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Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Harry Arbuckle and Iain Forrest

Stewards: Philip Glasgow (search), Jim Fleming (C/A)

I was very pleased to receive the invitation from the SKC to judge at this trial.  Thanks should go to the Trials Manager, Robbie Warner, for a very well organised and enjoyable trial. Thanks also to John and Joyce Westaby for being my hosts. 

The base was the Muthill Golf Club, in a lovely setting. A grand job was done by ladies in the base who kept everything under control.  The catering was excellent and very much appreciated by all at the trial.

The setting for this trial is lovely, and the fields for the first tracks were so close at hand they could be watched from the base. Tracking was on grassy stubble. The weather, while not cold, was very misty, to the extent that the first team came face to face with a flock of sheep emerging from the mists.  All teams, bar one, completed the tracks and searches with honours.

Thanks to my tracklayers Harry Arbuckle and Iain Forrest – brilliant, and so thought the competitors, I’m sure.  Philip Glasgow was appointed search steward; an excellent job, great company and having stewarded for me before, knew to remind me of all my bits and pieces, kept coffee on the go, and directed me to where I should be.  Thank you, Philip.

The control was in a wide open grass stubble field, which enabled everyone to watch each other. Jim Fleming was my very able steward for the afternoon.  He directed everyone with care and clarity - thank you, Jim. The control round was very well done by all; the standard was high and no particular exercise caused a problem, but unfortunately teams would just lose out on one thing or another.  All were very capable of qualifying, but I was surprised to find I had only one.

This is a very friendly trial with a great atmosphere.  What was especially nice was all competitors applauded each team as they left the field.  Fantastic camaraderie.

1st           Alan Bolton and NORSHEP SHADOW, GSD, 139.5 + 33 + 20. Lovely track and search, an excellent control round. Litter brother to the following - I see some interesting battles in the future. Both dogs had full mark tracks and 0.5 lost on the squares.  193 Q.  

2nd         Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD, 144.5 + 32 + 13.5.   Comments as above.  I would have loved to have a picture of Brian’s smile when he realised he had not been blown off the track, just removed due to the sheep. Lovely work Brian.190 NQ.

3rd          Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, GR, 144 + 34 + 10.   The marks talk for themselves.  A good team, with good work. 188 NQ.

4th          Ann Bedford and ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, XB, 143 + 31 + 13. Abi worked beautifully and Ann was delighted with the results.  Well done.  187 NQ.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Harry Arbuckle and Brian Glasgow

Stewards: Search - Philip Glasgow; Control – Brian Glasgow

Thanks to SKC for inviting me to judge WD nosework and C/A.  It was my first visit to this fairly new trial, and I was very impressed – a superb venue – quiet, scenic, great base, good ground and a friendly trial.  Well worth a visit!

Thanks to Trials Manager Robbie Warner and his band of helpers.  Also to Brian Glasgow and Harry Arbuckle for their very experienced tracklaying.  Again to Brian for C/A in the afternoon.  And to Philip – wow! What a super search steward for one so young; he just got on with it with the same efficiency as his Dad – well taught, Brian!

It was nice to have spectators and competitors watching and applauding – a bonus these days.

Sendaways worth a mention – all dogs bombed out at full speed for 150 yards, enjoyed by all.

1st           Roy Drummer with MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE, FRC, D.  Q, 179.5.  A full mark track – magic- only two search articles, but excellent C/A assured first place.

2nd         Jim McKay with CONADREW VASCO, GSD, D.  Q, 175.  A few blips on the track, which Hubble sorted out.  Lucky four from the square, and again good C/A.

3rd          Wendy Strang with VICTOR AT BALKELLO, WSD, D.  NQ, 159.5.  A knife-edge on the track.  A good square raised the odds, but although he qualified in C/A, there was not enough overall…that half mark.

4th          carol Ashworth with TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, FCR, B.  NQ, 152.  Another good FCR.  Holly would have made it but for the down stay.

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