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Open Trial
Venue: Longniddry
Trial Held: 03 October 2004

Trials Managers Report

This must be one of the easiest trials to manage as not only does John Gray arrange all the land, he also arranges the base as well.  It's very much appreciated.  This was my first time managing a PD trial but as John was the judge, that was easy as well.

Everything went fairly smoothly except one or two little problems which, as they were mostly due to me having a few senior moments, I will gloss over!

Thanks to everyone who helped, offered help and a special mention for those who kept me sane during those senior moments.  Round of applause please for our Farmers, Morgan Nicoll, who more or less gives us the run of his land and also turned up to watch the patrol round, Bill Leckie who provides the control field which must have one of the most stunning views and also to Steve Reynolds who allows us to tramp all over his office which we use as our base.

Base staff are often forgotten so thanks must go to Betty, Caroline, Gwen and David and although they will not see this, I really appreciated the catering van who agreed to come at short notice.




Steward: Carol Lamb

Thank you to Scottish Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge at this trial. They believe in getting their monies worth and made me judge two stakes. Many thanks to June and David McPhillips for organising everything and for trying to organise everyone! Biggest thanks as usual go to my steward Carol Lamb, who was with me for both days. We've worked together quite regularly and now know when to remind each other what we're supposed to be doing!

CD Stake

CD took place on the Sunday, a bright and breezy day in a very lush grass field. Three entries, two worked.

1st           Hilaiy Hirst with TRIJEM ALL AMERICAN TALE OF AVAWAGA. NQ. Very capable young Australian Sheepdog who obviously enjoys his work and put on a very nice display today. Somewhat distracted in his square on the day, but I'm sure Hilary will get this problem sorted.

2nd         Karen Kelly with DOUGIE WHO?. NQ. What a character. Handsome black/white crossbreed that seemed very laid back but tried his best in everything that was asked of him. Fell foul of the jumps, which I'm sure he will master in the very near future.

WD Stake

Steward: Carol Lamb

Tracklayers: Helen Jones, Stevie Braithwaite, Rachel Henderson, David McPhillips Thanks to all of the above who did a splendid job.

Run over two days. Thankfully the horizontal rain that appeared just before the first track died as quickly as it appeared and left us with somewhat windy though fine conditions. Nosework completed on stubble. 8 entries.

1st           Ailsa Anderson with SEAHAAR SHELL. BC. Lovely track from this young collie with the occasional double check here and there. Full point square. Be careful how many times you call her 'ugly' Ailsa, she might go on strike! 85/20/35

2nd         Pam Cuthbert with PIERCES BOY. X breed. Nice steady track from this lovely dog, gave mum a big confidence boost. Well done. 82/20/2 1.5

3rd          Gary Tait with INSPECTOR MORSE. GSD. Hard luck story of this stake, qualified each section but not enough overall. Nosework completed in very windy conditions on Sat morning, lack of points reflecting the struggle he had. Better luck next time.

4th          Jackie Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK. G/Ret. Young dog who tried so hard, winning one or two sticky moments, but eventually lost the battle. It's all there, just needs that bit of luck on the day (as we all do).

Thank you to everyone who entered, good luck for the future.

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