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Open Trial
Venue: Longniddry
Trial Held: 07 October 2007


Trials Manager’s Report

This was our first year in a new base and what a find it turned out to be. Due to lack of catering facilities we had to move to a hall where we could make our own food. Everyone seemed to enjoy having tea on tap and somewhere to sit and chat. Thanks very much to the base staff Lorna (and Sam) who stood and cooked for hours even though the baby was imminent (we didn’t appreciate at the time how imminent!!!), David Braithwaite, Betty Calderwood, Jackie Suckling (who was there both days even though she felt unwell) and Sue Denny. Stevie Braithwaite and Anne Forrest also helped out. Thanks again to our usual farmers, Morgan Nicoll, Bill Leckie and Wullie Thompson.

A few special thank you’s this year: to David (him indoors!) who never gets thanked but walks out all my fields, lays the early TD tracks and generally puts up with me, Mick Suckling who doesn’t compete in trials but laid the UD squares both days and chauffeured the judge around, Derek McAulay who did his usual jumps and signs duties along with stewarding CD and laying UD tracks, and last but not least, Ann Bedford who in one weekend managed to work and qualify her dog, help out in base, lay UD tracks and also fit in her Treasurer duties. What a star.

As any Trials Manager will appreciate, it would not be possible to run trials without helpers like these and trials should be proud of them. Competitors who don’t (or are unable to) help should appreciate the time and effort put in!

June McPhillips


Stake: CD


Steward: Derek McAulay

Many thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge CD - it was a great experience. Thank you also to everyone at the base, Lorna and David in the kitchen and David doing the scores - and to everyone else who helped the trial run smoothly.   Also of course a massive thanks to June McPhillips for once again sacrificing her own time and precious days off to organise and manage this trial, including finding us a fabulous new base.   Derek did a great job as my Steward and, as usual, was excellent company - thanks again Derek!

We had crisp, sunny conditions for CD and the competitors were able to park close to the competition area to watch each others’ rounds. Of the 7 entrants, 5 competed and all gave sterling performances, considering many of the dogs’ inexperience. The stays in particular were very impressive - obviously lots of patient, hard work had gone in there.  

1st     Steve Hirst and TRIJEM TRU BLUE COWBOY OF AVAWAGA, (ASD). What a charmer this dog is!   He decided against doing the sit stay but then went on to give an exemplary performance for Steve - and still just a baby.   Great to see his full tail in all its glory too. 85.5, Q

2nd   Helen Watson and DIEGO’S DE LA CRUZ, (Dobe). Lovely happy dog who was eager to please, and whose enthusiasm was well channeled by mum for an excellent control round. Oh so close with the jumps - he tried so hard at the scale but it wasn’t quite enough, but I’m sure he’ll nail it next time. 92.5, NQ

3rd   A Alonzi and GLEN VD SCHOONDERBEEK HOEVE, (Weim).   Another smiley dog who did an excellent job for mum (despite her nerves!). It’s all there, just the scale to conquer and there will be no stopping you. Again, great to see a lovely tail as nature intended it. 91, NQ

4th    Pam Cuthbert and PIERCE’S APPRENTICE, (X Breed). Sam did a great job considering his youth, with a lovely search square and a particularly impressive retrieve. Well done Pam. 65, NQ

Thank you to the competitors for entering, and the very best of luck in your future trial careers.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Saturday – Lorraine Wilson and Jimmie Scott, Sunday – Ann Bedford and Derek McCauley

Square Steward: Mick Suckling

I would like to thank SWTS for asking me to judge my first Nosework Stake. Also many thanks to Trials Manager June McPhillips, and also Dave McPhillips for their support. There were the other helpers (too numerous to mention) in the base and the catering, who all played a blinder as usual, and who also deserve our appreciation and thanks. Then there was my brilliant square steward, Mick Suckling, who drove me around and entertained me, and most importantly, laid every square exactly as I wanted with no fuss at all – and he doesn’t even work a dog at the moment!!   He was great.

The tracking was on very dry stubble, and the weather was unseasonably warm for October, although slightly cooler on Sunday, but the tracklayers again were brilliant – Lorraine and Jimmie on Saturday and Ann and Derek on Sunday – it’s a big comfort to a first time judge to have experienced tracklayers to rely on. Thanks to you all.

1st     Mr. C. Griffiths with WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD, three year old bitch. Just a few waffles on the beginning legs of the track and an imperfect corner, then settled into a lovely steady track, picking up both articles, and also 3 out of the square. Congratulations, and I’m sure she’ll go on to bigger and better things. Nosework total 135.5, Qual CoM

2nd   Mr. D.J. Nelson with SELDOMSEEN HOBBSONS CHOICE, WSD, two year old dog. Very unsettled on the first legs, and three imperfect corners, but congratulations on two articles off the track and two out of the square. Nosework total 123, Qual CoM

3rd   Mrs. Stevie Braithwaite with NORSHEP BRECK, GSD, almost three year old dog. A few waffles in general around the track and two imperfect corners, with only one track article but four out of the square meant that Stevie received the Best Nosework Trophy. Congratulations, and I know you were pleased with his nosework. Nosework total 132, NQ

4th    Miss Jacky Hall with NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM’N’BLUES, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a nineteen month old dog. A few waffles again in general around the track, then an uncharacteristic bad corner overshoot and a rabbit (hare?) haring!! up the field, meant Jacky had to use her experience to recover and finish, with two off the track. Unfortunately nil for the square. Well done on the track and good luck for the future. Nosework total 107, NQ

Interestingly, out of 16 dogs who ran, 9 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday, every dog found the first article on the track, but only three found the last article, and only three found four square articles.

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