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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 15 May 2004

CD Stake


Steward : Joyce Rae

My thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge the CD stake.  To Ann for all her hard work in managing the trial and to all the helpers at the base.  My special thanks to Joyce for stewarding and for laying all the searches.  We were treated to some excellent rounds with all teams showing that they were more than capable to qualify excellent.  Jumps and stays taking their usual toll.


17 teams entered - 15 ran - 3 Q.Ex 1 CD only

1st           Mr. R. Russell, TIRGRAM ROAQ OF BRUICH. GSD. D. Q. Ex 90

Well done Bob.  A very nice round from an experienced handler.

2nd         Mr. T. Davis, DAELOIS VAN MIERIS, GROEDENDAEL B. Q.Ex 88.5

Well done Tom.  Another very nice round.

3rd          Mr. I. Forrest, ARGONNE ALI, GSD D. Q.Ex 88

Well done Ian, great to see all your hard work starting to show results.

4th          Miss N. Bilimoria, ELLIE OF FRIEZLAND, Jack Russell B. CD 78.5

Well done Natasha, so near to Q.Ex. Enough marks in each section - next time.


Veteran Stake

Judge: Jim Jeffrey

Tracklayers: Joyce Rae and David McPhilips

My thanks to SWTS for asking me to judge the veteran state and to Joyce and David for tracklaying.  The track was 860 yds on heather with 5 articles.  All of the dogs enjoyed their day out as did the tracklayers and myself.

1st           Jean Cooke, WAGGERLAND FIZZ CDex - TDex PDex  WSD (D) 11.5 years and lost none of his zest for tracking gaining 148/150

2nd         Bill Richardson, COALTOWN BOY CDex - TDex.  X-Breed (D).  Again a joy to watch dragging bill through the heather.  Gaining 145/150.

3rd          Betty Calderwood, MATI MALINKEY LONGLEGS CDex - TDex  WSD (B).  Another 11 year old dog who thoroughly enjoyed her track gaining 139/150

4th          Betty Orrin, AKENSIDE PYJAMAS ON MERLOCK CDex - Udex. Border Terrier (D).  This little dog had a absolutely wonderful time - tracked beautifully to the first article then decided - 'let's play' - hope you enjoyed the day as much Betty


PD Stake


Tracklayers: Bob Slack Tom Davies Ian Beaton

Stewards: Squares and Control   Polly Thomas

Patrol:  Alan Bolton 

Acting Criminals: Ian Forrest, Steve Lancashire, Danny Lancashire, Tom Davies

I had such a wonderful time at the trial its difficult to know where to start with the Thanks.  Ann Bedford was a calm and supportive trials manager who looked after my every need, my tracklayers made a super job of the tracks my stewards were superb, collectively this all made my job of judging an easy and relaxed pleasure, The food was exactly to my taste what more could I ask from a judging appointment.

The Competitors were a great crowd and I never heard a single moan ( I must be getting weak or something ) Everybody  was cheerful and on time.

The Test

The Patrol Round started with all handlers and dogs Present. The first exercise, a criminal came out from behind a wall about 40yards away and after an unheated conversation started to run, the dog was sent and recalled after about 10 yards. All dogs did this, as was expected as soon as the dog was back at heel a second criminal came out exactly the same as the previous one who was still in the dogs sight. As the criminal ran the dog was sent the handler followed and completed the test.

After a briefing the dogs were brought to the test individually with no available wind up. The test started with a location on a hidden man standing passively leaning against the wall. When the handler had approached and called out the criminal, positioned the dog on a predetermined spot the handler then commenced a search on the criminal, as this was going on the criminal was giving the dog enough eye contact to keep its attention while this was happening 2 criminal walked obliquely past the dog talking, when they were about 4 yards behind they ran screaming at the dog dousing it with 4 ltes of water some did it well some not so well, ( John Gray's rottie showed how it could be done) Once the dogs reaction was obvious the criminals turned passive the handle then took control, after a cursory search on the other 2 criminals the handler started to escort the 3 criminals the centre one at this point was walking backwards talking with the handler whether or not they wanted to. Randomly on the 150 yd escort, one of the outer criminals stumbled and fell, a second or 2 later the other one did a really fast attack on handler. Quite a few dogs bit the falling man and missed the attack. The escort recommenced to a point in the field. The next exercise the quarter there were four hides 140 yds to the first 250yds across to the second. 250yds down hill to the third 300 yards across to the 4th as the dog rounded the 4th the recall criminal set of up hill, approximately 150yds into the chase the dog was recalled on to the chase criminal who was running in the opposite direction no dogs failed either chase or recall. The handler rejoined the dog end of test.

We finished with three dog qualifying excellent.

Manda's dog, Jake 9 year old  WSD  showed us all how well an older dog can hold its fitness. When on to win and become a Working Trials Champion  Very Well Done !!!

1st           Manda McLellan  JETFIRE JAKE OF ASHLINDT  CDex TDex PDex  297.5  Qualifying Excellent  Making Jake subject to Kennel Club confirmation a Working Trial Champion.

2nd         Wendy Beasley  WT. CH. BRIDGEALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL  CDex TDex  PDex  285 Qualifying Excellent

3rd          John Watts   WT.CH. STARLIGHT BLUE  CDex TDex PDex  281  Qualifying Excellent

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