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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 22 May 2005

Trials Manager Report

Firstly, a big THANK-YOU to all who helped, in whatever capacity.  Putting the tented city together is always the first task and seemed to go well this year - pity about the very blustery wind on the Friday that removed all the gazebos - again!

Generally the weather did behave and though overcast with the odd heavy shower (anyone seeing Lorna Cottier return from track laying will realise exactly how heavy) it didn't manage to upset the trial or dampen spirits.

As usual Betty Calderwood and her band of helpers did a sterling job in the catering department, keeping everyone well fed.

Base staff did a good job directing competitors around the common, usually extracting money from them before imparting the necessary information.

There were a decent amount of qualifiers in each stake - with the exception of CD which had casualties in the usual areas.

On a personal note: I appreciate that we all like to head home once an event has finished and that Lauder is a reasonable hike for most folk, but the very poor attendance for the final presentation on Sunday was a great disappointment.

Final thanks go to John of Kennedy's Country Store for providing several bags of dog food for our winners and to go into the raffle, as well as to our farmers for providing fields for the C/A rounds and for removing most of the woolly obstacles from the common before the start of the trial.



Stake : C.D.


Steward : Pat Lawrence

Thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge the CD stake.  Also my thanks to the Trials Manager Anne Bedford and all the helpers, a special thanks goes to the ladies behind the scenes in the kitchen.  The weather was its usual unpredictable self but this did not stop everyone from enjoying themselves.  I would like to say a special thanks to Pat Lawrence for being an excellent steward.   Lots of these young dogs showed great promise for the future and I wish all the handlers the best for their next trial.

1st           Mr. W. Richardson with CAPER KALI BSD - Malinois (B) 01/07/03 FDU. NQ 82

2nd         Miss P. Hewson with JANALLAN ZAPATEADO BSD Groenedael (D) 17/03/02. NQ 80.5

3rd          Miss J. Stamp with SPROLLIE DOLLIE XB (B) 09/09/02 NQ73

4th          Mrs. L.A. Cooper with JOSS COQUET BORDERER BC (D) 30/09/02. NQ73.


Stake: U.D.


Tracklayers: Saturday Jill. Sunday Julia and Ian

Stewards:  Saturday Walter. Sunday Carol

Thank you to the Society for the invitation to judge this stake. Another triumph of organisation as per usual. To Ann the Trials Manager many thanks.

To everyone in the background i.e. the magnificent catering department, the office staff and go-fors congratulations on making this trial so enjoyable.

The tracking as always was on heather. The weather was mixed. The attitude of the handlers was sunny (which was a big plus).

13 entries all worked

To my tracklayers and square stewards thank you for making sure each team had an equal opportunity of qualifying.

1st           Susanne Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO W/S 197 pts. Well done Susanne and BANDIT, fabulous track, lovely control, good luck for the future.

2nd         Sue Scott with LACAT THAT Malinios 188.5 pts. Thought we’d lost you down the heather at one point!!! Nice team work.

3rd          Dave Todd with ANJODA CLARA GSD 186 pts. Full point track, well done, a pleasure to judge.

4th          Susan Cable’s MISTY WHISPERS XBreed 182.5 handled by Ann Timlin. Lovely round, congratulations.

Also qualifying;

Gary Tait with INSPECTOR MORSE GSD 176. good luck through the stakes

Special mention, Bernadette with BAILEY lost half a point on nosework, sadly went out on control.

Thank you to the Society for looking after us so very well and also to the competitors for the pleasure of judging you.

To the qualifiers well done, to the rest keep training and enjoying it, your day will come.


Stake: WD


Steward: Hillary Morris

Tracklayers: Brian Pole, Bob Russell & Ian Beeton

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge. My tracklayers Brian Pole, Bob Russell and Iain Beeton did a great job its not easy laying tracks on the Common but they did a great job. Hillary for being my steward laying all the searches and the Control and Agility again not an easy task in the heather thank you Hillary you did a super job as well has being very good company .The ladies ( Betty and Lorraine ) in the kitchen at base did a marvellous job of providing a hot meal at lunch time again not an easy task out on the common but the food was great and very much appreciated. Thank you to Ann for being trials manager and making me feel very welcome.

