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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 04 September 2005

CD Stake


Steward : Jim Jeffrey

Gate steward : Caroline Wright

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge the CD Championship on Lauder Common.  I have been attending this trial on this beautiful venue for a long time and to be asked to judge here was something special to me.  A big thank you to my steward Jim for putting all the competitors at ease and giving them all the same test exactly as I wanted and also to Caroline for making sure everyone set off up the hill in plenty time and keeping everything running smoothly.

I set a straight forward test, some dogs were ready, some were not and some were just plain unlucky on the day.  As is often the case in CD the jumps took some casualties but the standard of the stays was very good, only two dogs out of fifteen breaking the sit and three breaking the down.

1st           Mark Adams with TYSON 97.5 CDEx. 

What a superb round of control this gorgeous GSD did, only lost 0.5 mark on heelwork and 2 by not staying at the other side of the scale.  Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd         Carol Ashworth with HOLLY 94.5 CDEx.  Holly did you proud, she has come on leaps and bounds recently (and her scale was excellent, I thought you were going to cry when she re-appeared over the top).

3rd          Linda Cooper with JOSS 90.5 CDEx.  Linda was quite nervous but Joss just kept working, lovely round.

4th          Penny Pritchard (sorry Penny can't spell your dog's name but I know it was a Welsh river) 85.5 CDEx.  Another nice round from a GSD who more can I say.

Also qualifying Dawn Traynor with PYE 81.5 CDEx.  This Staffie worked his socks off including the full height jumps even though he's just a wee guy (big heart).


UD Stake


Tracklayers : Helen Jones, Jim Jeffries, Ian Forrest

Stewards : Denys Nelson, Bob Russell

Hot and sunny.  All dogs qualified in nosework.  Simple track with large articles.  Good smelly search steward - thank you Denys! 

Thanks to Davy McPhillips for organising the trial, and for all your support.

swts UD Track carol russel small

1st           W. Richardson with CAPER KALI BSD Q EX.  This dog has improsed a lot recently (except for the heelwork!).  A well deserved qualification.

2nd         H. Hirst with TRIJEM ALL AMERICAN TALE OF AVANAGA  AUST. SHEP. Q EX.  Full point track - brilliant.  Only 2 from the square was costly, but Quincy gave his all.  Well done.

3rd          L. Errington with CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET LAB. Q EX. Gave us all a fright by cutting short the track but a near perfect control round picked you up.  Well done.

4th          J. McPhillips with ESKMILL MIDNIGHT F/C RET N/Q.  The scale cost this dog its qualification - the rest of his work was very good.  Better luck next trial.

Of only 6 dogs entered there were 6 different breeds (GSD and BC were withdrawn).  Nice to see other dogs coming through.  With the cost of diesel is this the death knock for trials?

My stewards - control - Bob and Search Denys - did everything to perfection.  Thank you.  My tracklayers had to be fit and all laid the tracks as I asked.  If showed when they all qualified.  Thank you.

A special thank you to Jan, Pat and Davey "McCleish" for looking after me.



TD Stake


Tracklayers: Tom Darby (4 days)    Ann Bedford (3 days) Bob Russell (2 days)   Stevie Braithwaite &   Steve Hirst (1 day)

Stewards:: Carole Hall  (search and C&A)

First of all many thanks to SWTS for the chance to judge the TD Stake at my local trial, Lauder.  Perhaps I am biased, but it really is such a wonderful trial ;  always very friendly and  well organised thanks to David McPhillips and his team. The food,  all  homemade meals and cakes donated by many folk was most welcome, thanks to my mum Betty Calderwood, Hilary Morris, Jan Darby,  Pat and Dennis Nelson and others for all their hard work.

My track layers were of the top class and I appreciated their expertise and time. My excellent steward throughout was Carole Hall , thanks again Carole for agreeing to trek over the common with me.

53 entries, 48 worked. The heather on the common was in excellent condition, not too dry or wet, and it was the grass (where the sheep had often grazed) that caused a few problems. As usual the sheep had been cleared prior to the trial and it was only a very small group that remained, the one time they got in the way was when Anne Thorpe's dog was working and Izzie just tracked round them.

