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Open Trial
Venue: Airth
Trial Held: 18 September 2005


UD Nosework


Tracklayers - Brian Glasgow, Lyndsey Errington

Search square steward : Bill Richardson

Thank you very much to SKC - John Gray and the committee for the invitation to judge the UD nosework.  A small but well run trial with the excellent support of Betty Calderwood at the base to sort everyone and do the scores / certificates.  Thank you Betty. 

Tracking was ideal, fairly flat fields of stubble with plenty of fresh growth which allowed us to see 100% tracking success.  Thank you to my tracklayers Brian Glasgow and Lyndsey Errington and also to my search square steward Bill Richardson.  You all did an excellent job.

Lastly, but primarily, thank you to the competitors. We only had 4 dogs but we saw some excellent nosework ability in all your dogs with good potential for the future - just a pity C&A let 3 of you down, leaving just 1 qualifier.

1st           Rachel Henderson with HUMBLE BUMBLE BEE AT STRATHLEADER (Buzz) (GSD).  141 nosework.  Good result, well done.  You did well to recover on the last leg.  Good luck for the future. Q.

2nd         Joyce Hudson with STEELEYE SAM (Sam) (BC). 142.5 nosework.  A good deep nosed tracking dog.  Well handled.  Winner of nosework trophy.  NQ.

3rd          Carol Ashworth with TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY (Holly) (FCR).  141.5 nosework.  Keep up the good work Carol.  You have a good partnership with a nice keen dog.  NQ.

4th          Jenny Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT (Jed) (GSD).  133.5 nosework.  Best track but only two articles out of the search square.  Lovely powerful dog with superb attitude.  Crack your square and you are flying.  NQ.

Good luck to you all for the future, those that did not qualify, I hope you have better luck next time, the standard of nosework was very good.

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