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Open Trial
Venue: Airth
Trial Held: 20 March 2005

Trials Managers Report

Trial season has started in Scotland again and the sun shone on our first day at Airth to make us all feel good. Peoples' attitudes were as sunny as the weather and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We are so lucky to have Airth Mains Farm for the base and Terry's catering van added good quality food to the event.  They even made pancakes on the Sunday and left over sausages were snapped up by many dogs (some dogs did take them gently!!).

Four farmers gave up their land for the weekend. Mostly grass or set-aside fields. The farmers are well trained now and delay spraying or ploughing until after our weekend.

I would like to thank everyone who helped make the trial such a success. The judges, stewards and tracklayers (who will be named in the individual judges reports). Bill Mackie for helping me organize jumps and things on Friday. To the helpers at base

On Saturday:- Caroline Wright, Betty Calderwood, Ann Bedford and June McPhillips.

On Sunday :- Stevie and David Braithwaite and Ann Bedford.

To all who helped take the jumps down (including the PD competitors) and to Bill and Jim for getting it all stored away until next year.

As usual, I am bound to have missed out thanking someone who helped, so I apologise if that has happened.

All in all I think the trial was a great success, with me signing the most certificates at any of the trials I have managed.  Well done to you all.





Steward: Mr Bill Richardson

Thank you to the Scottish Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the CD Stake. Thanks to Trials Manager Rachel Henderson for being on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly. I would also like to thank Bill Richardson who did a good job stewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment, it was a glorious day, I had 6 competitors who were a pleasure to judge and all the dogs worked in a happy manner. The majority of the dogs worked well in the square, unfortunately jumps and stays tool their toll and left us with one qualifier.

1st           Mr. J. Westaby with CLACKNABEN LAD (Lab) 83 Q. well done on qualifying today John, Clunie certainly kept us on the edge especially during the search square and retrieve! Good luck in future trials.

2nd         Miss. H. Rajska with LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER (BC) 84.5 NQ. A really nice round Helen, Cash worked hard to please with only the scale preventing a qualification today.

3rd          Miss. K. Kelly with DOUGIE WHO? (Xbreed) 68.5 NQ. Enjoyed watching this team work, dog and handler had good rapport. Dougal worked a nice control round and search square. Jumps and stays let this lovely team down today. I look forward to seeing you both in future trials.

4th          Mrs. L.A. Cooper with JOSS COQUET BORDERER (BC) 67.5 NQ. Good control and search from Joss, unfortunately jumps and stays let you down today.


Control & Agility


Steward Deb Allen.

Thank you to the society for the appointment. Many thanks to Deb, who stewarded for me and did a first class job.

This is the first C&A judging I have done for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The dogs and handlers in my opinion were of a very high standard for an open trial, we saw some lovely rounds. There were only seven dogs over the two days who did not qualify on control.

PD Stake

1st           Mrs H Patrick XANDOAS QUIZMASTER (WSD)

2nd         Mr W Richardson MUIRKIRK LUKE (Lab/Ret)

3rd          NQ. Mr J Gray GRITTONBROOK MECCA (BSD)

TD Stake

1st           Miss H Halton CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER (Lab)

2nd         Mrs B Calderwood ISLA WAY AHEAD (X Breed)

3rd          Ms F Mitchell RENDALE ROBIN    (Lab)

4th          Mrs J Beaton TRIALEX KING (GSD)

Q's           Mr J Gray GRITTONBROOK MECCA (BSD)

                Mrs P Cuthbert PIERCES BOY (X Breed)

                Mrs S Braithwaite NORSHEP SHULA (GSD)

                Miss J Carruthers JASEUTER RED GARNET (GSD)

WD Stake

1st           Mrs R Evans LANCELOT VON SWARTZ (GSD) (Handled by Walter)

2nd         Mrs D Meade HEATHERMARK VIXEN (GSP)

3rd          Mrs S Watt BIRKIE BLOOMER (Lab) (Handled by Jim)

4th          NQ          Miss J Hall MERCURY SKYLARK(G/Ret)

UD Stake

1st           Mr D Shearer DREAGANTA DONN (BC)

2nd         Mrs S Shearer DREAGANTA DEODUBH (BC)

3rd          Ms A Pollard PRIDE OF THE GLEN (G/Ret)

4th          NQ          Mrs J HUDSON STEELEYE SAM (BC)

CD Stake

1st           Mrs J Westaby     CLACHNABEN LAD (Lab) (Handled by John)

2nd         NQ          Miss H Rajska     LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER (BC)

3rd          NQ          Miss K Kelly DOUGIE WHO? (X Breed)

4th          NQ          Mrs L Cooper JOSS COQUET BORDERER (BC)


Stake: W.D.


Tracklayers: David McPhillips, Steve Hirst, Jimmy Scott

Steward: Susan Cable

Many thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge, to Betty and Caroline at the base, to Rachel trials manager, to David and Steve, great tracklayers who knew exactly where they had been, to Susan my square steward and chauffer and to the competitors for working their dogs under me, being pleasant and accepting my decisions.

Tracking was on grass. We had some excellent tracks and some not so good. One never knows why. Articles were 3” square of green carpet and 6” piece of bandage with a knot in it. Squares on the whole were very well done. Articles were 2.5” piece green plastic parcel tie, oral swab, paper pill pot and 2” piece black tube. Three teams qualified.

