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Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Barbara, Ailsa and Jim

Stewards: Roy and Jenny

I would like to thank the SKC for the invitation to judge at this trial held in the beautiful Perthshire countryside. Tracking was on stubble fields and the control was in a large grass field with ample parking and a small wooded area to hide in during the stays. My thanks to my tracklayers, Barbara, Ailsa and Jim who did a sterling job and to Roy for all the squares and stewarding for control on Saturday, and Jenny for stewarding Sunday. Also a big thank you to Robbie and his team for all the work that goes in to organising a trial; as I said at the end of the trial a lot of people have no idea of the work involved.

We had a total entry of 16, 8 each day and on the first day saw two lovely tracks; unfortunately both dogs broke the stays so no qualifiers. The weather on Sunday was no different but 7 out of 8 dogs completed the track. Thank you for believing your dogs eventually - they were right! Two of these dogs made minor mistakes in the control so I ended up with 5 qualifiers, all well deserved.

I would like to add one comment which is that I was invited to judge the whole of the Stake and I really enjoyed the fact that I could see the dogs right through, not sharing the judging with someone else. As this is the case in Championship why not in Open? Many of us due to location (have you seen the price of diesel?), work and home commitments cannot travel every week to trials so do not often get the chance to judge control. Perhaps other societies would like to give this some thought.

1st     Rosie Robson with KIZZY, a lovely labradoodle with a cracking attitude. 195.5, Q

2nd   Mary Edgar with LEX. A perfect track, small hitch on jumps but otherwise a lovely round. 192, Q

3rd   John Hood with FLY. Nice track and a happy control round.

4th    Valerie King with TIKKI, A good competent round, worth coming to Scotland for!

Also qualifying

Avril Bryson with PIP. A small dog with a big heart, pulled her mum five times down the leg of the track before her mum believed her!

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