nervous than the competitors, but he did an excellent job.  Both he and Ann put the tracks down exactly as asked.  Jackie Suckling was my search steward and again laid each square perfectly.  The tracking seemed to cause a problem for a few of the dogs. The best track of the day was done by Ailsa Anderson’s collie, Jean, who went round on rails for a full mark track, and then a full mark search square.  Sadly this dog was withdrawn after the control round.   Some of the other dogs were also withdrawn from the control round, or before the stays, leaving only two dogs eligible for placing.

1st Sheena Kerr and DEARBHAIL CAILIN (GSD).   Cisco had a few problems on the track but sorted them out, and then settled down to track well.  She got three articles out of the square.  Once the down stay is sorted she will do really well.

2nd Pam Cuthbert and PIERCES APPRENTICE (X Breed).  Sam missed the last leg of the track, and then went on to get three out of the square, locating the fourth article seconds after the timer had finished.  Another dog to watch when the C/A is sorted. 147.5, NQ.

I would like to thank the competitors for being a pleasant and sporting group of people, and I enjoyed watching your dogs.

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