1st           Mrs Rita Evans. LANCELOT VON SWARTZ GSD. Handled by Walter Evans. Lovely dog, great attitude and credit to Rita and Walter. Q. Nosework 142.5, Gun 5,   

2nd         Mrs Debbie Meade. HEATHERMARK VIXEN GSP. Super track Q Nosework136.5, gun 5.

3rd          Mrs J. Watt. BIRKIE BLOOMER lab. Handled by Jim Jeffreys. Jim’s first track had to be abandoned as someone had walked across it. Buzz wasn’t happy at being pulled off. Jim has the sore hands to prove it. Very keen dog tracked really well. Q. Nosework123, Gun 5.

4th          Miss Jaqui Hall. MERCURY SKYLARK. G. Ret. Excellent track unfortunately only one out of the square. NQ


TD Stake.


Tracklayers: Bill McKay and Rudi Fruzynski.

Steward Dr. Lindsay Errington.

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework at this Trial.

I must thank Rachel, the Trials Manager for all her hard work before, during and after the event - this to include all her team, who all pulled together and produced a Trial that was very enjoyable and well run.

On top of all the arrangements Rachel accommodated me in her home and produced two scrumptious evening meals as well! Thank you again Rachel.

Tracking was on grassland old and new together and varied in length from 6/8 in - 18in and this had a slight bearing on the number of articles recovered. We were treated to some cracking tracks and all qualifiers had a 90+ score.

My Tracklayers, Bill - Sat/Sun. Rudi - Sat. Both laid good accurate tracks giving all the Competitors the same chance - Bill's first track on Sunday was laid in a "pea souper" it cleared quite quickly - thank goodness! You could not get a better team of tracklayers anywhere. On reflection I should have asked for a muzzle or a gag for Bill! But thanks to both tracklayers for a job well done!

My super Steward Lindsay laid the squares spot on and again gave all a fair chance and all unrecovered articles were collected. My nosework team were really good company and I had a wonderful time! I hope others did also!

1st           MS. H.HALTON/ SHADOW. LAB. A very professional team, Heather got the best from her dog - and is always a pleasure to watch. 95.5/30 +34square.

2nd         MRS. B. CALDERWOOD/ ISLA X/breed. Quietly and confidently handled by Betty, Isla did really well and deserved every mark. 95+30 +32 square.

3rd          MS. F. MITCHELL/ WINSTON. This big yellow Lab stormed the track but a few drops in the square were costly. 96+30 +31.5 square.

4th          MRS. J. BEATON/ ICE. Jenny and Ice worked the track methodically sadly missing the last article but a good square saved the day. 96.5+20+33 square.

Also qualifying:-

Mr J Gray/ Grittonbrook Mecca BSD

Mrs P Cuthbert/ Pierces Boy X breed

Mrs. S Braithwaite/ NorshepShula GSD

Ms. J Carruthers/ Jasuter Red Garnet GS


P.D. Stake


Tracklayer: Steve Hirsh

Steward: Anne Forrest

Criminals: Iain Forrest, Russell Strang, Alan 'Cub' Cuthbert

My thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the PD stake and to Rachel Henderson for her organization of the trial.

6 entered and 3 worked in good conditions which meant the nosework was easily completed by all. C& A was generally well done and 2 teams were still in the qualifying position for the patrol round.

Patrol round - Started with the quarter of a field, locating 3 criminals sitting in a tent. All 3 were searched thoroughly as was the tent. During the search if the tent, one criminal broke away and was detained by the dog. The 3 criminals were then escorted back towards the judge and onlookers, during which there was an attack on the handler. The pursuit and detention was followed by the recall. Finally the test of courage and the criminal appeared from behind the tent, cracking a whip and shouting abuse. He disappeared back behind the tent, continued shouting and the dog was sent from a fair distance away. The criminal then reappeared, waving the whip, shouting and challenging the dog.

Many thanks to the helpers of this stake, to Steve for laying all the tracks and controlling the dog walkers, to Anne for stewarding throughout and to the criminals, 2 of whom were assisting for the first time at a trial ably guided by Iain, you were all great and gave the dogs the best possible chance. Thanks also to Alastair Fruzynski and Jasper for doing the run through.

1st           Heather Patrick & XANDOAS QUIZMASTER (WSD) D. excellent track and good square once Quiz started to concentrate on the job. Just made it through the control round: needs to work on the speak. Super quarter and location, very attentive towards the criminals , excellent courage, just needs to work on the control side of the patrol exercises. Winner of Best Patrol Work trophy. Well done. (Nosework:57/60, 15/20, 31.5/35, C&A: 26/35, 19/20, Patrol: 136/150) 284/320. CoM

2nd         Bill Richardson & MUIRKIRK LUKE (Lab) D, Good nosework and excellent C&A. A much improved team in the patrol round , needs to work on the control when the handler gives the warnings. Showed good commitment towards the criminals and excellent courage. Well done. (56/60, 20/20, 24.5/35, 33/35, 20/20, 111/150) 265.5 CoM

3rd          John Gray & GRITTONBROOK MECCA (Malinios) B. good nosework, winner of best Track and Search trophy, excellent control. Had a blip on the scale which proved costly. Quarter okay, bit in hide but the rest of the patrol round was super. Mouse is keen, fast and totally committed. Her day will come. (58.5/60, 20/20, 28/35, 32/35, 13.5/20, 132/150) 284.5 NQ

Well done to all 3 teams, the dogs need various amounts of work before venturing into championship level but all have the potential to do so.

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