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TD Stake

John Gray

Thank you to The Scottish Kennel Club for this invitation.

The weather was just awful.Rain Rain all day. Thank you to the tracklayers and search steward for their efforts.

The control was performed really well.Jumps were exceptional considering the rain.Tracking was all but imposible, although one dog did get round the track.

1st. ElaineBarr. Freddies Just Dynamite, ( C  Span ) Q  Only dog to get round the track today. A very worthy winner.How you managed to get round in that weather I will never know

2nd. Jayne Lewis.Rynston Rhys.( W>S>D )NQ. A very good prospect for the future.You are a long towards that first EX quaiification.Good luck.

3rd.W.Mackie.Budlauber Anna. (GSD) NQ. A very good stab at the track. Almost there, nice to see her working well.

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