1st           Yvonne Carpenter with CARFELD GRIFF CDex-WDex. B.C. Very well handled on the track, when the dog was surprised by the change of surface and a nice tidy control round.          190 Qex

2nd         Robert Currie with VOMHAUSNYE PUNK CDex UDex. GSD. A super Track and search needs to tidy up his control round but I am sure he will do you proud. 189.5 Qex

3rd          Rudi Fruzynski (handled by Alistar Fruzynski ) XANDOAS SPLASH CDex-WDex. WSD. Well done Alistair tracked very confidently in the pouring rain. Again just needs to tidy up the control. 184 Qex

4th Miriam Lyons with TAMERRYE MARANELLO BC. It was well worth the trip from Ireland Miriam she's a super girl Good luck for the future. 180.5 Qex

Also Qualifying Excellent

Betty Orrin with VASHIKA XASKIA ON MERLOCK. G S D. 179.5

Jill Carruthers with JASUETER RED GARNET CDex - WDex. GSD. 179

Vicky Dixon with BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT X Breed 177.5

Chris Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTHAM CDex - WDex GSD 176.5

Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY CDex - Wdex. WSD 174

Jim Jeffery with BIRKIE BLOOMER. LAB. 172

John Hood with STOBSWOOD STAR CDex - Wdex. WSD. 169.5


PD Stake


Thanks to S.W.T.S for the invitation to judge the PD ticket at Lauder which is always one of my favourite trial whether judging, helping or competing.

My thanks to Steve Lancashire for stewarding for me for the nose work and the C&A, to Walter Evans who stewarded for me on the Patrol round and to Caroline Wright who scribed for me on the PD round.

Thanks to my tracklayers Stevie Braithwaite and David McPhilips and to the helpers in the kitchen who always serve us meals to be proud of.

Thank you to my criminals, Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis, Iain Forrest and Bill Richardson.

Last but not least, thanks to the Trials Manager Ann Bedford who always does a professional job.

There were 14 competitors, four failed the nose work.  The heel work, speak and gun tests were done immediately after the track and this was completed to a very high standard.

After nose work was completed the handler was required to send their dog a distance of approximately 150 yards to locate a criminal who was hiding up a hill behind rocks.  Again this was done to a very high standard.

On Sunday the send away and the agility was done resulting in four dogs failing the agility and in fact no dogs receiving full marks.

Patrol Round

After completed the Location on the previous day the test started with the Quarter, four hides were used.  I was looking for the dogs to go to the hide and search around it not just run from hide to hide, this was done quite well as soon as the dog passed the fourth hide a criminal appeared from behind a pile of rocks which was about 100 yards from the hide and shouted at the dog to lure it towards the rocks.  The handler was approximately 100 yards from the rocks in the opposite direction and had no contact with the dog.  As the dog approached the rocks 4 criminals ran at the dog in an aggressive manner waving sticks and bags to test the dog's courage.  There was a mixed response to this test, some dogs did it very well, some were apprehensive and two ran away.

This was followed by the search and escort of two criminal which was done by the majority to a very high standard.

As soon as the handler and dog reached a certain point, two criminal appeared and started shouting abuse, the handler challenged and then sent the dog after them, one of the criminals stopped when the dog was approximately 20 yards from them the other kept on running.  The dog was required to apprehend the fleeing criminal.  Some handlers unfortunately forgot the criminal who was standing still and was allowed to wander off but there were some very good rounds.  As soon as the handler reached the chase criminals and I was satisfied they had them under control, two criminals ran off in the opposite direction.  The handler was required to challenge and send their dog, one criminal stopped en route and the recall was from the fleeing criminal past the stationary criminal, only three dogs failed the recall.

There were four qualifiers

1st           Celia Bourne with WSD KINDRED SPIRIT 291

Making him WTCh.  The dog did it in spite of Celia, she was a complete barrow job.  Good luck at KCCs.  Well done.

2nd         Lorna Cottier with her X BREED WTCh MELNOLA JAZZLAND 287.

I hear your talk of retiring him, I think there's a couple of good working years left in him he's only 10!

3rd          Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE 280.5.

A steady round throughout.  Well done.

4th          Graham Brumpton with his WSD JUST WILLIAM 279

I saw this dog work in open PD and was impressed.  I think he is young enough to win a ticket in the not too distant future, well done.

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