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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 29 August 2004

CD and Veteran Stakes


Tracklayers : Mrs. Julia Findelsen and Mr. Bill Richardson (veteran)

Stewards : Mr. Leigh Spackman and Mrs. Aimee Parkinson (CD)

Thank you very much to SWTS for the invitation to judge.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thank you to the ladies who fed and watered us so well! 

Thank you to Leigh for laying all the search squares exactly as I wanted, and to Aimee for scribing for me, you were both great company.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered, your dogs were wonderful to watch.  Many of those who did not qualify this time are so close, please keep trying.  It was lovely to see a variety of breeds, and some real characters (the dogs!).

1st           Mrs. R. Shields with MERRYMARSH TUMBLING DIKE (WSD). 

A very enthusiastic dog and sympathetic handler.  The fastest search, all out in 43 seconds.  A lovely round.  Very well done.

2nd         Mrs. A. Anderson with SEAHAAR SHELL (BC).

Sympathetic handling bought out the best in this sensitive dog.  Very well done.

3rd          Mrs. S. Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO (WSD).

A very competent and consistent round for this young dog's first outing.  Well done.

4th          Ms. A. Pollard with PRIDE OF THE GLEN (G/RET)

A lovely round, and tears of joy when he did the jumps.  You held your nerve well at the scale jump! Congratulations.

Also qualifying

Jennifer Spangler with JD's COOL HAND LUKE (WSD).

Once the nerves had settled, a good steady round.  Well done.

Mrs. V.A. Tester with ITS GONE - THAT'S MAGIC (WSD)

A lively dog, but well handled once you both got settled.  Well done.


Veteran stake

Thank you to Julia and Bill for laying the tracks, and thank you to the handlers for allowing me the pleasure of watching your lovely "oldies" - they had lost none of their enthusiasm and skill.  The weather turned against us and the rain came down in torrents but dogs and handlers carried serenely on - well done all of you.

1st           Ms. J. Cooke with WT CH MELNOLA  MOONDANCE (X BREED).

Hardly put a paw out of place - wonderful to watch.  Very well done.

2nd         Mrs. F. MacLeod with MATI MALINKEY LONGLEGS (WSD)

Handled by Mrs. B. Calderwood.  Tracked in some of the worst weather, but Mati carried on regardless.  I home you dried out eventually, Betty! Well done.

3rd          Miss A. Bedford with REBELLA COURT JESTER (X BREED).

\the fact that some of the heather was higher than Becky didn't deter her at all.  Well done.

4th          Ms. J. Cooke with WT CH WAGGERLAND FIZZ (WSD).

Another lovely track through the heather, this dog was enjoying every minute.  Well done.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Helen Jones, Ian Forrest

Steward : Bill Mackie

All the UD stake was done on the Sunday when we had wind, rain and a little sunshine.  Nevertheless all 9 dogs completed the track and located at least one article.  Most partnerships located two with a little help from the sharp eyes of the handlers!  Articles were 2" of rubber piping and a know of bailer strong being of a size and colour appropriate to the terrain of deep heather.  Mostly the squares were good and 8 dogs qualified the nosework section.  Unfortunately the jumps took out 3 competitors which resulted in 5 qualifiers.

Thanks are due to Bill, Helen and Ian for their professional help and the staff at base led by David McPhillips who made the trial very friendly and enjoyable.

1st           Jacquie Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK (G/RET) B. 188

A very competent partnership which will do well in the higher stakes.

2nd         Margaret Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY (B/C) B. 187.5

Only a whisker separated the first two dogs.  A second attempt at the long jump cost her the first place.

3rd          Joyce Hudson with DENHELM CHANCER (B/C) D. 181.5

A beautiful full point track even though Joyce was up to her neck in heather!  Well done.  A little work to be done on the control!

4th          Lorraine Wilson with ALFIE PEPPERPOT (X BREED) D. 180

Nice track but also Alfie was a little naughty with the square articles.  A strong personality with the potential of a winner.

Also qualified :

Ailsa Anderson with SEAHAAR SHELL (B/C) B. 177.5

Nice track and search.  Long jump proved to be a problem.  Good luck for the future


WD Stake


Tracklayers : Rudi - Lindsee

Stewards : Jill - Ian

Great trial.  Good company, good food.  Weather was good on Friday and Saturday.  Hard lines on the TD on Thursday.  Wind awful.  I was pleased that all my ground was the same.  Fair for all dogs.  Not unlike Scarborough when the terrain varies from grass 2 inches high to 2 feet high.

1st           Mr. E. Brown with DIVAS DELIGHT - LAB

One word for this team, super.  Track 89 - 100, art 20, square 35, gun 5, control 34. 198 - 200.

2nd         Mrs. K. McGuckin with MERRYDANCER OF COURT (WSD). 185 - 200.  Another good team.

3rd          Mrs. C. Hall with JESS OF SELDOMSEEN (WSD) 181.5 - 200.  Well done.

4th          Mrs. N. Hines with TYTRI KEN OF BRYNSWOOD (BC).  Well done.

Also qualified:

Mrs. J. Findelsen with GEFNI YELLOW MELLOW (WSD) 167 - 200.

Mrs. J. Freemen with SUNSHINE BLUE BOY (LAB) 171 - 200

Ms. F. Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN (LAB) 173 - 200

Mr. C. and Mrs. P. Wandsworth with SH CH NIKOLACY WESLEY WITH DOGANODOGS 166 - 200.  You should feel especially pleased that your show champion has gained this award.  I wish that more show people would use the intelligence that our K9s have.




Tracklayers: Tom Middlemass, Alan Bolton, Jill Carruthers, Joyce Hudson, John Gray & Jeff Margreaves

Stewards:  Search & Control: Ann Bedford & Alan Bolton

Thank you to the Scottish Working Trials Society for the invitation to Judge the T.D. Ticket at this Trial.

When I opted to fly up to Scotland rather than drive I realized that though it would make life easier for me it would mean extra work for members of the society therefore my   thanks start with Jean McPhillips for picking me up at the airport and to her and David for looking after me in the evenings of my stay, to Ann Bedford for collecting me from the B&B each morning, stewarding for me all day and dropping me back in the evening.

To my tracklayers also thank you for giving up your time and for laying the tracks as I wanted. Knowing that the common can be very undulating I had set an open pattern with the one relatively close section being within sight of the pole.

My articles were chosen with the memory of the heather on Lauder common from my previous visits, but that was eight years before, so I was surprised to find less heather than I had anticipated, but the articles still played a major part in the results.

There were 42 entries, 40 ran, 18 failed the track, of those teams that tracked three recovered only one article on the track and four only one from the square and one with not enough marks overall. That left us with fourteen nosework qualifiers going in to Sunday.

The control was , on the whole, not very well done, 22 teams attempted the round but 15 of them failed to get enough marks to qualify and only three dogs gained over half marks for the sendaway.


1st           and C.C. Rosie Jones with: DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION   201.5.  3 and 4 in the nosework and the nearest to what I was looking for in the sendaway. Well done

2nd         and Res C.C.Pat Herbert with JOLLY JILL 193.5  95pt track but three from the square and not her day on sendaway!!

3rd          Linda Newbold with LITTLE BRADLEY   190.5.   92.5pt track and highest overall control mark but only two from the square.

4th          Dave Marchant with  W.T.Ch WAGGERLAND JAKE.    189

Also qualifying:

Miriam Lyons SHEEFRA 188.5

Ann Fowler     FLOSS          184.5

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