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Trials Managers Report.

This new Trial came about after an introduction to working trial day held back in April to introduce new people to this great world of Working Trials so Harry Arbuckle suggested a Trial to try and encourage some of these new handlers and dogs to compete, well the rest is history now so I would like to thank the SKC for allowing the Crieff Dog Training Club to run this Open Trial at this beautiful venue of Crieff in Perthshire.

This was our first trial and my first attempt at Trials Manager, which was made a lot easier with the help from the following people before and during the trial, Philippa Ireland (trials secretary), Harry Arbuckle, Carol Ashworth and John Westaby It was a good team effort, I would also like to thank the other members of this new trials team who all knew what they had to do and carried their duties out to perfection, these members were Joyce Westaby Joanne, Margaret Naismith at the base, Score keepers at the control field Carol Ashworth, Philippa Ireland. Philippa seemed to every where, even escorting competitors to the tracking fields, Also for the ladies who kept the troupes happy and well fuelled with the food Linda, Mary and Rene,.

Trials would not be able to take place if was not for the generous help from the landowners who allow us mad doggy people to prance allover their land so a big thanks to Bob Simpson and John McClaren. To make a good trial you also need a good base and that was provided by Muthill Golf Club, the local golfers must have wondered what had happened to their quaint little golf course that weekend but to their credit they actually were very interested in what was going on, good to see two sports getting on together.

The entry was healthy 12 dogs in CD and 7dogs UD a nice number to break our team in gently. Now for this trial to take place we needed two judges no show with out punch, Our judges Ian Forest (CD) and Helen Jones (UD) put all the competitors and ease and set a nice test for handlers and dogs. I would also like to thank Joan Hutchison from Gilbertson & Page for her involvement with the trial by supplying bags of food for the prize winners. Thanks to John and Joyce Westaby for giving Phil and myself a room for the night,  and last but not least thanks to the competitors for entering this new trial and I hope that the trial will be added to the Working Trial calendar for years to come.



Stake: CD


Square Steward: Phil Glasgow

Control Steward: Harry Arbuckle

Thanks to The SKC for the invite to judge CD at this brand new trial, thanks also to my square steward Phil Glasgow who done an excellent and professional job and my control steward Harry who was great and made my job much easier.

I must thank trials manager Brian and his team of helpers for organising such a well run and enjoyable trial.

The competitors worked their dogs with a great attitude and were a pleasure to judge.

There are plans to possibly add a WD stake next year and with the land available, beautiful location and such a friendly bunch of people I cannot recommend this trial enough to anyone, even trialists as far a field as Englandshire should consider traveling to Crieff.

1st           LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER BC and Helen Rajska Q 86.5. Superb round from this team, perfect square and good control round, good luck in the higher stakes Well Done.

2nd         VICTOR AT BALKELLO WSD and Wendy Strang NQ 83

Great round from Scotty and Wendy, once the down stay is cracked this dog will leap up the stakes.

3rd          TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT GSD and Jenny Beaton NQ 77 Jed was well handled by Jenny and looks a promising team for the future

4th          CLACHNABEN LAD LAB and John Westaby NQ 76

This team are very promising, a fine round with only the scale and sit stay causing problems


UD Stake


Steward: Betty Calderwood,

Tracklayers: Robbie Warner and Harry Arbuckle,

Lovely trial, had a great time nice base and well organized

1st           Q 192-200 - Carol Ashworth & HOLLY. Great round had us scared at the jumps but she did well.

2nd         NQ 159.5-200 - Tanya Whorwood & RUSKIN. Did a nice track, will get his UD Open soon.

3rd          NQ 145-200, - Wendy Strang & SCOTTIE, What a lovely wee lad, seemed to enjoy himself.

4th          NQ 122-200, - Jenny Beaton & JED, Nice big pup, sorry about the sendaway.

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