The weather was super, sometimes a bit of a wind but most of the time it was ideal, if a little warm for the dogs.

lauger TD Track small

The track was designed for Lauder common, not the easiest place to lay a track.  The dogs needed a bit of stamina to get round and to keep their concentration to get the articles.  The track articles were plastic green bottle lid , green rope and an alcometer tube (breath test for drink driving) ,I'll not mention  what a few worried folk thought it was !! The search articles were a spark plug, green hose, black rubber and a thin cotton reel. One half of the square was well scented but the search wasn't difficult and most dogs worked well.

The C&A was held at the top of a hill (the only flat bit for the jumps) and very scenic it was! 

We started with slow pace, normal pace round the jumps then into fast pace. The speak was to leave your dog in a square of poles, walk 25 paces away, turn round and tell the dog to speak, thereafter walking towards the dog with it still speaking. Only 9 dogs achieved 4 or more for this, many others were struck dumb. The send away was 100 yds out to a white bucket, redirect 120 yards to the right to a pile of stones and then left 200 yds back across the field to the wall. In general this was quite well done, the handlers were given the chance to work their dogs. 

The best C&A round was done by Heather Halton and Shadow, lost only 1.5, a well deserved first TDex for them.

Thanks to everyone for entering, I hope you enjoyed the test. Best of luck for next time.

1st             Stevi Boyall & WT CH STYPERSON TERN  (Lab) .   I should explain first how this partnership came about.  Sheila Tannert came to the trial having hurt her back, then in a mad moment worked Briar on the common, regretted it when she took a tumble and promptly tasked Stevi with Heather, after of course Stevi had worked her own dog Harley!   Heather didn't mind the change of handler, stormed round the track and brought back all the nosework articles.  They went on to do one of the best C&A rounds to win the stake.

 It takes a very special dog to go out and work so well for another handler,  it also says a lot for that handler to subsequently win the ticket.  Well done and best of luck at the 2006 KCCs ,  Stevi handling of course.  N/W 157  Control 32.5 Agility 20 Total 209.5

2nd         Gary Atkins & CAFCOLL RON (BC).   There must only have been a very few  tracks in the history of TD  on Lauder common where hardly a mark has been lost. This was one of them , wonderful to watch and followed by a full point search.  Usually his forte, it wasn't Ron's day in the control round,   So close, I hope and am sure he'll get his deserved ticket soon. Congratulations on the reserve ticket.  N/W 163.5  Control 25.5 Agility 20    Total 209

3rd          Pat Herbert & WT CH JOLLY JILL ( WSD)  Another excellent nosework round followed by a super sendaway and impressive heelwork! Exuberance got the better of Jill in the speak and proved expensive.  Always a happy, fun team to watch. Well done.  N/W  159 Control 29.5 Agility 20  Total 208.5

4th          Miriam Lyons & KALIYON SHEEFRA (WSD)  Sheefra was half way round her track when a  GSP, being walked by a dog walker, ran across the common to see her . Miriam and Sheefra stood still but the dog persisted , it thought Sheefra was wonderful but the feeling wasn't mutual!  Eventually after  the walker blew his whistle, screamed  at his dog and jumped up and down ,the  GSP returned to him. I was already thinking of the spare track but Sheefra carried on, without a care in the world, and completed a 97.5  track.  A terrific nosework dog. Good C&A, the redirect being the hiccup. Well done.

 N/W  161.5 Control 25.5 Agility 19. Total  207 

Other  TDex qualifiers :


John Currie & DREAGANTA SAMH ,  BC   204.5

Barry Gilbert & WT CH LAETARE DAY JAVU,  BC   203.5

Glenys Page &   BRIGLEN NUTMEG  , WSD  203.5


Dave Marchant & Waggerland Murphy,   WSD  202.5

Nigel Hines & TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD ,  BC  201

Lindsay Errington & WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES,  Lab  199

Maeve Weselby & STYPERSON MILLIE,  Lab  197

Jill Carruthers & JASUETER RED GARNET,  GSD  195.5

Stevi Boyall & STYPERSON LOMOND,  Lab  194.5

Heather Halton & CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER ,  Lab  194.5

John Gray & HARTWESENS BROUGH SUPERIOR , Rottweiler   194

Julie Atkins & OUR DUG,  BC  190.5

Jean Cooke & DUNNSLAYNE MAC,  WSD  184.5

Finally , a special mention for Glenys Page and her WSD  Getaway Back Tess CDex - TDex  ,  a super 100 track with all the articles, very well done. I hope she has a long and happy retirement.

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