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Open Trial
Venue: Airth
Trial Held: 12 September 2004

CD Stake


Steward : June McPhillips

First and foremost I would like to thank June for all her help.  This was my first judging appointment and June made it easy.  Thank you.  Only two dogs, but what two lovely dogs they were.

1st           CHANCE.  Well worthy of his qualification, hardly put a paw wrong.  Once this dog starts tracking he will climb the stakes no problem.  So come on Helen. 94 Q.

2nd         HOLY.  Lovely dog.  Did well in all the round, especially the square.  The jumps was its downfall. This was their first trial so plenty of time for the jumps.  76 NQ.


UD Nosework


Steward: Rachel Henderson

Tracklayers: Anne Bedford and Helen Jones

Thank you to SKC for inviting me to judge my first appointment and to John Gray as Trials Manager. Also a massive thanks to Rachel for being a model steward and to Anne and Helen for laying every track exactly as I requested.

SKC UD airth track

The weather was pretty awful but that didn't dampen the competitors' spirits at all -what a great bunch. Seven dogs worked and I'm delighted to say that three qualified in the nosework, two of whom qualified overall.

Thanks to the competitors for entering under me and for accepting my decisions graciously.

1st           Jill Carruthers, JASUETER RED GARNET GSD

A lovely enthusiastic track from this rehomed Shepherd, followed by an excellent performance in the square. A worthy winner. Also won the trophy for best track and search. 90/20/33.5 Q 191.75

2nd         lain Forrest, ARGONNE ALl GSD Rebus hammered around the track after finally allowing lain to have the first article. A professionally performed square followed - just a shame he relieved himself halfway through it. (Rebus not lain!).

90/20/30.5 Q 183

3rd          Mrs A Pollard, PRIDE OF GLEN G.RET Bailey started off well in difficult conditions, but came unstuck after birds rose from the track. You make a great team and I'm sure it won't be long until you qualify. 37.5/10/20.5 109.75

4th          Miss N Bilimoria, ELLIE OF FRIEZLAND Jack Russell Ellie's tracking went askew today but she made up for it with the only full mark square - with the stubble tickling her tummy! A happy little dog with a fantastic attitude. 5/0/35 68.75

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