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Stake: WD 


Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers and Jim Jeffries,

Steward: Gary Tait.


Thank you to SKC for the judging appointment, Jill, up early laying the first tracks, Jim, not only laying tracks but driving me up and down the road, and Gary, keeping everything moving in the control and laying the squares.

Who would have thought, tracking in T-shirts in December?  Not I, who had packed a wardrobe of cosy clothes, but on Friday we did just that.  Beautiful sunny day hardly a breath of wind.  Saturday was another matter, with fog so thick you could barely see 10ft in front of you.

Twelve teams entered, ten ran, 2 teams scratched after nosework, one on Fri, the other on Sat.  Of the remaining teams the tracking was superb to watch, each team only losing minor marks.

Lauder ground is not the easiest for the handlers, rough, wet and marshy - we had one faller and a couple of nearlies, but everyone was unhurt and continued on, thank goodness.  Control was also of a very high standard, with two handlers scoring full marks.

I really did have a lovely weekend judging; thanks to Bob Russell and the SKC for getting this trial up and running again.


1st           Moira Rogerson, XANDOAS SCOUT, Scout, 198.5, Q.  Worked Sat, in the thick fog with me walking right behind, hardly a paw put wrong, lovely to watch.  Well done.

2nd         Sharon Brown, TARNEDGE ECLIPSE, Ernie, 195, Q.  Tracked Friday, and did a fab round in the sunshine.

3rd          Jenny Holt, BEELAHOLT BRYN, Bryn, 191, Q.  Lovely collie, good strong round.

4th          Sally Rose, RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Bonnie, 190.5, Q.  This little Lab fair pulled her mum round the track - not easy to hold on, Sally, well done.  Control very good.


Also qualified:

Bill Richardson, XANDOAS ISA, Isa, 181.5

Bill Mackie, BUDLAUBER ANYA, Liesle, 173.5

Jenny Holt, BEELAHOLT BRIAR, Briar, 160.5



Stake: TD 


Tracklayers: Derek McCauley, Jimmy Scott, Bill Mackie

Search Steward and C/A scribe: Tess Shoolbred

C/A Steward: Jill Carruthers


Driving seven hours to a working dog trial to judge gives you plenty of thinking time.  How cold would Scotland be?   Incorrect on first issue – warmer in Scotland than in England.  Packed three sets of waterproofs – did not rain at all and the vest stayed in the suitcase!

Tracking on Lauder Common can be challenging.  The land tracked well throughout, with a good success rate.  The biggest problem was that many teams found the terrain demanding whilst tracking and the dogs appeared rather tired in the search square.  Throughout the nosework we did not see one single sheep on the land used for the tracking.

Special thanks to my two excellent tracklayers, Derek and Jimmy.  Not an easy task but both laid well with the aid of a compass.  On day two, Lauder town had thick fog but clear up on the common.  Thanks to Bill Mackie for laying the spare tracks and to my partner, Tess, for laying all the search squares and scribing the C/A.

Earlier snow was visible on the surrounding peaks, making Lauder Common a sight to behold.  The trial was most capably managed by Team Russell - Carol and Bob - and everything ran according to plan.  Special thanks to Margaret for scoring the C/A in the field, to ensure that I could personally congratulate the winner before “Facebook” did so.

For the control and agility we had a large grass field at Muircleugh, just behind the tracking land.  Because of the hilly terrain, we used the top half but the sendaway and re-direct became like a PD lockout, as it was not possible for watching competitors or spectators to watch others attempt the exercise, despite my efforts for them to be able to do so.


1st           Lorna Cottier, STARDELL MARS, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 198.5, Q.  Excellent track – all three articles from track and keen search with three recovered.  Very good control round and qualified agility after hurdle failure.  Clear deserved winner of the stake.  Presentation photograph with her daughter Jill was worth the trip alone!

2nd         Pat Parkinson, WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, D, 195, Q.  Pushed nosework leader, Lorna, throughout but long jump failure proved costly.  Very good track after being “mugged” on way to start of track by local border collie who thought he was the Laird shouting out, “Get off my land”

3rd          Barry Gilbert, WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 192, Q.  Excellent track but two from the square was costly for the TD form dog of the moment.

4th          Fay Rae, SILVERSNIPE ONLY ONCE, CDEx –WDEx, Labrador, D, 187.5, Q.  This team impressed me throughout.  A lively dog, well-handled on the track – a lively dog to handle.  Again, well controlled control and agility gaining a well-deserved qualification.


Also qualifying TDEx:

Bill Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, CDEx – PDEx. TDEx. BSD. D, 186.  A lively dog, but well controlled throughout my test.

Qualifying TD:

Moira Rogerson THREENINES KATIE, BSD, B, 171.5


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