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Open Trial
Venue: Throsk
Trial Held: 18 March 2007


Stake: CD


Steward: Pat Nelson

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge CD at Throsk.  As usual with SWTS, this was a well run and happy trial, despite the fact that Gwen Matear took over from Lorna Cottier at the last minute, due to Lorna having to step in and judge WD and PD in Alan Bolton’s place, as he has unfortunately been quite ill.  Nothing was too much bother to Gwen - thanks.  Pat Nelson was my steward; she did a brilliant job, and is such good company.  She was as desperate as I was to try and qualify everyone; she put people at ease, and made them laugh.  Thanks Pat.  Base was ably run by June and Helen - how they managed to read the soggy score sheets I don’t know!!  Thanks also for the lovely grub.  After being wet and starting to get cold, hot plentiful food certainly restores the smile!!  Congratulations to Ann for qualifying (and winning!!) UD.

The weather was windy, which caused a few problems with the clear jump, which kept losing poles!!  It rained in the last hour - well of course it would, that’s when everyone was doing the down stay!!  (Or not, as the case may be!!!)  There was a lovely variety of breeds, Dobermanns, Weimaraner, Collie, GSD, GWP, and cross breed, and all without exception were friendly and seeming to enjoy their day.  As is usual in CD, there were some dogs really close to qualifying who didn’t, but it shouldn’t be too long before they do.  All the handlers were an absolute delight to judge, friendly, polite, and lovely with their dogs.  Thank you for entering and making my day such a pleasure, even with the bad weather.

Ten entries all competed.

1st Com Helen Kelly, with LAETARE DYAMI, BC dog, “Shaz”.  Enthusiastic and happy dog, well handled.  Hope you enjoy going up through the stakes, well done.

2nd          Frank Clancy, with MISTERGEES COOL JAZZ, GSD bitch, “Jazz”.  Very enthusiastic, really enjoyed herself, and with a little more experience could go a lot further.  She was adopted by Frank from Guide Dogs, so he has done very well with her, and they have a lovely bond.  Good luck.

3rd           Morag Finlay, with LOCHEIL DUSK TILL DAWN, BC bitch, “Hollie”.  Lovely attitude from dog and handler.  Quite a small dog, which caused her a few problems. I enjoyed watching her work. Good luck.

4th           Sean Davidson, with KNECHT STING, Dobe dog, “Keano”.  Keano was a cool dude, enjoying himself, and doing pretty well.  Sean handled him well, and you will soon get there with him. Good luck.


Stake: UD nosework


Tracklayers: Sat, Johnny Scott and Jackie Hall; Sun, Derek McCauley and Helen Jones.

Search Stewards: Sat, Phil Glasgow; Sun, Derek and Helen.

Thank you to the Scottish Working Trial Society for giving me the opportunity to judge my first tracking stake. Thanks also to all the support staff at base for an excellent job of running the trial.

The weather was very windy on both days and colder on Sunday. The tracks were all on grass.  Special thanks to my stewards and track layers, especially Phil Glasgow who laid the Saturday squares perfectly, in a lot of pain from a broken big toe, and to Gwen Matear, stepping in as trials manager at short notice, to allow Lorna to replace Alan Bolton – Get Well Soon, Alan.

11 dogs worked, 7 good tracks.

1st                 Ann Bedford and ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, X, 192.5, Q.  Lovely track, perfect square, well handled. Congratulations.

2nd          Jonathon Massheder and PENTLAND VITHFARI, GSD, 191.5, Q.  Last dog to work, produced the best track of the weekend. Won best UD track and search trophy.

3rd           Rudi Fruzynski and MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER, BC, 183.5, Q.  Steady, well handled track, keen accurate work, 

4th           Stevie Braithwaite and NORSHEP BRECK, GSD, 183, NQ.  After a slow start, produced a lovely track, exuberant and strong.


Stake: UD, WD and TD C/A


Steward:  Betty Calderwood, both days

Thank you to SWTS for this judging appointment.  Gwen did a superb job as trials manager (job for life now, Gwen), and was ably assisted by Helen, June and Stevi at the base.  Hard working as ever the merry gang in the kitchen, Gwen`s Mum, Betty Calderwood, Lorna, and David Braithwaite that I know of, thank you all for keeping us well fed and watered!  A huge thank you to Betty, "an extremely efficient lady and super company", for scribing and keeping me in check over the two days.

We had a massive field for the C/A, but all the walking kept us fit and warm - I hope you have recovered, Betty.

