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TD, WD, UD, Control and Agility


Steward : Lindsay Errington

Thank you to John Gray and his gang of great helpers, who made this a very well run trial.  Thanks to Lindsay, you were a super steward putting people at their ease. The weather proved very difficult for both dogs and handlers, giving Lindsay an inventive way of keeping the poles on the 3' (chewing gum!).


1st           Jill Carruthers and JASUETER RED GARNET (GSD) 191.75 Q.  Sympathetically handled by Jill. Well done.

2nd         Ian Forrest and ARGONNE ALI (GSD). 183Q.  Super dog, great attitude.  Nice one. 109.75 NQ.  Lovely control round.  Impressive.

3rd          A. Pollard with PRIDE OF GLEN (G.RET) 109.75 N.Q. Lovley control round. Impressive

4th          N. Bilmoria and ELLIE OF FRIEZLAND 68.25NQ.  What a cracking little dog with such a lovely bond with her handler.


1st           79.75 NQ.  G. Tait with INSPECTOR MORSE (GSD).

2nd         69.25 NQ. J. Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK (G. RET)


1st           195.75Q. Ed Brown with DIVAS DELIGHT.  Impressive quiet handling with a super bitch.  Well done.

2nd         195.25NQ. Heather Halton with CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER.  Glad to see him getting back on track.  Good luck.

3rd          167.5 NQ. Fran Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN.  Good C&A round.  Well handled.

4th          152.75NQ. Kath McGuckin with MERRYDANCER OF COURT.  Nice little bitch. Keen as mustard.


TD Nosework


Tracklayers : Robbie Warner (both days), Harry Arbuckle (Sat), Brian Glasgow (Sun)

Steward : Bill Mackie

Many, many thanks to S.K.C., my tracklayers and steward, and everyone to do with this very well organised and friendly trial.  Unfortunately the weather proved a real killjoy.  Nosework on lush grass between 8" and 18" length.  Both days gale, gushing to storm force winds with intermittent heavy showers.  Only four of the sixteen entrants completed the track.

1st and Qual DIVAS DELIGHT (BLACK LAB BITCH) 195.75 - 220

Owned and handled by Ed Brown.  Dog and handler worked quietly and patiently in perfect harmony.  Delightful nosework.

2nd and Not Qual CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER (LAB DOG - BLACK) 195.25-200.  Owned and handled by Heather Halton, partner of, and "trainer" to Ed Brown. Worked as above but not so quietly.  The character of these Labradors is a credit to Ed and Heather's breeding programme.

3rd and Not Qual RENDALE ROBIN (LAB DOG) 167.5 - 200

Owned and handled by Fran Mitchell.  Gave the impression he would track well in more normal conditions.

4th and Not Qual MERRYDANCER OF COURT (WSD BITCH). 152.75 - 200.

Owned and handled by Kath McGuckin.  Prevented a clean sweep by the "Hoover" family.

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