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Open Trial
Venue: Airth
Trial Held: 14 March 2004

CD Stake


Stewards : Ann Bedford

My thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge CD and to Ann for stewarding ensuring everything ran smoothly.  Well done to all the competitors.  I hope you enjoyed the test and the best of luck to you all in future trials.

1st           G. Tait INSPECTOR MORSE NQ 91.  An excellent round very well handled, a pity about the scale.

2nd         H. Rajska LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER NQ 77.5   A nice round but unfortunately the scale and sendaway cost you today.

3rd          A. Pollard RED ROCKET NQ 76.   A young dog with a lovely attitude.  I'm sure this team will do well in the future.

4th          J. Westaby CHACKNABEU LAD NQ 72.  This was another good round, it was a pity about the jumps.

I would like to commend all the competitors on the stays.  Those were the best I have seen in a CD round.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers: John and Dave

Steward: Nelson Smith

I would like to thank SWTS for inviting me to judge UD nosework, also my tracklayers, John and Dave, and my steward Nelson. The first competitor came on and worked really well but then the wind got up and proved too much for most of the dogs, four of them failing on the same corner or just after.  However, the last dog to work, despite her handler's doubts, put her nose down and just got on with it.

1st           Jacqui Hall and MERCURY SKYLARK, (G. Ret) B NQ. Also won the trophy for Best Track and Search. 186 points. Struggled a bit in one place but recovered well to give a really good performance in difficult conditions. Almost yanked Jacqui off her feet on the first corner! Unlucky in the C &A so failed to qualify.

2nd         Joyce Hudson and DENHOM CHANCER, (BC) D NQ 179.5 points. First team on before the worst of the weather. Confident track and search, never in any difficulty and lovely to watch. A problem with the scale sadly put them out in the C & A.

3rd          Gary Tait and INSPECTOR MORSE, (GSD) D NQ 151 points. Some sticky moments on the track, however, persevered to finish well but unfortunately recovered no articles.

4th          Carol Ashworth and TWEEDSMILL WEEPING WILLOW FC (Ret) B. Started well but in their enthusiasm steamed over the first article then got lost at the next corner.


WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Bill Mackie, Rudi Fruzynski

Search Steward: David McPhillips

Thank you to Scottish WTS for the invitation to judge at this trial. Also a big thank you to Rachel Henderson and her team back at base, making sure the trial ran smoothly, not an easy task with so many stakes running at the same time.

We were very lucky with the weather on the Saturday as it was sunny with a slight breeze made all the better by a delightful view of the River Forth

Ten dogs were entered for the WD stake and nine came forward for the nosework, the tracking was on grass and the conditions ideal, but what do we know? The morning dogs found the going hard and didn't get around the track, but the afternoon dogs made the track look easy. Thank you Bill and Rudi for laying the tracks, and Dave for laying the squares, all of you were great companions for the day and did your jobs so efficiently that I could concentrate solely on judging.

Last but not least, thanks to the competitors who were all very friendly and a pleasure to judge.

1st           Fran Mitchell and RENDALE ROBIN (Lab), 192.5 pts. This was Winston's first WD open and he made it look so easy with a fast track plus two articles and then four out of the square in record time. Such a happy boy he never stopped wagging his tail, a pleasure to judge you both and many congratulations on a well deserved win. Best WD track and search.

2nd         Mr & Mrs R&C Russell and TIRGRAM ROAG OF BRUICH (GSD), 184.5 pts. handled by Bob Russell. Zascoe had only one intention and that was to complete the track dragging Bob behind him, and with two articles off the track and four out of the square he was very impressive. Well done.

3rd          Kath McGuckin and MERRYDANCER OF COURT (WSD), 182.5 pts. Avi had us worried towards the end of the track but Kath realising the mistake recovered quickly to complete the track. Avi then went into the square and brought four articles out without losing a single mark. Lovely dog, well done.

4th          Pam Cuthbert and PIERCES BOY (Cross-Breed), 120 pts. NQ. Tracking well, then Milow came unstuck on the 6th leg. Hard luck.    


TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Joyce Rae, Jim Jeffrey, Steve Hirst, Ian Beaton

Stewards: Deb Allen

My thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge and especially to Rachel Henderson for her excellent organisation of the trial. I had first class helpers who gave up their time for us; many thanks.

17 dogs entered, all worked on fairly short grass fields. The track articles were a wooden peg, green thin plastic strip & green hose. Square articles were contact lens holder, piece of sack, cable tie & tube.

Only 4 dogs completed the track, all worked on Saturday in good weather conditions. Unfortunately on Sunday we had strong winds, heavy rain and the occasional hailstone which proved too much for the dogs working then. Squares varied, most dogs did quite well.

1st           Heather Halton & CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER (Lab) D. 199/220 COM (97+30-4-26) A super attitude from Shadow, nose never lifted from the ground, tail never stopped wagging. Nicely handled, also won best track and search award.

2nd         Caroline Wright & NORSHEP AMBER GAMBLER (GSD) B. 194 COM (96+20+33.5) Another excellent track, missed the first article but worked the square afterwards with concentration and enthusiasm, one of the few to get 4 articles out.

3rd          Wendy Strang & VOYTEK AT BALKELLO (X Breed) D. 183 NQ (95+28+18) Very good positive track with a bouncy young dog. Needs to settle in the square and concentrate more on searching for articles. Impressive performance, especially when you consider Sparky spent his early days destroying so many homes!

4th          Helen Jones & NORSHEP TILA (GSD) B. 157.5 NQ (86+10+18) Tila worked round the track steadily, nicely handled by Helen who used her eagle eye vision to locate the last two track articles. A good performance from a team continually improving.

Thanks to all competitors for entering the trial and their good sportsmanship. Best of luck in TD CH to the two very worthy qualifiers.

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