The UD and WD rounds started with  retrieve, heelwork and sendaway (out to a boundary fence post with a plastic bag as a marker), followed by the agility.  TD started with heelwork then sendaway - competitors had to nominate their choice of redirect before they started the sendaway; the speak exercise was carried out walking back towards the agility.  We watched some excellent rounds and some were mixed, just like the weather, from sunshine, gale force winds, horizontal rain to snow over the weekend


1st     192.5, COM, ABI NEVIS SAY DIE,  X, with Ann Bedford.  Abi was not too keen on such a "strange person" (me), being in close proximity during the heelwork; she only lost 0.5 on the retrieve and had a full point sendaway.  With a comfortable agility round it gave this partnership a well deserved COM and first place. What a result, Ann.  Congratulations.

2nd   191.5, COM, PENTLAND VITHFARI,  GSD, with Jonathan Massheder.  Duke and Jonathan are new to trials and what a fantastic start for you both.  Just odd little bits needed to help Duke along.  Keep up the good work, you both have an enjoyable future ahead in trials.  Congratulations.

3rd   183.5, COM, MOONDANCE MATT OF BURNWATER,  BC, with Rudi Fruzynski.  Matt was not too keen on heelwork, but with a good retrieve and sendaway it was a comfortable round; the jumps were a bit tight, but he did enough for you today, Rudi.  Congratulations.

4th    183, NQ, NORSHEP BRECK,  with Stevi Braithwaite.  Breck had a lovely round, only lost 2 marks on his retrieve, but alas was not happy in the stay.  Obviously very good nosework with marks like this, it will come Stevi.  Good luck for your next outing.


1st     197.5, COM, KEENSHAW BUTCH, Lab, with Fran Mitchell.  What a dog!  A beautiful round, Fran. Harvey only lost 0.5 on his C/A, so why were you messing about on the nosework?  To lose two marks is careless!  Congratulations, and there will be many more to come.

2nd   188, COM, DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, GR, with Katy Whittemore.  Monty is a very handsome dog, very quietly and calmly handled by Katy - what a lovely partnership you have there.  Full agility and super control.  Congratulations.

3rd   169.5, COM, BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC, X, with Margo Delaney.  Zoë "almost" had full control to match her agility but for a small lapse!  She is such a character, Margo, and lots of fun.  Congratulations.

4th    NQ, 153.5, TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, F C Ret, with Carol Ashworth.  Holly had a very good control round, unfortunately a hiccup on the agility.  She is more than capable, Carol, you have CDEx to prove it. Good luck for your next outing.


1st     192.5, COM, SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, WSD, with Heather Patrick.  Ziggy produced a comfortable TD round of C/A, gaining another TD open.   Heather was a very happy Bunny.  Congratulations and good luck in Ticket.

2nd   163, NQ, STARDELL HEBE, BC, with Moira Rogerson.  Hebe got 10/10 sendaway - I know Hebe`s sendaway gave you such a lift today. Moira.

3rd   160.5, NQ, BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, BC, with Jenny Holt.  Ziggy had full agility and was not far off the mark with her control.

4th    151, NQ, ALFI PEPPERPOT, X, with Lorraine Wilson.  Alfi had a brilliant day today, with a lovely round of C/A, which stood him in good stead because he won TD at Dundee the following week. 


Stake:   WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Angela Porter and Bill Richardson

Steward: Becky Leonardi

I took over this appointment as Alan was unable to carry it out.  I was previously the trials manager, so reckon I got off lightly, as Gwen Matear took over and did all the hard work.  So my thanks to Gwen for her first class efforts, and to Helen Jones for sorting the entries.  We were well fed at the Base by June McPhillips and David Braithwaite.

Thanks to my helpers who gave the dogs the best possible chance.  The windy, wet and cold conditions meant it wasn’t always pleasant standing out in the fields.

