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Stakes: CD and UD, WD & TD C&A


Stewards: Helen Kelly, Philip Glasgow & Jack Votier

My thanks to SKC for this invitation and especially to John Gray as Trials Manager for his organization, Iain Forrest for sorting the entries, and to my mum Betty Calderwood in the Base.

My stewards were excellent and I’d especially like to thank Helen and Jack for giving up watching/playing football to assist.

CD Stake

Only 2 worked but both showed great enthusiasm and promise.

1st           Rudi Fruzynski and MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER, BC   D  Keen young dog, knows all the elements of the exercises, just needs to polish up to show his full potential.  Inexperience showed in the jumps. 87 NQ  

2nd         Kirsty Maitland and AMAZON INNOCENT LOVE, Dobe   B   Lovely bouncy dog, super control, but totally sidetracked (bird watching) during the search. Up the reward for the search and scale and her motivation will be channelled in the right direction.  74 NQ

C&A: UD was kept simple and carried out with no problems.  For WD & TD, heelwork was carried out around two poles and a stationary Jack.  The retrieve and speak were done with the handler working next to Jack.

WD was of a very high standard. TD was quite poor overall, with only a few dogs looking ready for the next level.


1st           Jenny Beaton and TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT, GSD, D. Super round, despite Jenny’s nerves, has always had the potential and at last got it together on the same day. Control 29.5/30 (gun not included) and Agility 18/20.  184.5 COM.

2nd         Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD, D.  Great control, even gives a paw during the retrieve (must be in the breeding).  Keep working on the scale.  29.5/30 and 10/20.  186.5 NQ

3rd          Yvonne Walker and DIEGO’S CAUGHT ‘N’ THE ACT, Dobe, D.  Another one not keen on the scale, but otherwise worked a very good, confident round.  29/30 and 11.5/20.  154.4 NQ

4th          Bill Mackie and TYGUARD ANDIS, GSD, D.  Nice, enthusiastic dog, who will hopefully begin to settle down and have control brought in throughout the test.  19/30 and 17/20.  109 NQ


1st           Wendy Strang and VIKTOR AT BALKELLO, WSD, D.  Without a doubt the best C&A of the trial; a faultless round.  Scotty worked in a happy positive manner, very smart and potentially very good.  30/30 and 20/20.  176 COM

2nd         Liz Roberts and CALLANWAY HARRIS, GSD, D.  The best I have seen this team work, nicely handled by Liz to bring the best out of her dog. 29/30 & 20/20. 170.5 COM

3rd          Moira Rogerson and STARDELL HEBE, BC, B.  The next best round of the weekend, smart and professional, a real pleasure to watch.  29.5/30 and 19.5/20. 171.5 NQ

4th          Carol Ashworth and TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, F/Ret, B.  We so willed Holly over the scale, but on this occasion it was not to be; with a bit more roast chicken it’s getting there.  24.5/30 and 10/20.  158 NQ


1st           Susan Cable and MISTY WHISPERS, X Breed, B.  First time in TD, Susan came in lacking in confidence, however Wisp had other ideas and worked a good round.  Good solid speak and heelwork, a bit more work needed on the sendaway, but it’s all there. 24/30 and 17/20.  193 COM

2nd         Fran Atkin and BRONFYNNON BRECON, WSD, D.  A few extra commands required on the sendaway, and you need to take time between them. Very good speak, and the rest of the work was well done. 26.5/30 and 20/20.  187.5 COM

3rd          Moira Rogerson and SELDOMSEEN RIO, WSD, D.  Few folk train and handle their dogs better, and it shows with whatever dog Moira works. A bit of work needed on the sendaway, but otherwise was of an excellent standard. 26/30 & 20/20.  185 COM  

4th          Rudi Fruzynski and XANDOAS SPLASH, WSD, D.  A lovely keen dog that knows what he has to do, but needs more polish and control to smarten up the round and be successful in ticket.  21/30 and 19/20.  184 COM

Best of luck in the future to all competitors, enjoy your dogs.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: John Hood, Jim

Stewards: Phil Glasgow, Jim Jeffrey

Thanks to SKC for asking me to judge, to Jim and John for laying the tracks and to Phil and Jim for the squares.

I had 8 entries, 5 ran.  Tracking was on grass which became very long as we worked around the field.  Track articles were a piece of hose pipe and 3” square of carpet.  Square articles were dolly peg, pack of handies, tablespoon and 3” of carpet.

All dogs were steady to the gun.

1st           Jenny Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT, (Jed).  Pulled Jenny round the track in double quick time, hardly put a paw wrong. 87/20/27.

2nd         Brian Glasgow with NORSHEP ROCCO, (Rocco).  Lovely track and all four from the square. Best track and square.  89/20/34.

3rd          Yvonne Walker  with DIEGO’S CAUGHT IN THE ACT, (Darcey).  Just went astray on the last corner. Got further than mum expected !!!!  75/0/34.

4th          Bill Mackie  with TYGUARD ANDIS, (Meeka).  Not his day today on the track, but a lovely full point square.  23/10/35.


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers:  Brian Glasgow and David McPhilips

Steward: Jenny Beaton

Tracking conditions were good.  It was good to judge, but very nerve wracking.

There were only six entries, which was a bit disappointing, but they were all really nice tracking dogs.  The squares made the difference between the dogs – I don’t know who was more confused, the dogs or the handlers.  Trust your dog, he knows best.

Many thanks to my tracklayers and steward, and to John Gray, the Trials Manager.

1st  Wendy Strang, Q,176

2nd  Liz Roberts,  Q, 170.5

3rd  Moira Rogerson, NQ, 171.5

4th  Carol Ashworth, NQ, 159


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Robbie Warner, Harry Arbuckle

Steward: Sheila Shearer

Thanks to SKC for the invite, the tracklayers for precise work in thick fog, Sheila for identical squares for all competitors, and John Gray, the Trials Manager and caterer, for coping so well with so many last minute alterations.

Ten entered, seven ran, and worked on knee length grass on a dry windless day.  Luckily, the fog cleared before judging commenced.

1st  Ms S Cable with her X-breed bitch “WISP” – 193/220.  A lovely team in their first try at TD.  Tracked like a dream and the only dog to get four out of the search.

2nd  Mrs F Atkin and her WSD dog “BRECON” – 187.5/220.  Good concentrated tracking, but a liking for the grass in the search restricted Brecon to recovering only two articles.

3rd  Moira Rogerson with her WSD dog “RIO” – 185/220.  The most ‘laid-back’ dog Moira has ever had – almost comatose at times – but still does the job.

4th  Rudi Fruzynski and his WSD dog “JASPER” – 184/220.  Lovely track, only losing three.  Search article recovery a little manic.

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