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Trial Held: 14 September 2003




Steward: Ann Bedford

Thank you to S.K.C. for the invitation to judge, to the Trials Manager Barbara Mathieson, my very able steward Ann Bedford and the mathematicians at the Base. There were .9 dogs entered of whom eight worked, and alas, no qualifiers, though Gary's Morse, who did a very nice round , would have qualified easily had he made it over the scale. Encouraging to see such a variety of breeds having a go. My feeling is that some handlers were, perhaps through inexperience, sabotaging their dog's chances by setting them up far too close to the long jump, so that the dogs had no option but to trot through or hop off to one side. This jump cannot be done from a standstill. Squares were of mixed standard. All the dogs located all the articles in seconds. Not all then wanted to pick them up (small plastic flower pot, piece of denim, large j am pot lid). Practice on a wider variety of articles should sort this.

1st Mr G Tait, INSPECTOR MORSE' (GSD) D. 80.5 NQ.

2nd Miss H Rajska, LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER (BC) D. 78 NQ.

3rd Miss J Wood, TRIALEX DARK ANGEL (GSD) B. 77.5 NQ and a full mark square in 55 seconds. Very nice.

4th Mrs E McGroarty, TRIALEX BRIGHT LIGHT (GSD) B. 67.5 NQ




Tracklayers: Bill Mackie & Helen Jones Square

Steward: Brian Glasgow

Many thanks to S.K.C. for the invitation to 33 judge, thanks to the ladies at the base, the food van, the trials manager (Barbara Mathieson) and also John Gray for being well organised, my two tracklayers Bill and He len, my square steward Brian - the tracks and squares were perfectly laid, just as I wanted them. Your time and effort were very much appreciated. And last but not least, thanks to Jun e and David McPhillips (they drink loads), for putting me up - I had a great time and can't wait to do it again, thank you.

1st 185pts. Mrs R Kilbride, CURION CONOR (BC) One little sticky patch on the track nearly gave us heart failure, but recovered well to go on and complete the track. Well done.

2nd 178.5pts. Mrs C Hall, JESS OF SELDOMS EEN (WSD) An absolutely fabulous track, that 1st article cost you first place, but nevei1heless you were a treat to watch. (I mean your dog - not you Carole!) Only joking!? Well done.

3rd 169.5pts. Mrs W Strang, VOYTEK AT BALKELLO (X Breed) Super fast track, I think Wendy needed water at the end of it, not the dog. Well done.

4th NQ 170.5pts. Mrs S Braithwaite, NORSHEP SHULA (GSD) Hard line Stevie, your nosework was fine, obviously you didn't bribe the control judge enough! You are nearly there, keep at it because I love judging you. To those who qualified, you deserved it, to those who didn't - keep at it, you were all so very close. I hope you enjoyed it, I certainly did.




Tracklayers: Jim Jeffries & Joyce Rae

Steward: Derek McAuley

Many thanks to all who made this Trial run so smoothly; John Gray, Barbara Mathieson, all the base stewards and everyone else who helped in any way. My tracklayers and search steward were brilliant, they worked hard laying tracks and searches only to have to retrace their steps to recover all the articles. The ground looked great but dogs found it extremely difficult. All the best tracks came from the same area, elsewhere others never made it past the first leg- really odd!

1st CoM 185.5. Betty Calderwood & ISLA (X) B. A very good team. Is la is a good tracking dog, a real pleasure to watch; not so committed in the square but made it by the skin of her teeth. Best track and search Trophy. Well done Betty.

2nd CoM 181.5. Ann Timlin & ANJA (GSD) B. Again a good team. Identical track marks to the first team, only 2 marks separating them on the square. Well done Ann.

3rd NQ 168. Julia Findeisen & ANYA (GSD) B. Worked hard and was one of only 2 dogs to recover all 3 track articles, then everyone's nightmare 'one from the square'. It was a shame Julia, better luck next time.

4th NQ 165.5. Heather Halton (Lab) D. This dog worked his socks off and never gave up ttying. His ground for the search square had slightly shorter grass but he still had to work hard for the 2 articles he found . He is a gem Heather, but I'm sure you know that. Good luck.

The other dog to get 3 articles and 89 for the track was Ann Bedford's Molly- and only one from the square. Hard lines Ann her day will come. 

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