1st     Fran Mitchell and KEENSHAW BUTCH, Lab, D.  Wonderful keen young dog that handled the very windy conditions like a pro.  Totally focused on the job in hand, a star in the making. Well done. (88.5/90 20/20, 34.5/35 = 143/145), 192.5, COM 

2nd   Katie Whittermore and DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, G Ret, D.  Another strong performance in difficult conditions, and kept his concentration well for the search. Good, quiet but very effective handling. (84.5, 20, 32 = 136.5), 188, COM

3rd   Margot Delaney and BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC, Dobe X, B.   Zoe’s not been the easiest dog to work, but she’s in the right hands, and is now much more focused. Super track until the last corner when she was adamant she wanted to go hard surface towards the road.  An excellent square secured a well-deserved qualification. (73, 10, 34 = 117), 169.5, COM 

4th    Carol Ashworth and TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, F/C Ret, B.   Was going in great style around her track till Holly decided to take the short cut at the end, effectively missing out two legs and an article. Good recovery for the square, blame the C/A judge for the rest! (67, 10, 34 = 111), 153.5, NQ


Stake: TD Nosework

Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers: David McPhillips (2 days), Jim Jeffrey (1 day), Ian Beaton (1 day)

Steward:  John Hood (2 days)

A very big thank you to the committee of SWTS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework, and to Gwen Matear for taking on the trials manager’s task at short notice – you did an excellent job, very organised.  Thanks for looking after me and giving me a great team, and thanks to all at the base, who worked tirelessly to make this trial a success.  Thank you to David, Jim and Ian, three brilliant tracklayers, and great company (sorry about the record, David), and to John, my search steward – every square laid exactly right, brilliant!

ray lea track 456x480

So, up early on Saturday morning, and it was blowing a gale; then down came the rain.  Tracking was on set-aside, and was quite wet – the teams struggled, and by the end of the day we had no qualifiers.  Hoping for better things on Sunday, I opened the curtains – it was snowing, blowing even harder, and bitterly cold!  Would anyone do it today?  First team up, and we thought they would do it, but missed the first leg, and no articles.  Second team, and yes, the track could be done, but only one article.  So, now things were getting better as the weather got worse.  The third team arrived in the worst of the weekend weather, strong winds and horizontal sleet, and, unable to see because her specs were steamed up due to the cold and wet, they went round on rails, and recovered all three articles, and the three from the square.  Brilliant, now we had a qualifier!  But, unfortunately, it was the only team to qualify – the weather beat you all this weekend.

1st     Heather Patrick and SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, 202.5, Q.  What a brilliant track, in the worst of the weekend weather .  Ziggy did you proud today.  Well done.

2nd   Moira Rogerson and STARDELL HEBE, 160.5, NQ.  Hebe tried really hard for you, but she only recovered one article.  Well done.

3rd   Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, 160.5, NQ.  Ziggy tried and never gave up working.  Well done.

4th    Lorraine Wilson and ALFIE PEPPERPOT, 151, NQ.  Alfie worked well for you in difficult conditions.  Well done.

Good luck to everyone in the future, and thanks for turning out in such awful weather.


Stake PD


Tracklayer: Ann Bedford

Search Steward: Brian Glasgow

Criminals: Iain Forrest and Robbie Warner

Patrol and C/A Scribe: Margot Delaney

Thanks to my helpers who gave their time and expertise.  The patrol round was completed first, to allow Iain to go to Hampden and support his football team in a rare cup final.  However he wasn’t allowed football colours on the field as I felt the test of courage was strong enough without them.  

The Patrol round was based on one that Alan judged me in a few years ago, that way I felt I wouldn’t get a hard time from him when he interrogated me about my judging afterwards!

1st     Rudi Fruzynski and XANDOAS SPLASH, WSD, D. Good quarter and cracking test of courage but a lot more work needed on the control side, especially the escort. This also showed in the C/A, but Jasper redeemed himself tracking with great concentration in very difficult windy conditions. Well done.  (Patrol: 112/150, C/A: 40/55, N/W: 97/115) 249 COM

2nd   Bill Richardson and CAPER KALI, BSD Mali, B.  No doubt about her commitment in the patrol round, where her test of courage, chase and recall were first class.  However her quarter fell apart for some reason, and she had to be helped round to the location point, where she wasn’t impressed with the criminals in a tent.  Good C/A though and worked hard in the wind in the nosework, but didn’t quite get enough for a qualification.  (Patrol: 109, C/A: 48, N/W: 74.5) 231 NQ

3rd   Pam Wadsworth and ShCh NIKOLAEV WESLEY WITH DOGANODOGS, Bouvier, D.   What a character Denzil is, totally stubborn on some occasions, then makes it look so easy. Once he got going he did quite a good quarter and location. He then decided that the recall criminal looked very tempting and worth a bite, but by the test of courage had had enough.  Good C/A, but didn’t see the point in tracking in the freezing winds.  He did look majestic throughout though, and was a pleasure to judge.  (Patrol: 67, C/A: 48, N/W: 24) 139 NQ

Happy training and best of luck to you all for the future.

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